Discipleship in Being in Alignment

Sunday, January 8, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Matthew 6 is a good place to start.  One or two of the most used thought processes and words that you will be hearing this year are growth and sustainability. I have watched people grow things but not sustain their growth. For years this ministry has grown and sustained its growth and success; if this ministry is doing it why can’t your life do it? Shout! I receive growth for my life and sustainability. I will be able to maintain the next level that I walk into, and where I am right now is the lowest, I will ever go in life. Now put praise on it!


Matthew 6:33 says, seek ye first; what does first connote, there obviously must be a second. It may be just two but if there’s a first it has to be at least one more. Now, where are we to put God? First! That doesn’t mean we can’t go after anything else that just means we stop by His office First!

He didn’t say you couldn’t seek a job; He didn’t say you couldn’t seek after money; He didn’t say you couldn’t seek another place to stay. He did not say you could not seek a better position in life. He did not say you could not seek out any of these things that we all enjoy in life. His simple request is, that you come to Him first! You can’t leave something as important as your life to just you. Seek first the kingdom of God. What is the Kingdom of God? I submit to you that most people in the body of Christ think that’s heaven. You are so unequivocally wrong. It is not heaven that He is asking you to seek, because when you got “Jesus” you got heaven. What is this kingdom of God’s business, all throughout the scripture and you will have to take time to go through it, and you will see that the kingdom of God is like unto a man who travels to a far country. He is explaining throughout the scripture what the kingdom of God is.  I have shared with you that the kingdom of God reflects the order of God, and the order of God reflects the design and the desire of God. Wherever there is a desire of God then there is a specific design to come along with that specific desire to put it in perfect order.

I was with Bishop T. D. Jakes yesterday, that’s my bishop, I need an overseer in my life and God has identified him as being an overseer in my life for some obvious and apparent reasons. I was just coming over to fellowship with him and sit in the audience and be fed. So, they sat Dr. Vernon and I along with our wives in a certain area in the building, and Bishop Jakes, soon as he walked in noticed DeDe and I also Vernon and Victory, and look out and said, Oh! they got the heavy hitters in here today I’m going to have to change my lesson.


You know just having fun and I thought he was going on about his business and later he calls my name out. Come up here! What was I there to do? To sit and receive. But it seems like every time I turn around blessing on blessings, the favor of God, God favors me so much. I got this covenant with Him you know, and the favor that’s in the covenant is on me! Don’t hate on me because I am God’s favorite! Turn to your neighbor and say, he is not God’s favorite, I am!


Know you are bad all by yourself, it’s not what I do it’s who I am. When you realize who you are you going to erect your entire posture. You are not what you do you are who God says you are, and if you are not acquainted with that then you are walking around with a stolen identity. You will pick it up from someone, somewhere or someplace, or some person that will cause you to be something entirely different than what God has intended for you to be. The scripture says, and Jesus found himself in the scripture every day. How is that interpreted by you? Jesus found himself in the scriptures, what would you say that means? Some would say, oh He was reading the Bible every day. No, ladies and gentlemen, here is the illumination of the revelation; He got his identity, He found himself and you are finding yourself in all the wrong places. In the barbershop, hair salon, locker room, and strip clubs, you are finding yourself in places other than where Jesus found himself. Bishop Jakes when he called me up, they got a clip of it, of what he did, listen to this.

Listen, it does matter what ministry you go to. If you put your life under someone that has no flow, and there is no growth and no sustainability, you will sit there and be contained in that place. I have fish in my aquarium now that are supposed to become a certain size and my fish guy told me that fish are supposed to have gotten a lot larger than the other fish in there. I ask why it isn’t, his reply was the size of the tank is controlling its growth.


Keep playing with your own life. KEEP PLAYING WITH YOUR OWN LIFE! Let you be the guide of your life and not He, Him Holy Spirit, you are making choices based on preferences and not principles. I have watched so many people follow preference instead of principle and the principle found in God’s word is alignment. You can put yourself under something and it can stop the growth that was in you. My gardener, I was planting something because that’s a favorite pastime of mine; I love working with my hands getting into the soil.


