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The Vision Assist Team (VAT) allows Faith City Central partners to immediately begin serving God with their time talents in supporting select ministry areas even as they begin the qualification process for Ministry of Leaders.  VAT currently supports the following areas of ministry:

 To begin serving, email the application form to:


Areas of Ministry

Help comes in many packages

“Join us in making a difference! Whether you have a little time or a lot, your unique package of skills and compassion is needed. Help comes in many forms, and together, we can serve our community with kindness and purpose. Do you have time to serve?”

Volunteer and member resources

🌟 Calling all volunteers and partners! 🌟

“Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or a fresh-faced member, we want your tools, tips, and support to amplify your impact here at Faith City Central. Together, let’s ignite change and build a brighter future!  Thank you for your dedication and passion. Let’s make every moment count!” 🚀 #VolunteerPower #CommunityStrong

Your Service Makes A Difference!

“Your volunteer service is the heartbeat of our ministry and faith family. Each action you take, every moment you dedicate, makes an immeasurable difference in so many lives.”

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