Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Brainwashing Sunday, March 26, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Scriptures: Proverbs 21:21

Pastor DeWayne: There is a scripture that says that Satan was once the power of the prince of the air and now I see why he wanted that space. He wanted that space so we could not do something like this. If it was not for that space that air where we could be in Brandywine and in Baltimore at the same time, and seeing each other, and loving each other man, we wouldn’t have been able to see that baptismal. If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t be able to take authority over the power of the air.

Dr. DeeDee: Proverbs 21 verse 21 and I’m going to read it in the TPT. I read this at 8:00 o’clock. It says the lovers of God who chase after righteousness, say I’m a lover of God, OK but do you chase after righteousness being in right standing with him it says will find not some of their dreams, but all their dreams come true. Now when you’re a lover of God and you’re chasing after righteousness you will see not just some of your dreams, but all of your dreams come true to see all of these babies up here being baptized this has to be a mother’s dream, of course, we know the fathers are dreaming too but you know mothers we really dream and we see things that we want our children to walk in right so just say happy Mother’s Day I don’t know. But we see all our dreams will come true and abundant life not just dabbled in water but says an abundant life drenched with favor and a fountain that overflows with satisfaction because you are a lover of God say I’m a lover of God and I will chase after righteousness I will see all of my dreams come true. Say I will be soaked; I will be saturated; I will be satisfied with His favor.

Pastor Mike: There is a fountain, and it is in that divine enlightenment when it begins to flow over it will get all on you, your family, and your family’s family. I do not know what you are doing but I know the Word I got from the Lord; there’s going to be a financial crisis that next, it’s going to pale in comparison to COVID-19, folks it’s about to get harder than you think. You better have some financial protection which is your tithe. You may think I am trying to get something from you, but I’ve been I’m a tither like I am a male. What did I just say? I have never taken a break from being a male.


This is the hour where you going to have to make a decision whether it’s going to be for God or be all about your feelings. Look at your neighbors and say go somewhere and die, y’all don’t even know that you don’t even understand that those of you who’ve been around you know because you got to kill you.


There’s an assignment that’s on my life that has everything to do with all of you. You said that I was your Pastor, didn’t you? I need you to be a little louder than that because, for the whole month of January, I stood here I even gave appeals for you to lead to finding your holy hook-up.


There is this urgency that’s been established in me to get you all prepared for something unlike this world has ever witnessed. This preparation period may be a matter of life or death. The Bible says in the last days that men’s hearts will fail because of fear, you will not have anything to be fearful about because of the preparation you will be prepared for everything that’s going to hit this earth.


Dr. DeeDee was saying that is like a lesson. She said, maybe you ought to take this one by yourself because I hear and I see the passion and that desire and this is a message for the body of Christ I contemplated it on the way but because of the level of confidence that I have and Pastor DeWayne’s ability to hear I just want him to be on standby as I hear how the Spirit of God is navigating and meandering and orchestrating my way through all of your thoughts and predispose positions and dispositions. Your opinions your likes your concerns your ideations your aspirations your objectives your agendas endeavors goals you name it to let’s just be talked to let’s hear from the Spirit of the Lord about why we are coming into this place. Let’s sober up, let’s settle once and for all because we sometimes come to this place, and we jump around, and we dance we shout we scream we spin but what are alterations what shifts what paradigms are happening as a result of your sitting here?

What changes or what’s transformed or what’s different about your life when you leave here or have, we become so complicit and complacent in the conditions of and the cultures of our normal routines that God by His Spirit has not permeated us enough to even provoke our attention like we came and there were no adjustments as we came, we left and there are no changes. It is dangerous to sit under the Word of God and not change.


Pastor DeWayne: It is the difference that is going to make the difference. People do not know, they try to conform to what they see and God wants you to be different. This world was full of darkness, God didn’t bring darkness God sent light and the difference is what caused the difference and you got to know there’s a difference, there should be a difference between us and them.

Pastor Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, there is coexistence on the earth of two separate kingdoms that we are a part of. We are in this world, but the scripture declares we are not of it. So, subsequently, there are some things as it relates to or germane to them that we should not be a part of but here’s the dilemma coming from your Pastor. I promise you it is hard for me to tell the difference. I cannot tell you or discern between the saved and the unsaved. There is no difference between us and them in hang-ups, hurts, and habits. We have some of the same hang-ups, the same hurts and the same habits as they have. I mean you would think that a believer who has come out from among them and connected with us does not have the same beef because we do not live by the same rules; we squash kinds of beef they exhort beef.


