Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Brainwashing Sunday, April 23, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Pastor Mike:

1 John 2:19

  • They went out from us.
  • We have determined in previous lessons that there is a US and THEM.
  • As a matter of fact, the scripture is so clear that it admonishes us to come out from among them.
  • They went out from among US, but they were not of US for if they had been of US then they would have continued with US.
  • What’s so sharp about this particular passage of scripture is we don’t equate them as family members (they could possibly be our children, mother, father, or your favorite Auntie).
  • There are only two families represented here on planet Earth and that’s the family of God and the family of Satan so, even if my blood brother Pastor DeWayne has never received Jesus he’s the THEY and the THEY went out from among US and when Jesus returns or death do us part he’s going to be with his father and I’m going to be with my father, but I called him my brother and there’s an intimacy locked into this kindred ship that will cause me to embrace him even as someone who’s a child of the devil.

Pastor DeWayne: Pastor Mike I think this will cause everyone to really examine themselves. You need to examine yourself to see if you really are in faith. Your behavior does not dictate who you are. There are some people that are hiding among US that are some of them. Pastor, you started this whole thing off with US and THEM and then you started sharing about they and as I am looking at this, I’m saying to myself we call them they when they try to hide among us. See these individuals (they) were hiding among us and were behaving like us but they really weren’t one of us. Paul said they left and that’s why I’m admonishing you this morning to examine yourself to find out if you really are one of us because there are some people who confess Jesus as Lord but they don’t believe it in their heart and just because you can make your confession just like everybody else it does not change anything, the change comes in when you really believe it in your heart and you say with your mouth that’s when the change happened and you have to know, am I one of THEM or am I one of Us’. The wild thing about It is he said don’t touch them you know because sometimes you want to go in and divide them get them out. They look so much like us, but he said to leave them alone until it’s time to gather and then we’ll be able to know the wheat from the tare, but you better check out to make sure that you are really one of us.

Pastor Mike: The stages of this process ladies and gentlemen as it relates to the spirit of the man that’s done the minute you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that’s accomplished, but now as it relates to the regeneration of your life in walking in victory is going to take your participation and having your soul, your thinking changed. You can be one of us but perpetually live like one of them. You’ve been set aside in the spirit but not in your thinking.


I got a call on Saturday I think, and this call was to request that I meet another couple here. Hey, we got a marriage license, we went down to the justice of the peace courthouse and got this marriage license and like that other couple you mentioned who you met to marry. Would you meet us somewhere? Would you meet us because we know we’re one of us, but we’ve been living like one of them and even before our children we have children in the home, and they know we’ve never gotten married, but we bring them to church every Sunday?

What are you really communicating? So, on Monday my off day, I met them somewhere and we sat down, I began to share with them what this all means we’re talking and then this thing segues do you Sir take her to be your wife, we’re sitting at the table and there’s a ceremony there’s a covenant the weirdest thing I have ever done as it relates to marrying people don’t most people stand up? Don’t they walk in? It gets worse, did you happen to bring a ring with you? The guy said, I did, she didn’t. We looked around she grabbed some tape from the table and put it on his finger. They are desiring to be one of us and everything that they’re portrayed because something is happening in their thinking that’s revolutionizing their behavior. I am going to have a young lady with me on Night Cap tonight that is going to share in this same vein of thinking.


Pastor DeWayne: Yes, her testimony is going to be a life-changing example. Think about your thinking and if you are like we said truly born again and you behave a certain way, never question if you’re born again go back to your thinking and change the way you think because behavior always follows belief. Listen to me come on say, “Behavior always follows belief”. Belief is what gives behavior permission so when you are behaving a certain way, trace it back to your belief and not to your spirit.

Pastor Mike (see Illustration on video link):

You’ve been coming in here and you’ve been getting the Word, but you haven’t seen any results, nothing’s changing in your life. it seems like but you got it here. The comfort is I know it won’t be long if I keep it here it’s going to start filling up here. Little by little when you haven’t seen or heard from your children in a while they’ll just call and say Mama, Daddy, I’ve been thinking about you. When they said there was not going to be any increases on the job somehow provision is made for you because you’re coming in here and you’re keeping this full. If the law is sow and I keep filling this up, this is well on its way. Turn to somebody and say keep that soul on full. It moves and it keeps moving little by little line upon line now what happens is when you don’t see this happening fast enough, when you get weary in well doing when you start fainting because you want to see it faster than what it’s literally being manifested, you’ll start thinking this doesn’t work.

Come on here are you hearing what I’m saying, the devil will get you and say well God ain’t heal me yet. Do you know how long I’ve been trying to inhale and exhale and the devil’s trying to talk me into pouring out what I believe because it’s not based upon what I think or how I feel, it’s based upon what I believe. So, I can’t let the devil keep getting me to stay up at night oh Lord what is going on Jesus oh Jesus what is this going to take. See you stop believing you stop keeping this fully. Hold fast to your profession of faith without wavering because in due time you shall reap if you don’t faint, So I stay filled up on the word. I keep confessing, I keep believing, I keep speaking, I keep declaring and as this goes up, come on fill up my life it’s going to level off.


