Discipleship in Reconciliation

Sunday, May 22, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


We’ve been teaching “Reconciliation.” We have been discussing the three levels of

“Reconciliation.” Can you name them?






Today I want you to set yourself to learn and receive because we enter to do what?

                 Ecclesiastes 5:      .


2 Corinthians 5:14-16

  • The Love of Christ is God…because God doesn’t have love, He is love
  • Constrains or compels us
  • He died for all (so that those who live) God’s Man would not live for themselves (song: My life is not my own…if it’s not your own, why you keep. picking it up?) Your life is not yours
  • Make Jesus Lord, not just Savior (the barometer is how you pick up your perspective of life when it’s convenient for you.) Making Jesus Lord stripes you of everything you are and everything that you have evolved to be in your own mind. You cannot make Jesus Lord if you don’t trust Him.

Dr. DeeDee: People make Jesus Savior because they understand the exchange, but they do not make Him Lord because they don’t understand the benefits, nor do they know how to make the transition to make Him Lord.

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As ministers of the gospel, we have taught Savior and Lord together, therefore causing people not to understand the difference between the two. They are worlds apart. Jesus can be your Savior and not your Lord. When we step into allowing Him to be Lord, there is a different dimension of “trust” that you will enter, which releases greater empowerment in faith. As Lord, He is the Master of my choices, He’s the Master of my decisions, He is the Ruler relative to my rights, and He is Controller as it relates to my choices. You can trust Him in certain areas, and He still not be Lord.


Because when it comes to Jesus being Master, Ruler, Controller of things that you don’t want to relinquish, He’s no longer Lord, and you say, “this is just me.” Then there are these fancy names such as “Unapologetically Me” or “Authentically Me,” and that’s supposed to make you the “realist”… I just keep it real. This is just me, and the me you that you are embracing is not the me that God saw when He had you in mind. Now the devil strings you along in life, and you do all kinds of goofy stuff that does not glorify God.

We really haven’t been taught about making Jesus Lord… but that day is over; we are “Reconciling some things.”

I absorbed my evolution in life a lot of perspectives that have not come from the pages of the pericope (a passage from the Bible). If you have ever opened your mouth and said you are done with someone, He is not your Lord.

A part of my office as an Apostle simply means that I am to establish and set order in the body of Christ. The lessons that you will be hearing from this day forward will be coming from the Apostolic office with respect to your position.


1Corinthians 9:1-2

You are the seal of my Apostleship in the Lord, according to the scripture. This is not to try to make me anything. If you’ve noticed, no one refers to me as Apostle. Every leader in this ministry has been notified not to. I am not trying to be anything to anybody other than what the grace of God has given me in order to assist and escort you to your next level in life. So, let’s not put any emphasis on me.

I just want to take you to a place where you have never been before in all of your born-again days. This place is going to revolutionize everything about you. It is my sole endeavor, my individual conviction, to live this out before you so that you may see it firsthand.

If you choose to get this today, it’s going to bless your life tomorrow.


John 13:34-35 Get this scripture in your memorization.

  • A new commandment that you love one another
  • How Jesus? As I (Jesus) have loved you
  • If the way that you are loving does not mirror… as I (Jesus) have loved you… you’re not in the pocket.
  • If God is Lord-Master, Ruler, and Controller, and He gives a command, that’s what we have to do (when you make Him Lord, you forfeit the right to do life on your own


If you get a hold of Making Jesus Lord, denying yourself, and listening to the Holy Spirit, everything about you is going to change.

This level of making Him Lord puts me in a position where I know now if God before me who can be against me.


Pastor Dewayne: I think we have to look back at the teacher’s responsibility with the terms Lord and Savior. Most people have been trained to know about the Savior, and you can fall in love with the Savior because it’s all about Him doing for you. However, when you’re talking about Lord, it’s all about what you do with Him, and most people don’t focus on Lord because Lord requires something from you.

When you focus on Lord…Savior is locked inside of Lord, but Lord is not locked inside of Savior.

I am not taking my love lesson from Christian or preachers; I am taking my love lesson from love Himself.


Genesis 45:1-8 NKJV/MSG/NLT

  • Joseph’s brothers conspired against him
  • Joseph put everyone out…and was sobbing
  • Told his brothers not to feel bad and not to blame themselves for selling him to that place

Dr. DeeDee: In reading, this people may think he was talking about the palace and being in a position of authority. However, I believe that it was a place where God had taken Joseph in his soul, and if we can get to that place in our souls, we will realize that God has more for us than it seems. You may be in a position right now that you don’t like physically, but if you could escape in your soul and see yourself in a new place, then that’s when you will begin to see the hand of God matriculate you into other areas of your life.

I am not trying to get you favor am trying to get you to a place of “As I Have loved You.” If I can get you to that place… it’s the place that’s going to produce the palace, the possessions, that place where you are conveying Him….It’s A Place. God brought Joseph to that place.

The minute you step out from the place of the way you have been loving people into the place of the way He commanded you to love people….

Dr. DeeDee shared at GGG about Job, and how time after time, when different things were going on, someone always escaped, and she shared, I alone escaped to come back and tell you about the things that will save your life. I believed that God has gotten me to this place…I’ve escaped that other place to come back and tell you where we’re going.


• Read Genesis chapters 39 through 50