I put this tree in this pot, and my gardener told me the same thing he said, you shouldn’t put that tree in that pot. I ask why he replied because you won’t get its intended beauty. Asking what you mean, he said it can’t grow beyond the size of the pot it is put in.


Look at the order of God now, it would be destructive to creation if you were placed in the tank and outgrew the tank, the tank would eventually burst, or the fish would die. The pot would have to at least fall apart, or the tree would never bring its intended beauty to not only the tree but the lives of the people that it was supposed to help. That’s why I have been asking you’ll to leave if I am not that guy. If you don’t see me as that guy, get out of here; and it’s all good. This may sound arrogant but it’s not many that are doing it as big as Mike Freeman in this region. Why would Bishop T.D? Jakes, I am sitting four rows back. Did you see that illustration he could have used someone on the front row? Come here Bro. Freeman come here. Why? Its purpose to everything, even T.D. Jakes can recognize what’s on my life. And when I saw him in the back, I said to him, the only thing I didn’t like about that illustration was that you didn’t let me play your part. He said, no I did it right! No, no! because the man recognizes what’s on my life. And this will become mutual after a while all of us will be so on top that whomever you get within this ministry will cause the flow to continue to go.

The kingdom of God then is an algorithm, it’s a system. What are systems designed to do? Save Yourself, Stress, Time, Energy, and Money. Once you get into this system and you can align yourselves with the system, and you will save yourself stress, time, energy, and money.


Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 14 because you need to know this and see this and possibly, I will be able to get to what precipitated all of your current outcomes; because your income and all of your outcomes are determined by what you become. You have to stop wanting that which you are not willing to become.


Now, where does becoming start?

  • It starts with the acknowledgment of Jesus being Lord over someone’s life
  • then that someone gives their thinking to Him and takes their thinking from Him because as a man thinks so is that man.


You have currently in your life a byproduct of how you have been thinking. Don’t blame the economy, don’t blame Hostess Twinkies. Don’t blame honey buns, it’s your thinking that’s out of control that’s keeping you subscribing to something that’s breaking the order of your coming down in your weight size. How many people struggled with putting on those jeans this morning, but yet you go to the vending machine for honey buns?


1 Corinthians 14: 40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

Everything you do should be done how? Decently and in order. Could we have a field trip to your house right now and find your house in order, the closet too? Let’s not go to your house but to the trunk of your car or just open the car door to see how many French Fries are in between the seats. Soda stains all over the console, that’s you. You tolerate that because that’s you, that’s how you think. If you think like that condition, we see, we will always see it. And it’s not that stuff it’s this your thinking. You got to think higher about what your environment is going to be like in order to change it.


I don’t know why your best friends are people that are not going anywhere. I do because you think as they do. And you subsequently are not going anywhere but it brings you great comfort that you are doing better than everyone else in your group. If you are doing better than everyone else in your group, you need a new group.

Everything or anything that’s not in order is out of order. Shout this, God is a God of order! If it’s out of order, then He is not obligated to participate. So, you want to invite God into your disorderly way of thinking. God is not obligated, He says, no you take the way I think align yourselves, and you are not going to have to ask me for much of anything that flow is going to get on you. Well, the order of God in addition to all I just said is that you have an apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher pastor. That’s the order of God that puts you in alignment so that things will flow the way it was designed to flow in your lives.


My objective is to get you into God’s ordained position for your lives that will continue to establish you as this city that sets upon this hill that cannot be hidden. That’s my objective. So, we will be working on our thinking as it relates to the word of God all of 2023 and by the end of 2023.


I have two questions I want you to ask yourself now.

  1. Where do I want to be at the end of 2023?

This will assist you in establishing all of the decisions you need to make and the thought process you have to have because you already set up a known goal.

  1. What do you want to be remembered as?

Let me set you up. What do you want to be remembered as, are you too going to force your children to lie at your memorial service? And some brush it over by saying, well he wasn’t perfect, you don’t even have to say that. There’s no one perfect here, so why say that? Because you trying to excuse the inadequacies that Dad or Mom just perpetuated in their lives. You didn’t like that part of their life and you got to make some type of conclusion, got to conclude something in your mind about how they were. I want to be known as something. So, if I want to be remembered as something then that something has to be taken into consideration in my decisions now. And you won’t make the proper decisions without the proper thoughts.

