Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment/Growth & Sustainability

Sunday, February 12, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


There are two words that we are going to make our central focus inside of the overarching theme of this ministry which is, Prioritizing, Practicing and Perfecting the Plan. The plan we have for this house and the plan you have for your house. Every last husband, every last family every last single home should have a plan for that home. Are you listening to me? I told you those two words happen to be what class? Growth and Sustainability. God never just intended for us to grow but He intended for us to sustain that growth. You should not be up one day and down the next. Shout: “I stay up!”

The Bible says, Don’t be so caught up with this culture that you are changing with the world without even knowing it.” And sometimes we are applying our lives with things that have come from the world and did not come from God. The danger about that, God is not obligated to back up anything that did not come from Him. So, we want to be careful, say, “I want to be careful” about how we appropriate things in our lives to get the kind of maximum return that God is expecting for us to get.


We have four pillars that upholds or undergird the plan. Those four pillars are number one class Love, we put love at the beginning because love is the greatest Motivator, then we have Faith because faith is the greatest Activator, so what is the Power of Holy Spirit? The Accelerator.

Tell me about Wisdom Navigator. Because Wisdom will teach you how to meander your way in life. And we all need to know how to strategically meander our way in life and God specifically designed a Divine Alignment from the foundations of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s His original plan by design that we get into this FLOW. I came up with an acronym for FLOW, ‘Flowing Laws of Winners’ say,

I FLOW! and it doesn’t have to be just following but Follow Laws of Leaders. You should be hanging with people that have your answer and getting away from people that have your problem. If you know June-bug is already messing up; why is June-bug your best friend? If we see June-bug going to live with his auntie and his auntie house burn down; and then June-bug goes to live with his cousin and his cousin house burn down; how many of y’all know you should not let June-bug live with you.


Now I looked at this word growth or these two overarching words growth and sustainability. And while I was talking this morning Holy Spirit, as I was talking, He said, look at the first letters Growth and Sustainability. He said, that’s the ‘GAS.’ I don’t want you on a quarter tank of gas, you know and some of you look at the quarter tank and say, oh we got enough to get there. I don’t want you on half tank. How many people want to be on the full, till it overflows.


You ever got your needle pass ‘F’? You ever tried to jam more gas in your gas tank; when it runs over. Turn to your neighbor and say, I got this gas’, because I am going to be in the ‘FLOW.’ It’s divine alignment, so there are additions, there are going to be these additions, because we are under the entire theme of Divine Alignment. We talked about Divine Alignment last month as it relates to your Pastor. You should be in alignment with a pastor. If you do not have a pastor, you are not in the will of God. I’m just talking Bible here. Don’t throw to me your opinion, or your suggestion, don’t even throw to me what you think. Because there is a way that we think is right, but the end of that way is the way of death and destruction. I have learned if I comply or become complicit with the order of God, I am always getting the ‘FLOW’; I am always getting the favor of the laws of a winner.


I have before you an illustration I would like to share with you. (Holding up toothbrush) everyone should own one of these. Much like the Bible everyone should own a Bible. There are certain similarities that goes along with the toothbrush and the Bible. The Bible says, “That this book of the law should not depart from your mouth. But you should study in it day and night.”

Unbeknownst to a lot of people who use this in the morning don’t use this in the evening. Hunch your neighbor and say, that’s supposed to be day and night, day and night”. Something so simple that all of us have, like our Bibles we don’t use properly. Every single morning there are people jabbing this thing in their mouth this way (making back and forth motion) all the time and that’s improper. And if the bristles of your toothbrush are leaned over, cause some people don’t know that this should be changed out, at least every two, no longer than every three months. So, if you jabbing this thing in your mouth and it’s flat, there is no guarantee that…if you are not using the Word skillfully the Bible calls you immature, a child and you are still on milk. I don’t care how long you been in the way, it’s possible that’s all you’ve been, in the way. In the way of your blessing; you’ve been standing in the way of your healing, in the way of your increase, never seeing the desired outcome of the Word of God. How is it, that you are not blessed going in and bless going out? How is it that you are sometimes up, sometimes way down?


