Divine Alignment – Brainwashing

Sunday, May 14, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Pastor Mike: I had a unique opportunity to sit and talk upon request to a young man named Trey. So, Trey at seventeen years old, and I was wondering because never in the history of this ministry and I have met with a lot of young men of course, but I have never, if my memory serves me properly, I can’t recall the time when I just answered the appeal or request of a seventeen-year-old boy, who wanted to speak with his Pastor. And if anything, we need in this season is young seventeen-year-old boys wanting to speak to their Pastor. As a matter of fact, I will submit to you that there aren’t a lot of seventeen-year-olds with Pastors. Ladies and gentlemen, the condition of our society is leaving generation without the order of God as it relates to what we have been accustomed to. Customarily every seventeen-year-old in particular; in the African American community would be found in someone’s ministry.

So, the conditions and situations of our society have drastically altered our view and perspective as it relates to the significance and relevancy of this place. No specifically referring to the place but the position as it relates to Pastor. Shout: Everybody needs a Pastor! Ladies and gentlemen, I would submit to you very directly, if you don’t have fa Pastor you are not in the full will of God. I would consider that greatly especially in the season as we enter the next seasons of our lives as it relates to the atrocities that the scriptures foretell of the believer’s life entering into. Ladies and gentlemen, this world isn’t going to get any better!


The conditions of this world aren’t going to get any better! I am telling you right now as the Prophet of God the condition of this world because of how we are submitting ourselves to things that are totally opposed to the order of God, they are going to get worse. Now, here is the comfort! The comfort in this is that for the believer’s life, for those who will walk circumspect fully and in concert with the Word of God, your lives are going to get better and better. As the world gets darker and darker your lives will be getting brighter and brighter. And this is not a bunch of hype and whether you want to receive it or not there is a difference between light and darkness. The conditions of your lives are designed to get better and better.

And so, Trey, he calls me, and I am sitting down via zoom and needed a break because I was in my office all that morning and need to change the atmosphere and how things were feeling a little stuffy and whatever, I needed to get out of that vibe, that space. So, Trey I was so overwhelmed and I’m saying Trey man do you know what this means, I wish we had more of you. And you can only attribute different requests from the people he came out of. Mom and dad had to set up an environment by which Trey would have any type of honor any kind of esteem or any kind of respect for his Pastor why speak to me. Who set that in his life? Who set this young seventeen-year-olds life on course where he knew that speaking to his Pastor would ultimately change the trajectory of his life.

Enhance it, improve it, I don’t know what the outcome, but I was so enamored. I was so enamored with the idea, and so the first question that he asked me was: where did you get this boldness from? Where did you get this confidence? Your faith is like nothing bothers you, like you are always standing through the thick and thin? I’m saying how does a seven teen year-old take notice of something that’s coming from my life that’s creating a curiosity that would have him to enquire that maybe something I am doing that he could.

Pastor Dewayne: When we look at the youth, we look at our babies and we know that everything is getting darker and on the other side it is getting brighter we got to make sure we are creating an environment. We have got to look at the minds of our babies and put the minds of our babies in the right environment so they can continue to walk in this light because if they don’t, they are going to get caught up in the darkness. And the darkness is not playing, the darkness is serious.

The darkness is continuing to do what they are going to do. The children of light have got to get on their game and make sure they are not playing a game and know this is real life and they know that they have got to create an environment where the mind of their children is going to be able to excel in life. So, even with Dr. DeeDee when we were honoring her, it says that when a woman fears God, they shall rise up and call her blessed. One day the children are going to rise up, I wonder what they are going to say, are you blessed, so let’s live a lifestyle that is going to put our children and give them the advantage in life.

Pastor Mike: I paused for a moment after Trey ask me that question and in that moment all I could see and had no idea that we were approaching Mother’s Day weekend. And all I could think about in response to his question was my mother, Carrie Bell. Carrie Bell, I am not crying because she is not here, but I thought about Carrie Bell, it was the posture, and disposition, the demeanor and demand of Carrie Bell Freeman who cause all of us, both of us Pastor Dewayne, I want you to chime in a bit because this woman of God, a mama and I have a letter written by W.L. Cobwell that suggested some things that really resonated with me concerning Mamas’. Shout: Happy Mother’s Day! Mamas’ this whole day has been set aside for you, but we would celebrate you every single day of your life, it is our responsibility to do so.

And you celebrate your Mama number one by honoring her. No one said she should be good, or exceptional the Bible says even if your Mama wasn’t around, it is your God given duty and responsibility to honor your mother. But this Carrie Bell Turner, born in a place called Union Point, GA, 1933 was married to the great late Robert O. Freeman. When he was at work at a gas station saw her across the street from the station. My mama had to be fine, he saw her across the street from where he was working and went and punched out with his coveralls on all oil stained. She was at the beginning of the bus line; she got on the bus first and sat down in the seat and my father got on after he clocked out. No one else was on the bus sat right down next to my Mama.

All these seats open and he sits down by Mama and six weeks later they were married. My Mama departed first in the relationship after sixty-five years of marriage. Some people have been in counsel for six months and not married for a whole year. So, when the Lord leads you with respect to that you just got to know what God told you.