This is why I said Happy Ordained New Year! Because a lot of us are going to continue the same pattern of the old you.

Romans 8: 29

I love this passage of scripture. Make this personal and read along with me. He knew all about me so why am I coming up with my own way of doing things and deciding on my own, where I should go, what I should do in life, who am I to connect with, what I should do with this, what I shouldn’t do with this. Solomon tried to help us in Proverbs 3:5 which says, “Trust God with all your heart and don’t lean to how you think about things,” your own understanding, however in all your ways. Sounds like Matthew 6: 33 to me, in all your ways, seek Him first and He will direct your path.  Say, I am successful on purpose, therefore, no one or nothing can stop my success! We know it’s because of Him but if we don’t get in divine alignment we will live as imposters, and we will never show up as the one that He saw.


For He knows all about us before we were born; so, what in the world are you doing when pitching a fit in traffic or cussing someone out in a grocery store or holding grudges; you are not sharing in the image of His likeness. He wants you to share in the image and likeness of Jesus. Now you have to start taking evaluation and considering does this look like Jesus.  Is what I’m doing looking like Jesus right now?


This means the Son is the oldest among the vast family of brothers and sisters who will become? Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world that as I heard on the news yesterday something that had the potential to break my heart. But I am not letting you or anything else break my heart, my heart belongs to God. Especially when I got the revelation of “let your heart not be troubled.” YOU HURT ME; YOU BROKE MY HEART!! They didn’t break your heart; you broke your heart because no one has the authority over your authority concerning your heart. Your heart belongs to God! We will get that straighten out after a while!


I heard that a six-year-old boy shot his teacher, and she is in critical condition. What grade are you in at six years old.? First. First graders are taking guns to school and now shooting teachers. (Prayer “In Jesus’ name not one educator in this ministry life will be threatened, harmed, or hurt. The weapon may form but it will not prosper.”) Well, when prayer was removed from school it took the alignment off, what do you expect; generation after generation and you don’t want to raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. You want to spend more time with Dora the Bora, who is hot right now, Baby Shark, mama shark, and they don’t know anything about Jesus.


Where are the fathers who are sitting down and sharing the word of God, that’s divine alignment? You are the head of the house when was the last time you broke out the Bible?


After I came out of all this nefarious assault on my life the enemy tried to kill me with; Dr. DeDe showing me pictures and things, I am paralyzed from my neck down. I said, wow are you serious; she said I knew you wouldn’t believe it that’s why I recorded it. I said come here, I wanted to hold her; she laid down on my chest and said, thank you for teaching me faith. I said to her you did a good job. She said Mike it’s what you taught me. Then the Spirit of God brought to my mind this question, if your life depended upon what you have taught your family would you live or would you die? But you going to see “Avatar” and sit there for three- plus hours, while they made over two billion dollars.


You are spending time everywhere else and I’m going to be on your behinds, your posteriors like never before. Your family meetings will resume every fifteen of the month, you will be taking evaluations of the growth in your house. The communication that you have not been doing well for eons. You going to fix that cause you going to think better about your future and your family’s future. That’s why you have to decide who you will align yourself with.


The reason I gave people an opportunity to get out of here last week was so that they could go find their holy hook-up. I love you that much and I don’t want you with me if I am not your Holy hook-up. I am not trying to hold you cause your lives are too important for you to sit it under something that’s not going anywhere. And if you perceive me as not going anywhere, get out of here. Stay with those that have your answer and away from those with your problems.


“I decree that you will be more intentional than ever before concerning this precious gift called life. That you will take introspections and evaluations of your growth and your sustainability.

Now may the Lord bless you; may the Lord keep you; may the Lord make His face shine upon you; may He be gracious to you and give you, His peace. The peace that Dr. DeDe released in this place is yours. Think peace and then be peace in Jesus’ name. Amen”