Pastor Dewayne: Most people that don’t maximize moments, they always miss a lot of moments that God wanted them to have in their future. That’s why when the Word of God is being ministered, you got to tell yourself I am in a moment. I got to maximize this moment because you are waiting on tomorrow but your tomorrow starting today. Because what you do today you are going to live in tomorrow!! That’s why when Pastor Mike is talking about pressing in to understanding, you got to press in because this world, satan, they don’t want you and I to get an understanding. Because when you get some understanding you will be set free. They want to control you, and you weren’t designed to be controlled. You are a free moral agent and God want you to have liberty. Liberty is not to do what you want to do, its liberty to connect with the people you need to connect with so we can all come together to show this one man named ‘Jesus.’

Shout: What I do today I’m going to live in tomorrow”. So, when you are discussing things like moments there are some things I need you to identify and be attentive to when you are in moments. I have told you for years approach every moment like it owes you something. Don’t sit in moments and miss them. Don’t sit in moments and mess them up, don’t sit in moments and not maximize them. Don’t sit in moments and mask them. But sit in moments and maximize them!

Pastor Mike: Noon Day 2/2/2023

Understand what I just said today. You guys got to understand that you are in moments, divine moments when you are around me! Moments that are orchestrated by the Spirit of God. You aren’t here just because you call yourself no way; the Lord had this girl on His mind long before she got here, and she got here, and God hooked her up. We are missing too many divine moments thinking we are in faith, and we are not. And this is one of those moments, every time you are around me to set yourselves up in the position; because I want you to so desperately get it. If I was keeping you from running off

A cliff; would stop be suffice? No. I got to get your attention, STOOOOPPPP!!! Well, you didn’t have to say it like that. And you are putting more emphasis on my tone than you are putting on my touch. And I need to touch you in a way that the Spirit of God moves in your life because here is what I have noticed in almost thirty years of doing what I am doing right now; there are times when I want for you more than you want for yourself. Can you imagine trying to assist someone who doesn’t want, what you want for them? So, sometimes it’s difficult, but that’s what He, from the foundations of the world established that you would have this divine alignment with a pastor. So, when I talk about having these moments and being alert and attentive in these moments, I am nothing special in and of myself, I am a pretty special guy, but it is not about Mike Freeman, it’s about the order of God that will lead you into another place. It was by design, what did I say, it was by design, that God put a man or women in your life to lead you to another level of life. Because in life we need escorts or ushers to the next level. And so, God has so design for you where you don’t have to do life on your own.


Pastor Dewayne: Hebrews 12:5 (TPT) And have you forgotten His encouraging words spoken to you as His children? He Said, “My child, don’t underestimate the value of the discipline and training of the Lord God, or get depressed when He has to correct you.

You don’t underestimate the value and the training and discipline of the Lord. Do you all not know, do you all not realize that the training and discipline of the Lord is happening right now. And thank God for trainers and such even in the natural.

But God has so designed it that we have trainers in our lives. Look at me as your physical trainer. See a lot of things I did when the trainer isn’t around is almost synonymous to what you do when you don’t come here or attend to the Word, you get kind of lackadaisical. In reading your Word and trainers or pastors are designed to make sure you get maximum productivity out of the pre-ordained life or assignment that God has set up for you. I also found out that having a trainer in the natural could help you avoid injuries. Sometimes in life we are injured because we don’t know how to do the Word when it comes to certain areas of our lives. In other words, we don’t acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways, so we go out and make purchases that causes us financial injuries that cause and last for longer than we would like. So, say it is the pastor that will assist me in having maximum productivity, to avoid injuries and thirdly to have longevity”. You just don’t want to last for a while you want to last long and remain strong. I want your latter to be better than your former. Are you listening to me? You should be growing on a trajectory whereas you go up you never come down. Can I prophesy to you today, where you are is the lowest that you will ever be in your life. Shout: “I ‘m going up!”

