Discipleship in AGAPE & HONOR in 4D

Sunday, September 10, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points

Pastor Mike: I started this journey in January, and it was my endeavor to have you all to understand somethings about where the Lord has led me to lead you this entire year, so that you will be at a certain point in life this time of year.

I would like to see all the men in the ministry walking alike, living alike, talking alike, have alike, that people will not see any difference in any man of this ministry’s life from my life we will all be the same. Whatever I have in my life other men and women in this ministry has in their life and whatever another man has in his life I have in my life.

I am wearing this boot today, because what I discovered was my foot was not stabilized enough for healing to take place and what I noticed is there are a lot of believers who are not stabilized enough for healing to take place. I shared that to let you know the Word of God is a stabilizer.

I started this journey trying to get you to establish the fact that I or someone else has to be your Pastor. Whether you know this or not you need a Pastor. If you do not have a Pastor, then you are out of the will of God. Listen you got to understand that it is the will of God for every man to have a Pastor.

Then the next series of lessons was for you to press in, in understanding what I was talking about because understanding is divine comprehension in my heart that gives me the ability to repeat something at will. Whatever you cannot repeat at will you do not understand.

I want you to endeavor throughout these series of lessons to understand what I am talking about to the degree that you can go and teach it, because if you cannot teach it, you really don’t have it. And the Bible say, by now you ought to be teachers, Hebrews 5: 12, but you are still in the place where you need someone to teach you.

Now we are embarking upon this journey to land here at this specific time and season in our lives where we have entered the subject matter Agape and Honor. There are some things about Agape that has challenged me in the last few seasons of my life that allow me to know that I was not totally walking in the God kind of love. Now this passage of scripture is a very intriguing passage of scripture because a lot of people have their own definition as it relates to God’s love. Now if you have your own definition of God’s love there is no guarantee you will be able to walk in the love that He commanded you to walk in. John 13: 34.

Elder Soneil: You know everything you are speaking about Pastor is all about legacy. Legacy is really anything handed down from one group to the next, one generation to the next. It’s God’s plan, its real important that we get this, because it’s God’s plan to pass something down from a man of God; His contemporary representation, from Him to God’s man to your family.

God intended for us to carry legacy from one generation to the next. For example, today, we celebrated grandparents’ day. The legacy that has been passed down through grandparents to the children and then down to their grandchildren is amazing.

Pastor Mike: Which has precipitated the ideation as it relates to the mind of God and Him creating mankind because God desired more of Him in the earth. I said, God desired more of Him in the earth. So, He says imitate me, follow me, but if we don’t know the me to follow then how are we going to follow the me that we should be following. So, I embarked upon discovering what God’s love truly looks like. I could not begin to love based upon what I assumed His love looks like because when I love you, I love you pretty good, matter fact I love hard, I love almost to a fault. But that does not mean that my love equates to being the love of God.

Because my love sometimes doesn’t go as far as God’s love for me, and you need to know that you can’t go that far where God’s love isn’t going to be ahead of you.


Shout: There is nothing that I can do where God’s love is not going to run after me.


God says a new commandment, whatever you have heard in the past, here is a new one; I give to you that you love one another as I have loved you. That’s the barometer, and if you are not loving as He has loved you then you are not fully cooperating with the order of God.


Elder Soneil: If any one of us went to a foreign country and lived in that country for a protracted period of time at some point we are going to pick up the language and the culture of that country. I am telling you I have seen this, I have seen some individuals who do not possess the same level of melatonin that I have who come and live in the Virgin Islands for a protracted period of time and eventually the start sounding like me, they start doing the same things I am doing. So, today what I am hearing our good Pastor say is we have to get out of the world culture and get into God’s culture because we spend so much time in the culture of the world, believers are starting to sound like the world. They are starting to carry the culture of the world into the Kingdom and asking the Kingdom to conform to that culture. But we were supposed to be the ones with the culture of God that’s conforming the world. In Romans 12 MSG it says don’t be so well adjusted to the culture that you fit in without even thinking. So, what our man of God is saying today is we need to think Kingdom.

Pastor Mike: Anyone who gives their life to Jesus you forfeit the right to do life on your own. It was His expectation that you would bring the Kingdom to the earth. Go over to our other homeland (Bahamas) and try to drive like you drive here, it won’t be long before you will run head on with someone. If you going to drive over in the Bahamas, you have to get on the wrong side of the street and God expects for us to be diametrically opposed to everything that this earth is doing.


John 13: 35

  • By this what this? By as He has loved you.
  • If you don’t know how He has loved, you there is no way you can love others.
  • He says, by this all will know that you are my disciples
  • He says by this will you know. Notice it does not say by how well you sing, or by how well you preach, or by how much you give, or by how much you attend these services.
  • He says, that’s really the only way that people will know you are my disciple if you love like I love.
  • make sure we are studying the Word of God every opportunity we get so we can love like He loves.

Now I want you to look at this in the Message Bible:

1 John 2: 4 6

If someone claims I know Him well but doesn’t keep his commandments, he is obviously a what liar. I love God, you don’t love God, what’s wrong with you.

  • I am saying it with my mouth but haven’t demonstrated any act of love. Then the Bible says, you are a liar.
  • His life doesn’t match his words. The one who keeps Gods’ Word is the person in whom we see God’s mature love.
  • Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived.

It used to be: love thy neighbor as thy self, love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind. Now the man says, I want you to love like I love. OMG so when somebody turns on me, I got to stay for them. A lot of you are looking at your lives and saying don’t even have a relationship with my blood sister because of what she did to me. I don’t have a relationship with my blood mama because of what she did. I don’t have a relationship with people on my job because of what they did. The Bible says you are like Jesus in the earth.

What I am establishing here is this gateway church where you guys are going to be the prototypes of the Kingdom of God. You need to go home and call someone today and say you know what I haven’t been showing you Jesus. I know what you did to me, but the Bible tells me to love you like Jesus loves me. It’s difficult for me right now because I am just learning.

There is an empowerment that will be released on your life along with resources untold that you have never heard of before or never seen before when God knows you will love like He loves. He will release everyone of heaven’s resources to you because He knows you will distribute it accordingly.

Elder Soneil: You know Pastor, what I love about what you just said is that you gave us the answer in your example for our situation. You said in order for you to love that particular gentlemen the way that you have you had to kill yourself. If we are alive Jesus can’t live. But when we die Jesus will live through us. You know there are different levels of degrees, at a college or university. There is an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and this degree is called master’s degree. Master’s is like another level, and you told us there are three things every person needs to do mastering walking in Agape and Honor:

  • Make Jesus Lord, there is no exception.
  • Deny ourselves. You have to kill yourself, day in and day.
  • Be led by Holy Spirit.

This is like cheat code, like when you are playing those video games and it seems everything you do produces success. Holy Spirit is that cheat code. Holy Spirit dwells on the inside of us because that’s Gods original design to lead and guide us into all truth.

The only way we master this love walk is those three things. You got to make Him Lord. Constantly deny yourself and you have to be led by the Spirit.


  • Review 9.10.2023 Night Cap Lesson
  • Review and Study Scriptures Below

Key Scriptures:

Hebrews 5:12            John 13:34 & 35

Romans 12 (MSG)         1 John 2: 4 6 (MSG)