Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Brainwashing Sunday, April 30, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Pastor Mike: Get your bibles open to Jeremiah 29 and do not say oh I know that. Okay. Although you know something and happen to be established in the present truth, I want to stir you up by reminding you of some things because this GAS that we have described; this growth and sustainability with it, is important to me that you keep growing and that you sustain the growth that you have acquired. I said there is a Divine Alignment that can only happen through the aligning of the renewing of your mind. If your mind is not aligned neither will your life be.


Now, I gave you a word concerning making millionaires this year. My making millionaires, the Spirit of God told me that I would be making millionaires this year. We got so many months left in this year it is still possible because one word can change your life forever. As a matter of fact, the mere shifting in your thinking can cause you to be paid right where you are sitting. Shout Amen to this!


I want you to hear me more than I need your response to me. Your response will come from what you have heard and received later on. Is that making sense to you? OK, so I am convinced as it relates to my teaching you from January, we talked about your settling the whole matter about my being your Pastor, right? and then the next lesson we talked about pressing in to understanding. Understanding what? If I am your Pastor, if God has established in your heart that I am your Pastor then you must press in to understanding the things I am sharing with you.


Your attitude or even your disposition concerning what you are hearing will affect your outcome. If your disinterest disposition as it relates to receiving, it is possible you will leave out of here with having absolutely nothing.

As a teacher and watching teachers they can tell when students are engaged in their lesson, and it is reciprocated, and it comes back to be fruit as it relates to the exams that they take.


Some of you are failing in life because you are not engaged in the instructions of life. Here are tips, here are timeless instructions Pastor is sharing trusted information that Pastor is haring. You should be on the edge of your seat with an outstretched neck because I am about to enlarge your territory. Turn to your neighbor say God wants to enlarge who you are. Again, you cannot keep wanting that which you are not willing to become.


A lot of the manifestation of what I said concerning you are making millions is going to be locked into these principles that you are adhering to. Do not contain, do not box in these principles or this promise to just money because I would rather be a fulfillionaire than a millionaire because there are a lot of miserable millionaires in the earth. Now I am not just talking about money, but I am talking about fulfilling every area of your life where your children are prospering, and flourishing, and everything they set their hands to. The cat likes the dog, and the dog likes the cat. The house is filled with an environment where angels can reside and not know the difference between their heavenly habitat and your crib. Are you all hearing what I am saying?


There should be this abundance that flows in every area of your life, your husband will talk to you. He is no longer closed up and keeping to himself. I am talking about that kind of fulfillment when you go to the job where they are not giving any kind of raises; they call you to the office and say you just received the raise. That is the fulfillment. The Lord is my shepherd, I want for nothing. No, that’s not a faith confession it once was a faith confession. I am talking about that kind of fulfillment where you want for nothing all your needs are met and above your needs.


Pastor DeWayne: I think when you were talking about it is not just in one area of prosperity it reminds me of that story when you were talking about when Joseph was thrown in prison and the minute Joseph was thrown in prison, he was just thrown in prison by people who did not like him. He did not have a dime in his pocket, but the Bible said that God was with him, and they said Joseph prospered.

So, prosperity do not start with your money prosperity starts with how much God you have in you and that you are releasing in this earth realm and so that’s when Pastor Mike was just sharing that you got to make sure that you are hearing God, the God with you part. If what you have, and God is not with it; it is not prosperity and that is not what he is talking about. He is talking about whatever area he is focused on you put God with that and you will see yourself prospering in every area of your life that you allow God to work with you.

Pastor Mike: Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you.” I know the thought. Shout He knows the thoughts! He knows the thoughts that He thinks towards us, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope. So, if He knows the thoughts that He thinks towards you, and you are thinking diametrically to the thought that He thinks toward you then you are perpetually thinking in disagreement with God concerning you.


The scripture is clear how can two walk together except they agree. If God has thoughts towards you and your thoughts are not the thoughts that He thinks towards you; you are not flowing together as one. You will come up with things in your life that are opposing God’s thoughts for your life. Now if he created you and He has thoughts towards you one would think that you would be interested in His thoughts towards you. When your body count is that high you do not know the thoughts that He thinks. When the man you were with last month is a different man than you have in your life this month and both of them are entitled to the same stuff you don’t know when you’re trying to do things that increases your image and you don’t increase your image by the thoughts that he has towards you they can be but pseudo thoughts that won’t last long because I’ll go back to the bottle that has substituted what I think towards myself that God thinks towards me and my thoughts don’t line up with his thoughts so I smoke more weed to make the kind of accommodation for the miserable life that I have because I’m trying to escape the thoughts that I have towards me because my thoughts are not the thoughts that He thinks towards me.