Don’t get depressed when He has come to correct you. And I am going to be stepping to you like never before this year in ways of correction. If you were to see the theme of this lesson the overarching theme for all of these lessons is Divine Alignment. But then we are going to have additions. This addition is Pressing into Understanding. Next addition will be Pressing into Renewing Your Mind, the very next addition will be Pressing into Agape and Honor. I am building something her. Pastor Towe, as we were talking about the lesson says, man the way you are building lives you set this up to start with us understanding that you need a pastor. He said and without a pastor you will never create or have the disciplines that are necessary to fulfill everything.


It’s like God has so strategically ordered and I promised you I didn’t know pastor or talking about establishing me as your Pastor was leading into this thing of building your life. I am hearing but not seeing, that’s why you got to obey God without full understanding. He is setting something up for you and you say, I don’t know why I am doing this, just follow God.

Are you hearing what I am saying? So, my assumption is if I am your Pastor or your Trainer, I have now also access to training you and correcting you. In years gone by, Pastor Dwayne will be able to attest to this, I really wanted to be cool with partners. I really wanted you all to know that I’m cool, we can fellowship. But what I discovered is that some become so cool I am just your pal and not your Pastor. And so, when it comes time for me to correct you, you’re looking at me as your friend instead of looking at me as your Pastor. So, it’s difficult to correct people who just put you on the same level. No, it’s not that we are not one or that we are not created equally it’s just that God has a divine order in all things. Even in your homes God said that the husband is the head of the wife. And some of you are bucking that, “ain’t nobody the head of me.” If you got to say you are the head, you are proven already that you are not. For some of you singles who are dating guys, if you see they are out of order now, what makes you think they going to be in order later.


Pastor Dewayne: It’s awesome Pastor Mike because you notice the difference, I am looking at this Word discipline and training. The New King James says, don’t despise the chasing of the Lord. But I am glad in the TPT it breaks it down because there are a lot of people, they think they are really correcting because they tell people their faults. And that’s not divine connection, you will never get me to divinely align where you want me to go if you don’t correct me, show me where I am wrong and point me to the right direction. When we were coming up they would tell you keep on stealing, keep on lying you going to bust hell wide open. They told us what was wrong, but they never did point us into the right direction. And what you are actually doing, when you are correcting someone at the same time you want to show them the right way and that’s what you’re doing. And this was my take on this. Anytime somebody does it that way that’s a sign to me that they love me. It may not sound good it may not feel good what they said after its all over but when they correct me and then point me in the right direction that’s a person that really loves me.

Well, that’s precisely what the scripture is alluding to when he’s talking about this correction. Some unfortunately don’t have anyone in their lives like the Pastor who can provide correction for you. You know who can tell you what to do? You’re the husband, you’re the man but you bark out orders, who can bark orders to you.

I remember when I was in hospital, I was paralyzed from my neck down and I had the fortunate privilege of having the therapist come every single day that was unheard of. And the therapist would come, and he would look at me and assets me and so on, but after being in hospital for three and half months I wanted to go home. The deal was supposed to be in fact if you go home and continue Michael, the therapy at home then we will let you go. And I already had in my mind I am going to go home whether I continue therapy or not. So, I told the man, I am going to continue therapy, we’re going to let the people come to the house.


So, when I got home the very next day guess who knocked on my door, the therapist. DeeDee came back to the room she said the therapist is here. I said tell them I ain’t coming out, you already know. I ain’t going out there I am tired. I need a break. She said Mike, the man is out here, he come all this way, this is for you. I said I am alright, right now Isaac. I just want a little break, give me a little break, alright, brother need a break! You know I kind of raised my voice at her, she said oh, ok, alright, alright.


About three minutes later she come back around with the phone in her hand she said, Dr. Price wants to talk to you. She didn’t have him on hold, he can hear her saying, Dr. Price wants to talk to you. I’m like making motions (why you call him).

