Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Brainwashing

Sunday, June 25, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


T.I.P.S. are Trusted Information Pastor Shares

Pastor Mike: Is it the will of God for you to be rich? Do you not know there is a way that God has designed for you to have all your needs met. Here is my thrill; my thrill is I’m glad I don’t need a thing from any of you all. Now the problem with that at times is that can sound prideful. And it can come from a prideful place, and I’ve got to be careful but I’m embellished to a certain degree by that thought because of it gives me this sense of relief or release that I do not have to beg you all for anything.

It’s because wealth is indigenous to the body of Christ. That is the place we come from. My endeavor is to normalize wealth because that’s where you live. You come from a wealthy place; all of your family is wealthy. It all depends on what family you are looking at. And so, I have been fully enveloped by this normalization of wealth in my thinking. You can’t tell me Mike Freeman isn’t totally wealthy and I don’t have the money that a whole lot of wealthy people have.

But do you not know I started like I told you all to start in 2020 my seed sowing account and there is a little over $240,000 dollars. That thing hadn’t pushed or moved in the last three weeks but I’m in a good pace. But I started that. I got that account. I begin to sow into it and as I sowed into that account increase just begin to come you see and just about a month ago my CPA pulled me to the side and said, there’s been some mistakes somewhere down the line for the last three or four years that you can expect a check for a little over $250, 000 dollars.


What did I say I wanted to give? I set my affection on a number, and I began to sow and so for the last three years I have been doing it. Now in less than four months away for the time of giving a quarter of a million plus is written for me from mistakes in the past. Tell your neighbor I have had some financial mistakes in the past that have happened and they are about to send me some checks. Shout somebody! Say I got to go higher! Now the $250,000 is a savings.

Go to 1 Chronicles Chapter 1, because unfortunately some of you have not obeyed your man of God. You haven’t set yourself and you perceived it to be a game, or you perceived it to be a ploy or you’ve been listening to other voices of people who have all different kind of erroneous misnomers concerning giving and the ministry. Now what you have to understand about giving and ministry is the fact it’s just the way to activate the system of the Kingdom of God. Like the law of faith it activates healing and miracles, everything that pertaining to life and Godliness is activated by faith.

All of the promises of God are received by what class, by faith. Now Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 says we come in here to do what? To learn.

So, it is my duty and I’m not going to be derelict with respect to my duty. As a matter of fact, I have made a decision, to just delight in my duty where it’s not out of duty but it’s out of delight. I consider it a duty because I’ve obligated myself to teach you in spite of the frowns that you may have on your faces you know because people will look at you in certain ways and it can be a bit intimidating. As a matter of fact, turn to your neighbor and say you got to go higher in the way you look at him. You know put a smile on your face.

Sometimes your faces reflect to me oh go somewhere and sit down I don’t want to hear about that there you go again. So, I’m tasked with the task that you may be actually diametrically opposed to hearing. You know and your body language will speak volumes about you know what I’m saying at times, but I know the will of God for you, and it is my best interest because I know God is committed to your success. Say “my Pastor is committed to my success.” Say “I don’t know about the people on both sides of me but…I am committed to my own success.” You’ve got to be committed to this.

That could be a mentality that does not have to be your posterior. Is that making sense to you because you can be fat in your mind cause for a long time, I’m fat in my mind, even when I was losing weight, I was fat in my mind. I had to get skinny in my mind. I am skinny in my mind now; I am much smaller than what you see you see your problem is I know you were singing that going up. You just got to go higher to understand what I’m saying to you and your mentality will take you out of the place that you are in now to activate this. See that’s the law like giving activates every financial principle and the Kingdom of God your mindset and thinking higher activates everything about your next level like if you would think higher about your marital status right now, you’ll go there.

It accesses you it gives you access into the next level because you think the way you think about your relationship it can’t move. This is for Lottie Dottie and everybody because if it is not applicable to you who are here right now and the current season that you’re in, it’s going to be applicable for some season of your life whether it’s for you or for somebody else so everything I talk about you should be listening to.

Well, that’s not for me. It is for you it is for you. Do you think I need to go higher in that area because sometimes I get so passionate, and it comes across the wrong way and sometimes people can you know be pushed back and that’s not what I want to do. I just want you to have it so bad.