We have some of the same offenses, we are as offended as people who do not know Jesus and we’ve been giving the answers to offense where we don’t take it, but believers are not even talking to their own family members; offended, holding grudges, got beef just like them. Same anger issues. Believers are flooding therapists’ offices more than unbelievers. I’m not putting that down go see your therapist but go see the wonderful counselor first. We have the same divorce rates as the same baby Mama drama. I have to do what God called me to do in Christian situations as it relates to divorce and baby Mama drama Christians shouldn’t be on World star.

There are more co-parenting problems. How is it that you are cussing out your bonus mom because you are still jealous of what happened in the situation with your ex. You all don’t want me to touch this, but I am not scared of you because God wants to change your life. He has a perfect plan for your life because he wants to do great things with it, and you have become your own worst enemy. The traditional family it is almost in last place these days you can’t find many families that don’t have babies from a previous relationship where they have to have blended families. You need to know how to represent the side that you are on because there should be a difference between you and them. Pre-wed pregnancies, you cannot tell the difference.


There are more babies born and the Christians family daughters just like out with them where do we discover these differences, or should there be any? Sexual sins see first thing y’all think I want to address is homosexuality and lesbianism No, let’s talk about the fornicators. I think I got a bigger group.


Pastor DeWayne: No. You got to stay there because Christians are almost doing more than what the world and Apostle Paul said it’s a shame, that Christians were acting like that. A while ago I was ministering to some people, and they shared that there was a place in the Fort Washington area where a Deacon was running what they call a swingers deal, and I had to cast a devil out of lady and deal with her husband and the wife that was attending SOFCC. They told me the Deacon was the head of the place and that was nonsense. But it ought not be named among the body of Christ. I mean they were talking about a Deacon from another ministry was the one that was running that type of house, which is crazy. Somebody has to stand up and deal with it, that’s why I’m glad you’re standing flat footed, and you are not afraid to tell us. Hey somebody got to show the dividing line because you got Pastors in the pulpit cussing and talking like the world.

Pastor Mike: There was a Pastor who had some stuff stolen from his ministry and he stood before his congregation and said you got 24 hours to bring it back, he said because the investigators told me that this was an inside job so you got 24 hours to bring it back, we will not prosecute you because this is Grand Theft.

So, he says you bring the stuff back I won’t prosecute he said, you can’t come back here but we will not prosecute and I’m saying well where do they go if they you can’t come to the Church of the Lord Jesus. What are we so fearful of? Why can’t we embrace those who are disenfranchised in life stealing?


There is a young man that I got my arms around right now he just recently told me he said Pastor I got this problem, and I knew he was stealing all the time and I’m accepting him back and embracing him. Where does he go if we can’t have this Agape process of love to escort him out of it. What do we do? Send him to the world?

He said…I have never seen love like this before that and I need you.


One young man was having challenges with drugs, and he said to me you really believe this Agape stuff. Why haven’t you thrown me away? Why do you keep doing what you are doing? Because love is the only force that has the ability to transform an enemy into a friend, Dr. King said. But if you are scared of the world than how are you going to be a light in it?


I have this son who’s been practicing homosexuality and he’s so badly wants to be set free. And some of y’all are doing your fornication thing, and your adultery thing He said, there’s no poison that comes out of you and you are my father and I don’t know where to go and I’m struggling with this if I go out there they’re going to love me but I don’t want to be out there. He taught me how to love people who are in this situation because we were taught that you are a sissy get away from me. That is the kind of era I was raised in but when he told me to come out from among them.

I cannot do my life like them anymore I got to do my life like Him, so I’ll begin work with him and my other sons because just like you want to be free, he wants to be free.


I do not know what your hang up, what’s your hurt, what’s your habit, but why do we have propensities towards certain other sins, and we don’t jump on those who are liars. What make you so much better are you kidding me and then we leave here and do not make any changes in our disposition and our way of thinking. So, I said son I got you.

The next time I saw him he was just as happy as he can be. He walked to me hi dad, I said Hey say hi dad (deep voice); he said hi dad (deep voice). I said that’s better. That’s good. I said how are you doing? He said fine, I said, no, fine (deep voice) because I told him if you stop doing business, you’ve got to take all the signs down. If you aren’t in business any more, let’s deal with these signs, let’s deal with these traits, but what is your hang up, what’s your habit, where’s your hurt. You need love just like I need love.


Pastor DeWayne: You know Pastor Mike the whole difference between us and them that would separate us is that Agape love right there. You are going to have to get a revelation of the love of God yourself if we’re going to see the US. If all of us are going to walk in this same agape love and I’m convinced that there is a lot of people trying to demonstrate love to God and they hadn’t got a revelation of God’s love for them and I’m going to tell you when you start getting a revelation of God’s love for you, you you’re going to stop trying to do things that you’re trying to get His attention.

You’re going to respond now and because of the revelation and the love that you know that He has for you and that’s where most of the people are missing the ball game because you are stuck right in the place, you’re coming but you’re not receiving God’s love and that’s what’s going to make a difference and if you don’t receive this love you’re going to love the things of the world.