Until your thoughts lines up with His thoughts you would act outside of your character. The reason why you pop off and have such anger problems is because you do not have the thoughts that He thinks towards you.

Because really the thoughts that He has towards you; you are not as angry as you are acting, but since you were just keeping yourself to your thoughts, His thoughts don’t stand a chance with changing your thoughts and as a man thinks. Could it be the reason as to why you are where you are is because of the way you are, and you are the way you are because you never asked him for the thoughts He thinks. You have been satisfied with your thoughts. I will give them a piece of my mind and you can’t even afford to give any of your mind.


Pastor DeWayne: You know something, it’s wild because thoughts produces plans like when you see that S’ behind thoughts you could really put plans because thoughts are designed to produce plans and the devil don’t want you to get God’s thought he don’t even like you saying what you’re saying about us having God’s thoughts, the devil don’t want us to believe that and that’s why he’ll pull scriptures out of context and make you think about scriptures that are out of context so he can kill, steal, and destroy because one scripture says, “my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways”, and then they say see your thoughts aren’t God’s thoughts I don’t know what they mean by that, but they didn’t read the scripture before that He was talking to some wicked people. He said, “my ways are not your ways wicked people, and my thoughts are not your thoughts,” so He is telling you and I that we could have the mind of Christ and I am telling you when you allow your thoughts to line up with His thoughts you become unstoppable.

The only thing that is holding you back in life it’s not what is in front of you it’s what’s in you. Your thoughts won’t allow you to break through what you see; your thoughts won’t allow you to break through a push pass what you see because you are being led by your outward circumstance instead of allowing the Word of God to lead you and that’s what Pastor Mike is trying to do with this lesson, he’s trying to get us to get a hold of God’s word so we can have God’s thoughts. If we got God’s thoughts, we have his plan of action and when you operate in God’s plan of action there is nobody that can stop you. You become unstoppable.

Pastor Mike: No, do not play with this thing folks. No, I am unstoppable. Mike Freeman, the best has tried to stop me but what do I know that is causing me to stand up during people deliberately trying to stop me.

Here is what I have taken from Him; if God be for me, see you may not be thinking on these things that is why you think I’m acting arrogant that’s why you think I think I’m bigger or better than anybody else no, I’m not bigger or better than anyone else I just choose to think like He thinks. Shout I am unstoppable! Say I am unexplainable. Shout they can’t stop me if they tried because God is for me.


Pastor DeWayne: You know something it is like when you read, I know the thoughts that I think towards you. Can you imagine God thought these thoughts before you and I came on the scene, it isn’t like God waited till we came on the scene and then He came up with these thoughts. No, God had these thoughts about you and I before you and I was born and watch this, He knew what you were going to do before He said what He said. So now just me listening to this verse right here is really telling me my sins or mistakes do not cancel out God’s plan for my life. My sins or mistakes it do not cancel out God’s plan for my life so I do not care where you are in life you get a hold of God’s thoughts you will become unstoppable, and God will make up and he will redeem the time that you messed up so He can prove His name and this earth realm.

Pastor Mike: My thoughts is that I am rich despite how many lint balls I pull out of my pocket. My thoughts it is that I am healed despite the last doctor report I received. My thoughts are that I have a piece of mind despite the confusion that is going on around me, are you hearing me? The vastitude? Life can’t stop me. Because my thoughts I’ve received from God, and He knows so then if He knows why aren’t you asking Him. Could your esteem be higher than it is. If you trade your thoughts, have you become a thought hoarder? You hold on to every thought you have ever had. Your life cannot change because you will not get rid of certain proclivities to think about certain people certain ways. You want to hold on to the hurt, the thoughts of pain, the thoughts of betrayal, the thoughts of being put down, the thoughts of not being considered. You hold on to the thoughts of molestation, you hold on to the thoughts of abuse, you hold on to these thoughts and they are manifesting irregularly in your life. Now you want to blame a thought of the past for keeping you locked up in your present that will not release you to your future and you cannot keep going forward with thinking behind; that is why this brainwashing series is so important. You are going down there letting that man brainwash you, the truth of the matter is that your brain need washing.

How are you still talking about how somebody hurt you back in the 90s. How? You are a thought hoarder and even when new stuff come in you don’t get rid of the old thoughts and they just piling up in your house. There needs to be an intervention somebody got to knock on your door and go in and start throwing stuff out despite your complaining, despite your erratic behavior, despite how much you may cry, in spite of how you may flip on them somebody got to get in there and get some of that junk cleaned out you’ve been holding stuff too long.