1 Chronicles 29:1-2…I’m committed to this thing. Verse number one are you there yet. Furthermore, King David said unto the assembly or can we say king Michael said to Faith City Central: “My son Solomon who alone God has chosen, he is young and inexperienced: for the work is great, because this temple is not for man but it’s for God. Now for the House of my God I have done what; I’m telling you I have prepared and I asked you to prepare and what’s so devastating about this is the fact that there’s something on the horizon that’s going to hit this nation financially and I’ve been telling you this to prepare yourself and as a matter of fact this October offering is going to be able to protect you for the next seven years.

I know by the Spirit of God and it doesn’t even matter to me what you think and that’s why I’ve been adamant about doing what I’m doing because I know and I have determined that this is the voice of God.

It’s just not for you all you’re listening in on the conversation and the urgency of what I’ve been doing personally to protect my own house, and I will put you at a gross disadvantage if I didn’t warn you about what was on the horizon, and some of you are not protecting what’s going to be the next for you. OK, and this happens so many different times throughout the scripture where Jehovah had instructed people to do certain things in order to protect days ahead.

So, it’s important for you to receive what I’m saying here. The beautiful part about that is that this ministry wants for nothing, and we don’t owe anybody anything. OK, so take away from this entire equation like this ministry and the reason why he is saying all these things is because we need something, and the beautiful part is that we don’t need a thing. So, you have an awesome opportunity to sow into the Kingdom of God to expand whatever is the next for us. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people I promise you who are going to be coming to this ministry to want financial aid because they did not listen to me and then what is so astonishing about that is the fact that we have people who won’t hear what I am saying and they call and come all the time and its astonishing that you want tithers money but you don’t want to tithe. Where do you think we get increased from?

But then when they want to go and check your giving and then when I get up and say something about giving to people, they get mad at me because they feel like I’m talking specifically about them and having need and he had to get up and talk about us because we had a financial need. Don’t nobody know that I was referring to you because it happens all the time and people get upset with us. Why am I talking about all of this? So, but it’s all good. But in order for you to get out of where you are you gave your way into this financial mess; you’re going to have to give your way out of it and that’s all I’m saying, and I stopped a whole lot of stuff.

See I use money to buy money. You got to start buying money. You don’t even understand that is a different concept and who else is going to talk to you about it. I just been taking this month. I haven’t said a thing about money and your giving as it relates to money because people they will just go back and say see that’s all he talks about down there is money.

I’ve been talking about whether I will be your Pastor the whole month of January. I’ve been talking about pressing into understanding in February. Look at the notes it’s all there. I’m just setting you up for the kill. Glory to God! Anybody know what I’m talking about when I say I’m setting you up for the kill because I want your stuff to be right.

Go to John 9 because there’s a big debate about whether we should tithe or not tithe under the Old Testament. Is it done away with. Let me show you something here because I don’t base my giving of a tithe concerning the Law. I base it upon a principle that my rich uncle set up long before the law was implemented.

So, I have hooked up with Abram because I was in the consideration of that man’s loins when he gave tithe to Melchizedek. The Bible says that everything that was in him gave tithe so even like his great grandsons didn’t even know him, but he tithed on their behalf. There are some people that is coming out of Joshua that’s already tithers because I tithe on their behalf. They are already entitled to increase.

A lot of people say you don’t pay tithes well Jesus said you did. He told us what to do with the tithe. He told us to bring it. Because every time some money hits your hand a test begins. It’s ironic to me that there are a lot of people who need more money but doesn’t want the Pastor to talk about money and there are 2,350 scriptures in the Bible that speaks specifically about money, there’s only five hundred on prayer. It seems like He want you to know about money than prayer because having your money right is going to decrease your prayers.

I’m talking about in asking for stuff. I’m talking about your prayer life is consistent. Because it seems to me that I don’t go without praying every single moment of my life you know when I’m interrupted by another conversation of such of course boom that connection stops.  Then when I get away from a conversation I’m just communing with God and there’s very little that I have to ask Him for. So, my prayers are not inundated with “oh Lord can you fix this” because all my needs are met, that’s even with respect to my life, my joy, my peace. My peace account is so full. My joy account is so full. I told you we talked about this but if you don’t spend time with my voice as it relates to what I’ve been telling you.

If you don’t go away from this place and sit down with your family and make sure you have this, you’re not going to be able to have your mind transformed and thinking on a whole other level. This is just something you’re hearing today, and you go back to the same processes as it relates to your thought life because there is something that has totally inoculated you with respect to what you think about. You have been literally totally overwhelmed with a lifestyle and your subconscious relative to old thoughts and if they are not pushed out change with new thoughts, I don’t care how much you sit here your life won’t change because you have no possible opportunity to change if your thoughts does not change.