So, she snitched. I picked up the phone I said, “yes sir” he said, “I hear you not having such a good time there, Champ.” I said, “no sir” he said, “you know what we got to do; right.” I said, “yes sir” he said, “ok call me back when you finish.” But who can step to you? Why does your wife have to tolerate your temper, your attitude, nobody can tell you what to do. I’m a man! The true sign of a man is to submit to the order of God to lead your house into divine alignment.


Didn’t I tell you this would be the place of correction. Let me tell you this, God loves us all. I wouldn’t talk to you like this if you were the world. Because the world has a different set of rules. But in the kingdom of our God, we have been given a different set of rules. It doesn’t mean you are going to hell! But it does mean you won’t live the good life here on earth.

Pastor Dewayne: You know right there you were talking about, the reason why they love you is because they know that you love them. And to effectively correct someone, love first has to be on the scene, and if love is not on the scene you going to mismanage or mishandle the person. And they really don’t want to see the power of God flow through your life. Because the power only flows when things are in alignment. Help me with this, do you believe God can direct somebody He cannot correct. You know if your leader cannot correct you, they can’t effectively direct you. There are a lot of people when they get corrected, they don’t yield to the correction, then they get off because you are without direction now. And I am wondering, like, how long are you going to see yourself going around in circles? You been seeing the same thing over and over again and this trip that God wants to take us into the promise land is not a long trip. But you keep going around in circles, because when somebody tries to correct you, you run from it, and now you go around in circles, and you see the same old thing. When are you going to get tired of seeing the same thing? You got some that’s just sitting there. You just sit there, how long you going to sit there? When are you going to get up and follow somebody’s directions? Because if they love you, they trying to lead you into a wealthy place. The thing is not hard because all you got to do is look at your leader’s life and if your leaders is not following principles don’t follow them. Because look at this, Jesus came on the scene, and He said I only do what my Father does, and I only say what my Father say. Jesus followed the principles of the kingdom. And if you are connected with Jesus, then your leader ought to follow the principles of Jesus to make it easier for you to follow Jesus. When you follow your leader that’s following the principles of Jesus. This thing ain’t hard we just make it hard. You know why? You want to do it your way.

I can imagine that people are continuously going in circles because they want to always cut corners. All should welcome Gods discipline. As the validation of authentic sonship. For if we have never once endured His correction, it only proves that we are strangers and not sons. How does He do this, through Divine Alignment. He gives us pastors after His own heart. And you should have a pastor that has your heart that literally will share with you the truth of God’s Word. Brother you would want me to tell you the truth.

My father-in-law, Dad he tells a story of a man who was talking to a man out of order. And he kept talking to this other man out of order while my father-in-law was around. And the man just happened to turn to my father-in-law and say, JB this boy ain’t house broken is he. You need to be house broken. You need to be trained.


There’s nothing worse than an untrained wife. Bible says, you would rather be on the roof top of your house than to be in the house with an untrained wife. That’s what I been doing for the last thirty-nine years, I been training DeDe. And DeDe enjoys the training. Absolutely! Vice versa, ladies put your stones down; I love being trained by her. She shares with me things I need to know so there can be harmony and unity in our home. The promise that’s connected to that is, that when you got two touching and agreeing as asking anything, here on earth, it shall be done unto them.


Pastor Dewayne: You been sitting here listen to laws of winners, you got a decision that you got to make, cause the Spirit of the living God has been speaking to you all this time while we been in here. When you go home, on your way home, you need to think of at least one area that God has been speaking to you; and you need to go and start making the corrections, because God has something that He has already set aside that will blow your natural mind. But it cannot be released into your life unless you get in Divine Alignment. There are some relationships you need to correct right away. The day you hear His voice, don’t harden your heart. How do you harden your heart? By moving back away from the word that God is trying to draw you close to Him to do.


Hebrews 12:5 (TPT)

Hebrews 12:6 9 (TPT)