Discipleship in Being Led by Holy Spirit

Sunday, September 18, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points

Tithes & Offering:

Be mindful of making sure the vessels of honor in this house are received with honor. You can’t let me go to other places and people honor me more than you. For you to make a big deal out of me is for you. The Bible says to give honor where honor is due. You are sowing a seed and the honor that you sow is the honor that you will receive.

One failed instruction given to you from God could empower the enemy to take what God has for you. Start your seed sowing account in preparation for the 2023 time of giving.

Dr. DeeDee: You can’t ever give more than you receive.

Pastor Dewayne: Daddy use to keep his hands in his pocket because he was not a good receiver. Sometimes we would watch people try to give him gas money…the gas needle would be on empty, and people would try to give him money for taking them home and Daddy would not take it. People would have to get out of the car and throw the money on the seat in order for him to take it.

Did you have to pay rent when you live in the house with Mama and Daddy?


Pastor Dewayne: Well, it wasn’t rent it was a tithe.

Yeah, we had to pay 10%… to go towards the house. He was teaching us to tithe. Daddy had me pay out of the first DC summer job. That’s where I met Dr. DeeDee. Dr. DeeDee use to tell Mayor Marian Berry thank you for her summer job and share with him that…that was where we met. But my point is my father taught us to do life on our own. I hate the stigma that is put on Pastor’s regarding this area. I worked here for 3 years without receiving a single dime from the ministry.


You know I started our seed-sowing account in preparation for next year. We started it in January and there is $104,000 in it.


A Pastor should not be giving to be seen but he should be seen giving.


I begin to notice that the law of sowing and reaping has started. I had no idea that the account would become ground.

It’s been my confession for years…checks in the mail. On my way riding to the mailbox am saying checks in the mail. On the way home when I see the mailbox…checks in the mail. I went to the mailbox yesterday and got the mail and as I am going through it, I notice that there was a notice from the IRS. I opened it and noticed that there was a check in there for the exact same amount that was in our seed sowing account ($104,000).

I just want to help and teach you…if you ever hear that your brother or sister in the same house is being increased… you better rejoice. The same grace!!!!


Pastor Dewayne: You just said…the same grace! When I see what God is doing in and through your live, it’s like what He did in the Old Testament. He showed them a land flowing with milk and honey and they came back with the fruit to show that what I said is so. Well, you’re just like the fruit…you’re showing that what God said is so. Now you are going to have a group of people that believe it and you are going to have a group that doesn’t believe it. But the ones who believed were the ones who stepped into the land that flowed with milk and honey but the ones who didn’t believe did not step into the land. Right now, we have an opportunity.

We’re talking about giving and you have an opportunity that wherever you see lack, to see the power of God destroy it. This principle is designed to increase you not only in your finances but in every area of your life.

Some should start to tithe at the level they desire to be.

Today’s Lesson:

We are going to get into the 3rd part of the success formula that I have given you all. Being Led by the Spirit.

The formula for being a successful believer:

  1. Make Jesus Lord
  2. Deny Yourself
  3. Be Led by Holy Spirit


Pastor Dewayne: Pastor Mike always tells us the power to define is the power to fulfill it and when you hear the Word of God you want to make sure you get some understanding. There are people who are reading the Word, but they are not understanding it.

It’s like the man that was sitting in the chariot reading the Bible and the man of God (Philip) walked up to him and asked him if he understood what he was reading and the man said, how could he without someone to explain it to him. Philip got up in the chariot and begin to explain it to him. (Acts 8:30-31)

This is all Pastor Mike is going to be doing with this particular lesson. He’s going to be opening up the scriptures. A lot of people talk about Holy Spirit… they say Holy Spirit told me to do this…Holy Spirit told me to do that but when you look at their lives and look at the Word you say that’s not the Holy Spirit. So, let’s really dig in on the particular topic, so that you will know the role that the Holy Spirit is playing so that you can maximize Him in and through your life when you are walking with Him. Let’s go to Romans 8! Pastor Mike.

Before we go there, I would like to share with you…that you are at a gross disadvantage if you are born again and not filled with Holy Spirit. Some of you are born of the Spirit but not filled with the Spirit.

There are so many benefits to being filled with Holy Spirit. Like Pastor Dewayne just said the power to define is the power to fulfill. I think it’s important that we define Holy Spirit.


In the Greek Holy Spirit is defined as Parakletos, which is the 9-fold description of Holy Spirit:

  1. Advocate
  2. Helper
  3. Comforter
  4. Teacher
  5. Intercessor
  6. Stand by
  7. Strengthener
  8. Guide
  9. Counselor

John 16:5-17 (NKJV)

    • The one who supplied our needs is about to leave
    • It is to your advantage that I go away
    • If Jesus is gone and you don’t have Who He sent, then you don’t have an advantage
    • The Helper cannot come to you if I do not go away
    • He will lead and guide you to all truth
    • Who wouldn’t want a Helper will tell you what’s next or to come
    • All thing that the Father has is Mine (Jesus)…The Holy Spirit will take what Jesus says and declare it unto you
    • Holy Spirit will Help husbands and wives have a better relationship


Pastor Dewayne: We need to make sure we are leaning in. If you don’t understand the role of the Holy Spirit, it’s going to be hard for you to work with Him. You’re not going to get the results that you think you should be getting because you don’t know His role.

I have watched the way some believers speak with sinners and sinners come back at them and then the believer starts back at the sinner…the reason this happens is that you don’t know the voice of Holy Spirit and you not listening to Him. Because if you look Pastor Mike just read, that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin.

Theirs is only one sin that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of. You’re wasting your time telling a sinner to stop drinking beer or keep on fornicating you’re going to burst hell wide open. You’re not listening to Holy Spirit talking to them like that because the Holy Spirit’s job is not to convict them of stuff like that. He will only convict them of one sin and that’s not accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But to the believer in verse 13, says the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth. Notice it’s the truth that will make you free in every area of your life.

Let me present a great dilemma that goes on in the hearts and minds of the believer concerning this. Most of you don’t know when God is speaking or when you are speaking. You question, is this God or is this me? You don’t put in the voice that comes from the pit. Satan can put in an indecent proposal that sounds like God. The only way that we are going to be led by the Spirit is that we know His voice. You going to have to figure out through these lessons how to become acquainted. Let me give you a head start. My Pastor the late Frederick K. C. Price prayed this every day, Lord, increase my hearing. He wanted to be in turn with Holy Spirit so much so that he could distinguish His voice from all other voices in the world. When I got a hold of it, I did it. But Holy Spirit told me to add this part, not only to increase my hearing but increase my obedience. Because it’s one thing to hear but it’s another thing to obey.


Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman. No one can serve two masters. If He’s not Lord of all, He doesn’t want to be Lord at all.

I’m better than I am living! That’s the charge and the challenge before us.