Big shout out to all couples who been listening to this lesson on ‘Brainwashing’ those of you who have been living together, those who have not been complicit with the order of God as it relates to your situation and your relationship, and three of them have come to in my office. I have had three covenant marriage ceremonies in the last six weeks because of this lesson of people who wanted to be divinely aligned. The Word of God should change your life. But its trimean to the order of God that you are going to comply with.

My Mama raised me in the fear and admonition of God’s Word and all I can hear sometimes especially when I am having challenges here in ministry is boy you talk to people you look people in their eye. Don’t you turn to the left don’t turn to the right nor look down fumbling with your hat cause God created you to be somebody. You are a man of God you are going to preach the Word of the Living God you are going to show the world how it is done. My Mama in so many cases built an esteem in me, if in fact no one chose to walk with me.

That’s what has caused me to divorce myself from the opinions of people. If in fact you like what I say fine, if you don’t what I say fine, Mama resolves as it relates to what I have established cause me to walk in love with people who don’t even like me. This mother’s love, and because her name was Carrie, I tried to be consistent with an alliteration that would be very easy for us to remember and embrace because Carrie cared. That’s the first thing about my Mama.

Mama Carrie, that’s one of my seeds. Mama cared, Mama caressed, Mama corrected, Mama command, Mama confirmed, but one thing Mama wasn’t going to do was compromise. Mama was never going to compromise the standard.

Take these attributes and these characteristics from Carrie Bell add them to what you are already doing as a good mother. Make sure you are not compromising with the lives of your children. Make sure you are not now conceding in a world where this culture is making demands on you to reduce your standards as women of God.

Mama told me after she left position and role as the first lady of New Hope Freewill Baptist Church; she came to me she said, your Daddy and I are coming over to join your ministry; but I tell you like I told him I am not going out the back door with you if you are not going to live what you teach.

She never compromised her way with the gospel that established something in me. So, when it comes to my standing up for righteousness in a time as such that we live in, people want you to compromise standards. They want you to change and deduce that because life is changing, you are to just follow the patterns of life. I am never going to reduce myself to what the world is trying to make me ingest. I am never going to be for homosexuality, I am never going to be for drugs, they can legalize it as much as they want to. I am never going to be for same sex marriage. I am never going to deduce or conclude that we are not supposed to gather in these places. Life is changing drastically, and the world is making a demand on you to change your standards. And you got to stick with the God of your youth, the God that your Mama taught you about.

The God that your Daddy talked about. It is the devil’s desire to sift you as wheat. And when you have someone who is bold enough to stand before you and tell you what thus says, the Lord God people are not going to always like it. People are not going to always be your favorite. But I am going to tell you something If God be for you! Men will always turn on you, but God will never turn on you.

Pastor Dewayne: Mama has this courage and you going to have to have courage; because if you are going to be a person that’s not going to compromise you got to have courage. Because if you don’t have courage, you are not going to be able to stand against the nay sayers. But you got to believe in the God of this universe the one that we say Jesus Christ the son of the Living God and you got to know without a shadow of doubt that that He lives.

I was talking to a guy the other day just Friday and we were talking about marriage and then he got to talking about he having trouble trusting God. He doesn’t even really believe it. I said I don’t even know how you can’t. Just think about it we have an intelligent God; He created heaven and earth if you just look around the earth will let you know that there got to be somebody bigger and think better than you and I

Who can put a sun in the sky if you move it further away man will freeze to death and if move it a little closer, we will burn to death, and He put it in the right spot just for you and me. What kind of intelligence is that?

What kind of intelligence can make all these different animals and one not like the other they so different and then He turn around an create man? You mean to tell me your mind can’t pick this up? Suddenly, I saw the light bulb come on inside this man. We got to stand up for this Jesus who we say really is Jesus. Because there is a dying world out there and they are looking for somebody with that seed called courage.

Pastor Mike: This letter says: May we pause to pay honor to her, who after Jesus is Gods best gift to mankind to men, the mother. It was she who shared her life with us, when yet our members were not even formed. We were unformed and into the valley of the shadow of death she walked that we may have the light of life. In her arms was the gardener of our food and the soft crouch as our repose. There we nestled in the hour of pain, there was the playground of our infant glee. Those same arms later became our refuge and stronghold. Anybody remembers your Mama’s arms and her hands and how she hugged you, stronghold.

It was she who taught our baby feet to go and lifted us up over the rough places of our life. Her blessed hands powered the needle day by day and even night to make our clothes and provide for us in ways when we did not know how. She put the books under our arms and started us off for school. Best of all she taught our baby lips to lift the name of Jesus and told us first of the wonderous stories of His magnificent power and the stories of His glory, and the Savior’s love.

My Mama taught me how to trust Jesus. Mama taught me by example how to walk in His statues. I said by example, to walk in His statue and His ways. She knew adultery was wrong. She knew fornication was wrong, she knew lies were wrong. She never compromises in any way; she called a lie a lie, and the truth the truth. I pray that all of you who are here in the sound of my voice you ‘Mothers’ I pray that you are representing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness for your babies. So that they will be without excuse. They will never be able to look at your life and say Mama you did it. You will be able to refute that when your children rise up and call you blessed all the days of your life. HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you Moms! You deserve everything you get, in Jesus’ name.