Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment/Growth & Sustainability

Sunday, January 29, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Go to Psalms 27. The Bible says that men’s hearts will begin to fail because of fear. We are not just talking about the soulish man; we are talking about the heart of the physical man. You can be in so much fear that it will affect you physically. The hearts of men are literally failing because it’s just too much pressure. And when you add improper eating habits and a lack of exercise you will create more pressure on yourself physically. These stressors already exist in life and that’s why the Word must be paramount when we talk about divine alignment.

Earlier I spoke about a leader whom I discovered that his wife didn’t have the code to his phone. How can you be connected to me when your wife can’t get in your phone? Now if that’s your arrangement and she doesn’t want to be in your phone and you are okay with her not being in your phone then fine; but if she wants to be in your phone and she can’t have it, dude you’re broken somewhere. Who am I talking to here?

We live alike around here, and the order of God for your home is that you all have a mutual agreement about your phones. If your wife is not in agreement about not having your code she needs it, she should have it.

Elder Soneil: When you know you definitely should know the things that should be in alignment and when one thing is in alignment it provides the opportunity for other things to be in alignment. It’s amazing because sometimes we want to align certain areas and leave other areas untouched. And so, if you want to be in alignment in that department then we should make it a priority in other departments. For example, when you spoke about our wives having access to our phones that’s relatively easy for some people because they are aligned in other areas. Any man that has his head on straight if he wants to turn over at night then in the daytime you might want to get some other things aligned.

Back to Psalm 27, The Lord is my light; shout that “The Lord is my light” and my salvation, look at this – whom if He is my light and my salvation, will, I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; David had some understanding here. I tell you something, the scripture says if you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small (Proverbs 24:10). Strength is synonymous with understanding. When you understand the Word concerning you and the covenant of wealth that you have with your Father then your strength will remain.


I can’t be talked out of the Lord is the strength of my life I understand that in Him I live I even move, and I have my being. Is this clear to you?


The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid, when the wicked came against me; Dr. Price said something to me years ago, he said, “Michael a lot of people who think they are in faith really aren’t.” I heard him say that to me but using the flip-flop method of how he disseminates the Word…A lot of people are in fear and think they aren’t. A lot of people think they are in faith, but they are in fear.


Elder Soneil: You have told us before that faith is acting on what we believe and so what I am hearing you say is that there could be action, but it may not be coupled with the inner peace we are supposed to have. Because fear does this, it causes us to be stagnant. Faith causes us to take action. But even when we take action there must be that corresponding inner peace coupled with that, we are calling faith. So even if we are sitting here today, and you asked why so many people are coming back to the worship services? They are coming back at all of the locations… I am sensing that this is an act of faith because they have been hearing the word of faith, and they are comprehending, therefore, we are seeing the corresponding action.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that fear is driving some people back. It is getting that out of control for you. I heard on the news that a four-year-old walked into a hospital with a gunshot wound by themselves, in southeast DC yesterday. Four-year- old walks into a hospital with a gunshot wound without an adult accompanying him/her. They are teaching children and teachers how to administer Narcan for overdoses and Fentanyl, in schools. They took prayer out of the schools. Next, they are going to start teaching how to put on a bulletproof vest.

Let’s look at Romans chapter 12 in the Message Bible.


I am so thrilled the Spirit of God spoke to me last night He said you did an amazing job setting this thing up for this month so I can be able to use you to take my people to where I need them to go by the end of the year. He said that whole thing you set up about establishing yourself as their Pastor, was magnificent, I mean He commended me.


Then I get a call from Delaware a spiritual daughter there, she just called, and said, “Dad, you’ve been my spiritual father for a long time, the Lord through your lessons this month has instructed me to make you, my Pastor.” Establish that, because I am going to talk about some standards that possibly going to shake you to the core that’s going to make a demand on divine alignment.


The graphics department did a wonderful graphic, of a traffic control guy that directs the planes.