And I am the man for the job because you can scream and kick and talk about me all you want to as long as we get some of this clutter out of your thinking where you can see that your house looks better than what it’s been looking. Can I move on? Philippians 4:8 because not only does He knows the thoughts that He has towards you, He gives them to you and tell you what to think on.


Pastor DeWayne: Finally, my brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are good of a good report, if there be any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy; meditate on these things or think on these things. Apostle Paul he’s trying to help you out, He’s trying to let you know whatever things he said when he close this thing up he’s telling them finally my brethren whatsoever things are true, he’s trying to tell you what to think on, he’s trying to help you out so if he’s telling you not to think on those things he’s telling you to think on those things which are true he’s telling you at the same time don’t spend your time hanging out with false stuff that’s not true. He is telling you whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, and some of y’all think on a whole lot of other stuff and I am wondering where you get those thoughts from because he’s trying to tell you to think on these and you saying and thinking on other things and Pastor Mike said it earlier this morning some of your thoughts are in there rent free.

They’re hanging in a place where they never signed a contract with the covenant of God. You’ve got to rip and replace and if you do not rip and replace you are going to become stagnant you will remain in the place that you’re in; but I tell you right now I don’t believe by looking at the crowd I’m looking at right now and listening to the crowd over at Brandywine.

I don’t believe you want to stay where you are. I do not believe where you are today is going to sustain you tomorrow. I believe you want to increase but the only way you are going to increase you are going to have to think on the things that the word of God says. I do not know about you; if you going to walk with God, we got to think increase. Anybody thinking increase? I am thinking increase because we do not think about decreasing. Anybody thinking about health? you think about health you aren’t thinking about thinking about sickness and disease because when you think about health, health will drive out sickness and disease. Increase will drive out poverty that’s why the devil doesn’t want you to think on these things because these things are more powerful than the things that he throws at you.

And when you and I start operating in the things that God has designed us to operate in the game will change and we are game changers. Paul is telling you he said, “meditate on these things, think on these things,” he is telling you; you are in control of the TV, the remote control; do not let nobody take the remote control and change the channel. You can think about prosperity, you can think about health, you can think about a better marriage do not let somebody take it out your hand and change the channel. He said, meditate on these things and I am telling you there is a power in meditation.

Pastor Mike: I will discuss this evening at nightcap the dangers of improper thinking. Quite frankly some of you are never gonna get off your depression medication because you will not get off the same thoughts. Some of you will never get out of fear because you will not let those thoughts go. Some of you will never get out of adultery, never get out of homosexuality, never get out of fornication because that is where your thoughts are, as a man thinks. If I cannot get your thoughts out, I will never get you out. God cannot get you out. Although He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask and think, no change would be made until you surrender and yield your thoughts to Him. Philippians verse #9 says, the things which you have learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do; there should be a consistency. How is your house ending up in divorce and my house has not. There should be a consistency that runs through you all and sometimes people think that I am going to reduce standards based upon their outcomes.

If you were with me on Sunday evening, I had one of the former lesbian daughters of this ministry, sit down and talk with me and engage me and taught me things. What I discuss with Tim and them at home with Pastor Tim I said, is homosexuality a sin in their mind? Is fornication sin in your mind? Is lying sin in your mind and just because I am trying to understand more of what they are going through.


That does not mean I am going to be accepting of it and I watch how some parents have ushered their homosexual babies from under this teaching to protect them from the truth. Am I your enemy because I tell you the truth? Are you hearing what I am saying? You would rather pull them out to protect them seemingly from the way of God. I said on last week maybe I am no longer the man for this job because I am going to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth with your nasty attitude. And because I address your temper that’s out of control. I know somebody told him something about me Yep, the Holy Ghost. I cannot tell the difference between your life and the believers life. You are clubbing and you drinking and you smoking and you cussing just like an unbeliever where’s the difference these days. You’re fitting in and we can’t tell the light from the darkness because you’re attending mixologist classes and the way you mix darkness with light is that you put a dimmer switch on it and you don’t make it so dark that there’s no light and you don’t make it full light that there’s no dark, you found a comfortable place in there where you can accommodate your sin with your righteousness and life is okay right there with you but where is your witness?


We got to get your thoughts higher than they are. What are you thinking? Go to Philippians Chapter #2, see your britches are getting tight and they are burning right now simply because you hear truth about where your life is and darkness doesn’t like the invasion of truth. You ever been in the dark and somebody turned the light on it’s like turn the light off. I am not turning off the light in here. I am not reducing the standard of righteousness because you are uncomfortable, but you told me I was your Pastor.


