Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Brainwashing

Sunday, May 28, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points



Open your Bibles to 2 Corinthians Chapter #10. I want to just wrap up on this brainwashing episode of Divine Alignment. Shout…” When I win in my mind, I’m going to win in my life”. It dropped in by the Spirit of God and I’m grateful for it, but we’ve learned that there are two kingdoms that coexist at the same time and the Bible has commanded us to come out from among them.

Now, there are those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. There are those that have not received Jesus Christ as Lord. So, if Jesus is not Lord of your life, you are not a part of us you are a part of them. We have been commanded to come out from among them. What I’ve noticed and even in great portions of my life is that I was one of us acting and living and conducting myself as one of them. There have been periods of time as it relates to my conduct even in speaking to people that I have conducted myself or acted like one of them.

To have a temper tantrum or to be explosive or to say things out of an abrupt kind of disposition as it relates to a reaction of something that has transpired negatively, I have conducted myself as one of them. No one deserves to be spoken to disrespectfully. The Bible says let all your words be seasoned with salt that it should provide grace to the hearer. The Bible gives us the right to be angry, but don’t you cross the sin line. Have you ever been so angry or upset about something that you would lose your proverbial cool? It just literally conveyed or displayed inconsistency or inadequacy in your character that you don’t respect or honor people as you should. Those that you honor the most you’re going to make sure that there’s a representation of the nature of God that comes out of your life constantly that doesn’t mean you don’t let people have it because people got to have it at times.

I’m talking about approaching and handling a matter with dignity, honor, and respect, but firm. You do not ever have to get out of character to handle any situation. And you think by virtue of your tone and by virtue of your talk how you use profane language. I had to let them know what I meant. Well, when people use profanity in that regard, they allow me to know how shallow they are in their intellect.

And there have been many of times that I had to go back and apologize for one or two or other dispositions that I’ve held with individuals not only outside of this ministry but inside of this ministry. Because the spirit of God, if there is any spirit of God in you and Pentecost we celebrate today. Pentecost is just simply the 7th week after Easter.

As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost on today let us not forget that Holy Spirit doesn’t just make you shout and speak in tongues it will make you shut up, apologize, mind your business, and examine yourself. Somebody shout, “Thank God for the Holy Ghost”.

So, where there’s an US and inside of us there are these dispositions that we are to maintain at the representative of the Kingdom of God. There’s the Kingdom of light and there’s the Kingdom of darkness. Now relative to the Kingdom of light ladies and gentlemen our goal is not just to make it to heaven. Our goal is to replace Jesus in the earth. It is to reflect, and represent, and present Jesus and replace him in the earth. How much is your life as one of US reflecting him in the earth? Can your life really be known as His substitute?

So, the Bible instructs us to let our light so shine that, men…come on Faith City you are the light of the world. A city that’s set up on the hill cannot be hidden. Shout “I am one of us”. I left them a long time ago.

I’m learning…believe it or not just to sit back and ride. As for the believer, the scripture says, many are on this road broad is the way to destruction it never meant hell we concluded hell but there are a lot of believers that are in that traffic that they should not be in and in the express lane and bypassing debt, and bypassing sickness, and bypassing confusion, and bypassing jams in their life. Shout…” I’m not one of them”.

The Bible says come out from among them so as being a part of another Kingdom which represents that we have a different King, we have a different set of rules, we should be representing that. I think the most memorable scripture out of all the scriptures we’ve been through is found right here in 2 Corinthians chapter #10 because you win in this one. I can guarantee you that you will win in life.

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh so there’s

a difference that scripture alone puts us in the express lane. Were in the flesh, but this is not where the battle for us is. Verse 4 says, “For the weapons of our warfare they’re not fleshly but mighty in God for the pulling down of strong holds”.

You remember this here it is in my opinion is the most profitable and the most productive passage of scripture that you will have as a believer casting down one translation says imaginations and high thing that exhausts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought, imagination, or argument into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

The Spirit of God says, that’s just how you are winning in life because you can stop on demand anything you want to stop relative to thought and interject or interpolate whatever you want to insert at that particular time. That’s just how when the devil gives you a word that is contrary to the Word stop it, but you’re going to have to replace it with the Word out loud and the minute you do that is the minute you begin to gain ground on the enemy’s attack.

I promise you the last time I saw the pulmonologist he looked at me like as though this is my last time, I’m going to see you. And I wasn’t planning on changing doctors until I saw that look. That man’s prognosis in his mind, he had not brought it out of his mouth yet but as I saw him. I looked upon his eyes as I left it was doom and gloom in his eyes. You know what he’s saying or what he said with that look, and I said you know what happened to your last time when you tried to take my life you stop that thought and you replace it with another thought, and you stand firm. Because if you don’t begin to do that, you’re going to create strongholds in your mind concerning whether or not you’re going to live or die, whether or not you’re going to be poor or rich, whether or not you’re going to fail or be in divorce court, you’re going to not have the victory that you were supposed and designed to have. Ladies and gentlemen, the most egregious thing about it all is that unbelievers got this revelation more than believers.

Psalms 107:20, He sent His Word and healed me and delivered me from all destruction that is how I’m ready. I got a Word to come back the word that the devil is trying to bring to me unless you’ve got a Word to be ready to go back and be on offense, he’s going to trample over you. You’ve got to have a Word. You are not ready until you’ve got a Word. Stop trying to tell the devil to go away, get off me devil, I bind you devil, you do not have a word, it’s not a revelation, it’s not alive in your spirit.

This Word has to be alive. I’ll never he broke another day in my life. If you are going to win in this thing, if you going to get in the express lane, if you’re going to be a part of US you got to win this thing in the Word. You got to win it in your mind and until you win it in your mind you will not win in life. Shout…” I am a winner”. Jesus went to hell for me to win. The furthest thing from my mind in spite of the report is that I will live.

So, if you’re not going to lean in and dig into what I’m doing this year, you don’t want it bad enough. I am telling you this year is designed to revolutionize your life for the next seven years I know. So whatever attack that the enemy has for the next seven years as you are leaning to this lesson, you’re going to make every last one of them null and void. The assignment he has against your children, the assignment he has against your grandchildren, the assignment he has against your marriage, the assignment that he has against your money, whatever assignment as you apply this Word, this Word is not for everybody this word is just for those who are doers and not hearers only.