Now I’ve got to replace the old thoughts with the new thoughts that I get from the Word. Don’t be conformed but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and if your mind doesn’t get renewed about how you respond to money than you will never have any growth, any success, any profit. So, my mind had to change with respect to money. DeeDee and I looked at each other the other day and we would go out and buy new stuff and didn’t have the money now we got money and understand money we don’t want to buy anything. That’s a different mindset. It’s something that had to change in US. Why do we got to have stuff and in most cases, people feel so shadowed about themselves and insufficient and inferior they need a symbol as it relates to societal status that will make them appear to be something for others.

Well people are not going to like you still after you get your stuff. As a matter of fact, they are possibly going to talk about you more. Now would you rather them talk about you broke or talk about you when all your needs are met. Because they are going to talk about you regardless whether you’re doing good or bad how many of y’all know they are going to talk about you.

So, when they see your relationship flourishing, they are going to talk. I remember when they didn’t have anything, they are trying to act like they are better than everybody else. I remember when their relationship was ratchet; and we got our thoughts; we took the Word and we got our thoughts and now they were talking about man you would think they are teaching all that Bible and look at their relationship; now we took all that Bible and our relationship is good and they talking about man they think they are better than everybody because their relationship is good.

OK, so we know about this story do we not know about this story. The story of Jesus healing the blind man on the Sabbath you remember at the pool of Siloam I think it is.

The story about Jesus healing the blind boy: listen to the lesson. John Chapter 9:1-25

One thing I do know my point to you if tithe is not the will of God, or if it is the will of God. One thing I know I was once broke and I started tithing are you hearing what I’m saying to you. I know that giving to this principle I know that I was broke I was only rich in my mind, and we discover the wealth definition scripturally. Because wealth is not just confined to material or monetary things because you can get all the money you want and you don’t even like your kids and your kids don’t like you and you are broke.

Now let me deal with another thing really quick before we close. Go now to Proverbs Chapter 13 and I’m jumping way through this. Now I said this before and its worth repeating now. “Right now, is the best time to get your priorities straight”. I told you that you can pass the place or the point of having a choice. Right now, you have a choice but later you won’t have a choice when things hit like people and let me just go all the way to the end of this thing there are some people who are in hell right now; died without receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and they passed the place or the point of having a choice because the minute your spirit leave your body your choices are cut off.

You can’t say I don’t want to go here; I don’t want to come here. Listen folks the minute your spirit leaves your body you’re going to know it. The angels that were assigned to you the day you were born they’re going be right there to escort you into the pearly gates and off we go, but if your name has been blotted out that they are going to be angelic demonic forces, the third of the angelic hosts that fell from heaven they are coming to get you and they are going to deliver you to your father and I promise you everybody who is in hell right now is a believer, but they have no choice. Choice has been taking away from you. Once your wife leaves you and she’s gone you are not going to have a choice.

Proverbs 13:22

There’s so much more involved in biblical wealth than you realize and I have been looking at this scriptural reference here and it’s just been blessing my life because

I was limited in the revelation that this particular scripture reference was referring to a good man; a good man does what leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. What kind of children? The grandchildren.

At least my inheritance should get to my grandchildren, and I got that set up. I’m trying to get you all set up so you will make a mark on generations to come but then I discovered that this scripture is not just referring to money. I always talk about my father didn’t leave me a thing and then let me cut to the chase then I read scripture this scripture from the amplified that’s the AMPC and it reads “A good man leaves an inheritance of moral stability and goodness to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner finds its way. Dare I not ever again say my father left me nothing because he left me what he had in him. Because some of you try to provide for your children what you couldn’t have coming up.

I want to give my children more than I had. Well see okay that is fine and dandy but why don’t you just leave them what you had. You had manners, you had morals, you had conviction, you had principles, are you hearing what I am saying to you. You are trying to give them something that means absolutely nothing. Forget about what you can leave to them and start to think about what you can leave in them. Moral stability and goodness to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner finds its way eventually into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up.

My father made me a very wealthy man because of the inheritance that he left. Just the principles of tithing and offering. Just the principles of loving your wife. DeeDee and I would have never made it without the principles of our fathers and mothers.

Because when we didn’t have anything else we were bankrupt, but we were rich in the commitment to the covenant of God, and it sustained us and it got us through and we both look at each other sometime and say we were about to throw all of this away. I told DeeDee somebody else would have had this closet and she said, No I would have made another man like I made you.