And it’s going to be hard for you to come out and you’re going to hang around people who going to talk about let’s keep it real and they don’t even know what real is. You know what real is real is? Bringing the unseen on the scene so it can be seen. This real isn’t what we’ve been talking about, this temporal stuff because this stuff we talking about is subject to change you want people to have the real. Tell me about God, tell me about what He has planned for me. Tell me what he’s already prepared and laid up for me and then show me how to get it and I’ll show you real and when you see real you’re going to be able to give the real thing to everybody else.

Pastor Mike: Can I show you two scripture references before I let you go.

2 Corinthians 6:14-16.

Pastor DeWayne: Don’t continue to team up with unbelievers in a mismatched alliances for what partnership is there between righteousness and rebellion who can mingle light with darkness.

Pastor Mike: I tell you who are the ones who put dimmer switches on their relationship with Jesus. You turn it down when it’s not full of light and full of darkness but you turn it up where it’s not full of darkness nor full light and you’ve become conditioned your consciousness have become comfortable with the kind of lifestyle. That is diametrically opposed to the order of God. You see where He tells you to love your enemies, but you don’t want to have full light. But you’ll love them from a distance, with this love says as I have loved you. So they’re going to be people who have offended you or you have offended that you’re going to have to show the love of Jesus to and this big boy big girl stuff and your feelings are going to want to cast a vote and you cannot give your feelings the right to vote.


Pastor DeWayne: It says in verse 15, what harmony can there be between Christ and Satan. How you going to do both or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever.

Pastor Mike: I tell you what, fornication that is what they’ve got in common, adultery that’s what they’ve got in common, lies…in common. Because you can’t tell the difference.


Pastor DeWayne: What friendship does God’s temple have with demons for indeed we are the temple of the living God just as God has said I will make my home in them, and I will walk among them I will be their God and they will be my people.

Pastor Mike: Go to John chapter #8 verse 42 and I am going to quit right there and read it and were done. But your work has just begun you are going to leave here and fix some of this stuff you and you do not have it until you can teach it and demonstrate it. What adjustment as a believer that is so mirrors an unbeliever that you are still tolerating? No, I know because I’ve been there, I was saved, and I wanted her (Dr. DeeDee) and at that time I would rather ask for forgiveness than permission because I knew what God was going to say.


This is the kind of message that God isn’t going to let any of us hide because when this chaos hit this earth people are going to have to be able to distinguish true light from true darkness why would they run to you when you look just like them. This is no longer time for you to try to keep a foot in both kingdoms, you are going to have to make a decision. Now, let me let me just help you with something because the sin issue is not where I’m going because what you have to understand you can be all of those forementioned things and still go to heaven because your behavior doesn’t determine your eternal state, you’re receiving Jesus.


But how do you really know you’re saved if you hadn’t really changed? And that’s the question you’re going to have to answer. So then if I know I’m saved I do what I’m no longer doing because I love Jesus. It’s a love thing! Preachers forever made it a fear thing. Don’t do that or you’re going to hell! No homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery fornication, lies whore monger, all of the above is not what sends you to hell. What sends you to hell is rejecting Jesus.


It’s a gift and you show up at the gate without the gift He’s going to say depart from me; however, if you lived your best life, you crossed every “T” dotted every “I” and didn’t receive Jesus you’re going to hell. So, I am not telling you to come out from among those things because you scared of your eternal state, I am saying show Jesus, you love Him. If I cheated on Dr. DeeDee and kept talking I love you she will be like get out of here, but let me tell you something when you finally stand before Him and you look in his eyes and you see this love that’s permeating through His eyes and into your eyes, I promise you your knees are going to break and you’re going to say why didn’t I do more.


What was I thinking. Oh my God, You gave everything for me, and I gave nothing for You. Jesus said, then if God were really your father you would love Me for, I have come from his presence I didn’t come here on my own, but God sent me to you.


John 8:43: He says, why don’t you understand what I’m saying to you don’t understand because your hearts are closed to my message. You are the offspring of your father the devil, huh so that’s why Jesus said when you pray say our father but clarify which one you talking about which art in heaven because some of you who are listening to me here and out there your father is Satan and until you receive God’s precious son Jesus God will never be your father but he wants to be your father because he loves you.


Now because He loves you, He’s going to require your love for Him and automatically you’re going to stop some things. He said, and you serve your father very well passionately carrying out His desires. The desires of Satan, he’s been a murderer right from the start, he never stood with the truth for he is full of nothing but lies. Lying is His native tongue. He is the master of deception, and he is the father of lies.


Now, what are we going to do now? We heard the Word. Now that you have heard the Word just don’t be hearers but let’s be doers.