Pastor DeWayne: It is something Pastor Mike because Apostle Paul said, have I become your enemy because I told you the truth. It is amazing how you can tell people the truth and you become their enemy and the truth was designed to make people free.

Now if that’s the case and you trying to protect your life and protect your family’s life by pulling them away from the truth, you are really making your family and your life a prey because the devil now he knows if I can pull you away from the truth because the truth is designed to make free you’re gonna become stagnant and when anything becomes stagnant you stink and some people’s life they don’t even like the smell of their life right now because they refused to rip and replace and I’m telling you, you gotta make sure because you are the one that are in control of your life.

Paul is telling you, you are in control of your mind that’s why God’s gonna judge us one day on how we handle this thing He said you think on these things, so He’s telling me I’m in control and if I’m in control then I’m the one that’s going to decide am I going to increase or fail. God is not going to decide that for me. God has already said increase but now God cannot increase me because God is a Spirit, He put me in this natural arena, He need man to work with Him and so it’s up to me. I’m in control of my mind, I’m in control of what I think and if I don’t control my thinking, I’m going to become a victim if I don’t think the thoughts that God thinks for me. And so that’s why you got to lean in on this lean in take notes like never before because I’m telling you it’s not what you are that’s holding you back in life, it’s what you think you are not that’s holding you back in life.

You don’t think you’re a winner, you think everybody else you could tell me all about pastor Mike you could tell me all about Klay Thompson you could tell me all about LeBron James and their success but when it comes to you, you don’t even think that you’re successful, you don’t even think your marriage Is going to get better, you don’t even think your health is going to get better, and you want your health to get better because you trying to do stuff and go places so you can get help but help starts on the inside. It starts in your thinking and I’m telling you God is doing some transformation in the minds of the people who said enough is enough and I’m not gonna stay stuck I’m gonna get up from this place and I’m going into my wealthy place because God has a promised land for Lottie, Dottie, and everybody.

Pastor Mike: Philippians 2:5, let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. What mind are you talking about Paul? His mind. A lot of people have read this scripture and thought Paul was referring to the mind of Christ. He was not referring to the mind of Christ he was telling the church at Philippi let the mind that I have be in you. How do you know that, Pastor? because he says, which was also; also, wouldn’t be necessary if it was just the mind of Christ he would have just said let the mind of Christ be in you, but God and the order of God is that he will put a man or woman in your life that will lead you to the next level of life. Are you listening to what I am saying to you? God put Dr. Frederick K.C. Price in my life and the mind that he had I made my mind, which was also. I saw the thoughts that I was thinking based upon the thoughts I got from him that were consistent with the thoughts of Christ and when I read the Word and saw that it was the thoughts of Christ, the thoughts that I got from him I knew I was in line with the success of him.


All you have to do is see someone who has what you want and start thinking like they’re thinking, listen to what they’re saying. Hebrews Chapter 13 let’s go there. Let’s look at it from the message Bible. What one thing do you think you could change that could change everything about you? I will tell you, your thought life. Some of you do not think you can live higher than you are right now, and you don’t even have a thought of it. As a matter of fact, when that thought comes to you, you dismiss it; there’s no sense of me thinking that. I heard that Patrick Swayze, he was diagnosed with pancreas cancer. When the doctor told him that he turned to his wife and said I am a dead man. I submit to you that the cancer did not kill him, his thoughts did. I submit to you that your plights are not killing you or hurting you, it is your thoughts about them. You change your thoughts you are going to change your life. You see and a lot of people get a hold of this without God.


Now that is a problem, and you see their success, but their success is separate and apart from the order of God because you should not be thinking separate and apart from God because God is the one that has the thoughts that he thinks towards you. So, what has Mike Freeman done. Mike Freeman has gotten the thoughts that he thinks towards Mike Freeman and he is carrying out those thoughts perpetually and there’s nothing that has stopped Mike Freeman. Somebody sent me some pictures of a $15 million dollar house last night and I am looking at it I’m thinking I like it. You see $15 million dollar house for some of your thoughts you checked out already.

Then I turned to God I say “what do you think about this?” Firstly, I want to know you. You have some thoughts about this and me living in this, I want to know what you are thinking because if I can get what you’re thinking.


See y’all looking at me so fleshly now, he just always talking about stuff. Make sure you include the thoughts that I have towards a healthy family, make sure you include all those things, a vibrant and thriving and flourishing ministry, I got thoughts about that. I got thoughts about you all. Today, I just blurted out this morning Father have them to receive my Words and Dr. DeeDee was like where did that come from, and I said I don’t know. It was important I get that out of my mouth. So, stop judging me. See because I’m quite tired of the Church of the Lord Jesus acting like they have more than they have. Some of the best dressed broke people.