Shout! I am a royal priesthood, say I am a peculiar people, I am a holy nation, I am God’s special people. I have been called out of darkness and placed into the marvelous light, shout I am the head and not the tail, I am above and not beneath, I’m not broke, I’m rich all my needs are met. Don’t worry about what it looks like. It is because I say it is.


Now when the about these children if you are sometimes up and sometimes down you come in here sometimes and you believe God and other times you complain at home what happens between these baby boomers and these GenXers. The Word of God is not being received and the culture is saying come here children, come to me and they don’t have a standard by which you demonstrate it sometimes you feel like a nut. I saw the greatest dilemma of all times I did it myself I have never heard anyone else say anything like what I’m about to tell you this dilemma has been about who is the greatest NBA basketball player of all times. Is it LeBron, or is it Michael? Let me tell you where I am going. I looked at what has come out of Michael, and I looked at what has come out of LeBron’s. Michael’s kids cannot play a lick it was on Michael he just so happened to be so talented, but it was never passed down to the next generation. Michael has two sons, LeBron has two sons and both of LeBron sons are on their way to the NBA. There is something genetically that got in LeBron’s sons that didn’t get in Michael’s sons. I know it is of the flesh but if we want to equate it with the spirit, what’s in your children based upon what has come out of you? Maybe you didn’t pass down the righteousness of God. We don’t have to go out into the world and win people, let’s go get our children first.

Let us just go get our babies. How did they get off, how did they go out from among us, how did they leave, what did they not have in them, where did they get derailed? Who has bewitched them? You’ve got to get up and leave another way than you have come in today. Oh, say I’m leaving another way today. My thinking has been stretched. Pastor DeWayne talk to them.


Pastor DeWayne: You know in 1 Samuel 10:6 you will see where all of a sudden, the Spirit of the Lord came upon this man named Saul and the Bible said he went out another way. When you allow your soul to be baptized with the word of the living God your soul will cause your behavior to change. Your belief causes your behavior to change and what people used to see you as doesn’t see you that way anymore you got to know without a shadow of a doubt God wanted us to bring some fruit first before we start telling people stuff and I think the devil has twisted this thing around. We want to tell our generation stuff instead of showing them and that’s why they don’t believe what we’ve been saying because we haven’t been showing them, so we got to turn this whole vehicle around and begin to show them. It’s just like witnessing we go witnessing but the Bible never told you to go witnessing the Bible told you to be one and if you be one when you go people will listen to what you got to say and you and I got to make sure that we are firm in what we believe because Pastor Mike just gave us this illustration in that illustration he gave us that example, You don’t take what he just said and use it on your whole life, he was showing you a principle that you can use in every area of your life. So, I’m seeing people financially you’re full, you know why you’re full because you invest in what you believe. You invest in getting information, you study to show yourself approved, and financial in that arena you are real good and what you try to do is take this area and cover up the area you ain’t been filling up that’s why when it comes to your marriage your marriage is jacked up because you are empty over here in your marriage so your financial arena won’t help this over here you got to get the word of God on how to treat your wife how to show her some affection so you can feel this glass up and you can start filling up every area of your life. I was talking to a guy one day and he was telling me he is in the hospital, and he is sick; sickness and disease has attacked his body.


I’m asking him hey, what have you been listening to and it’s not one thing on him being healed because he hasn’t really been listening to any healing scripture, so I asked him what scripture are you standing on, he said. “With His stripes I’m healed,” I said give me another one he said you want another one. You know why he said that because his soul was empty in that particular area, he wasn’t focusing on that area. The same principle that Pastor Mike used and showed you about filling it up in your life is going to live at the address of your language. Let me tell you something child of God you better look at every area of your life. When you leave here break your life down in areas. Look at your finance how are you handling your finances look at your family how are you handling your family look at your marriage how are you handling your marriage, don’t try to swipe it with one brush you need all the different kinds of areas to have some attention to so you and I can be fruitful in every area because God don’t want you to just be fruitful in one area God wants you to be fruitful in every area of your life.

Pastor Mike: I have some scriptural references that I need you all to write down and for your personal time of study:


  • I John 2:19
  • I Peter 2:9-12
  • Titus 3:3-5
  • Colossians 1:21
  • Ephesians 5:8-17, and then look at verse 26. The time will not permit me to go into Romans 12:1-2 (TPT)


I will tease you with this, whatever you are imagining will either help your image or hurt your image. Now you were created in the image and likeness of God. Your imagination I have deduced can literally distort this image of God in you. There are a lot of people who do not care much for your Pastor because his image is healthy. His image of God in him is whole so subsequently when people around you are talking defeat, I am talking victory. They will not be able to take you and they in some cases will wish something bad on you because it’s that guy who has the image of God established so much so that he or she has divorced themselves from the opinions of people. Ladies and gentlemen if God you and you know it, who can be against you.