I was sitting down with this guy, and he want to tell me about a quarter of a billion project. He wants to tell me about the success of all his children. He wants to tell me about all this external extrinsic stuff but then when I started addressing him about some internal stuff oh, I am just hurting man. I said, well then you are bankrupt from the inside; you want to be big, but little got you. See anytime you are wearing Gucci and you can’t know where your next months rent is coming from you want to be big. if you do not have six months of your financial obligations stacked up somewhere your thinking is not screwed tight. Anytime you got a family, wife, and children, and you would rather have a Mercedes than a life insurance policy you are messed up; you got it all wrong. Anytime you do not tithe but you will call the church for tithers money and get upset. I have divorced myself from the opinions of people.


Hebrews 13:1-6 Stay on good terms with each other, held together by love. Be ready with a meal or a bed when it’s needed. Some of y’all aren’t about to give a meal to people you knew have talked about you in the past. Why some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it! Some of y’all blown it with Angels present. Regard prisoners as if you were in prison with them. Look on victims of abuse as if what happened to them happened to you. Honor marriage and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex. So, when I draw a firm line, you will not blame me and jump me and leave me, but God gave it to me and you’ll find Pastors who will not address lifestyles.

Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you alone,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help. I am fearless no matter what. Who or what can get me? Appreciate your pastoral leaders who gives or gave you the word of God. Take a good look at the way they live and let their faithfulness instruct you, as well as their truthfulness. There should be a consistency that runs through us all.


Pastor DeWayne: The Bible is telling us as believers to train up and he is doing this for a reason train up our children in the way that they should go and when they get old, they will not depart. That they will not depart, is letting me know without saying it there are going to be some other thoughts that is going to try to enter in to get them to think something else.

There are going to be some homosexual thoughts that’s gonna come, but the thoughts that come, you cannot stop thoughts from coming but you can sure keep them from building a nest inside your brain. So, thoughts are going to come. Adultery thoughts are going to come, fornication thoughts are going to come, and that’s why we got to make sure we build up our thinking in a way that we have a security system set up that when something illegal has entered in there’s an alarm that will go off to tell you to back that thing up. I mean the airport they do it they tell you when that thing goes off, they say backup Sir check your pockets because it’s something going on that’s causing this thing to go off. We got to fill our mind with the word of God to a point where when the devil throws some contrary thoughts there’s alarm sound that goes off that we can cast that out and throw it out so we can walk this victorious life because watch this, you are going to either do one or two things and you got to look in every area of your life.

You are either going to be pleasing man in that area or you going to be pleasing God. Like he’s talking about Gucci, and you don’t have this and you’re wearing this and you don’t have enough money to pay your rent or your mortgage or buy some food or sow $50 into the scholarship fund, but you got Gucci on. See are you pleasing man in that area or are you pleasing God? So, in every area I need to know am I pleasing God or am I pleasing man and if I find out I am pleasing man I need to go ahead and rip and replace so we can walk this footloose and fancy victory that we supposed to have in Jesus Christ.


Pastor Mike: Now let’s get one thing straight before we dismiss. This is not just about this homosexuality spirit. That is something that the spirit of God is addressing in this season, that specific thing. You check your children, do not let your children exhibit those proclivities. I have a homosexual son that just flaming I mean with respect to as a matter of fact when he decided to come out, he took this rainbow flag and ran around his house and put on Diana Ross I’m coming out. I want the world to know I got it let it show raised in this ministry. I love him so dearly. He calls me and text me all the time. I am not giving up on him. I’m watching the people come out of this lifestyle by the droves.


The whole debate about I was born this way I am done with that. I am not involving myself in that debate any longer. Okay, let’s just say you were my advice to you is to get born again. But I am not just talking about this spirit. I’m talking about your children not tithing, your children not wanting to fellowship with other Saints. We were made to come.


We enforced that. You go get your babies. you go get your grandbabies and in spite of what mom and daddy are doing you go save their next generation. I see so many improprieties that are going on in the life of believers that is confusing our children. It’s time for us to get back to some basics.


All these babies that were up here today I laid hands on every one of them because they are going to experience victory in every area of their lives. As the world gets darker and darker the church is getting brighter and bright. Sin is being facilitated in ways that I never seen.


It is all kind of things we are letting invade our thought life that is not prospering us. If we want to be better, we are going to have to think better. You’ve got to get rid of some of these thoughts that are not advancing you.