I used to work for Marriott inflight services, and I worked there for years and so we catered planes matter of fact one of the highlights of my job was when I was hanging out at Capitol Center and Earth, Wind and Fire and Emotions were together and I was at the show, doing my thing. So, when I got to work because I had to be at work at

4 am, I just had time to go in the house switch clothes and go right to work. I get to work, and they say, I’m glad you are here because we need you to cater this plane.

Well guess what plane it was Earth, Wind, and Fire, I am out there with Moe and them. I asked them to sign my picture that I took with them that night. While being excited about them, I noticed this plane had pulled up and the guy was not out there to give them directions, and I had watched this enough that I went over and grabbed the two cones. I brought that big bad boy in, true story, I brought that plane in, he didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be there. But listen, I looked, and I watched long enough that I was able to align that plane up. The Spirit of God told me it’s much like what you are doing now. He showed me that the orange cones in the guy’s hands are the Word and the Spirit and if I could get you in alignment with Word and Spirit -I would be able to lead you right into the place that God has predestined because it was designed to line them up so that the jetway would not be too far or too close come out for deboarding.


Turn to your neighbor and say, “if he can lead a plane in then he can lead the people in.”


I will talk about stuff that you’ll may not like, to align your home, especially you men. Like how in the world, you not paying for the babies you made. Why does a woman have to go down to any department to get you to pay Child Support? We going to talk about all this to get you in alignment. Your wife should have access to your phone, and your wife should have access to your finances. Now in some cases like mine, I need access to mine, because DeeDee handles the finances in our home. Soneil, how is your house set up can I probe?


Elder Soneil: Mine is actually set up like yours, I have to ask for access. She is the best person for the job.

That’s what you need in your house the best person for the job. Now, Bubba if you are the best person for the job then go ahead with it. But if she is let her have it and this, she doesn’t know how much you make and she has to borrow money from you? Your house, okay maybe that’s the alignment you choose. But we got this thing called mutual submission in our house when even the children when they were kids, Brittney all of them, Brittney eight years old ask me where I am going. I ‘m saying none of your business. She says no, no everybody knows where everybody goes.

What you want for your lives, and the Spirit of God told me I was right on because you all agree with allowing me to Pastor you.

I felt so good about that last night I can’t begin to tell you because God is this major strategist. Let me tell you how major He is, Isaiah 46: 10 says, He started from the end and then backed up to the beginning. He went all the way to the end of your life; I just went to the end of this year. Over thousands of years ago He went to the end of all of our existence and strategized an end for you. Jeremiah 29 confirms it saying,” For I know the thoughts that I have towards you.” Why not align with Him? What do you want? Do you want your family or your home to look like His home? Yes! All you have to do is align it. So, I will be talking about lesbianism and homosexuality, and fornication. You know there are still Christians shacking? How are you shacking?


No, that’s not alignment! God never wanted you shacking or smashing anybody before you got married. See that’s going to be a standard.


I got bout two or three homosexual sons. One tells me he’s not actually smashing. I get uptight if I see two men kissing on television. But your children are being raised in that environment and some of you may not like me for it because your sons and daughters are participating. And you come against me the one who is holding the standard of righteousness for your alignment when I am trying to help you. I am not coming against you, I got two or three homosexual sons. They know exactly where I stand, and they still love me because of the love that I am sharing with them. They just love me they know and they aren’t going to come over to my house with their Boo and be all Boo–up in my house. My daughters and sons were not able to do that you know I am not going to let two men come in there and Boo up. Two men Booing-up drives me bananas because there are awesome single ladies here and God a lot of the men population is locked up, then you got another big giant population of them wanting another man. I saw five homosexual guys together and I am saying there go five husbands.


You’ll may not like me, but you said I am your Pastor, so I am going to be talking about some uncomfortable issues. Like why can’t your wife know how much money you make? Why can’t your wife tell you when to come in? You come in when you want to as a married man? What kind of stuff is this? And the cat smashing you and what he isn’t married? And that’s okay? John 1: 9 right there. The grace of God! Whose upholding righteousness? We are the light and that’s how you roll? This is not a put down to anybody, for all have sinned.

Just because I have doesn’t mean I am not going to teach against it and you should not be reminded, because the wages of sin is still death. Holiness is still the order of God!


Elder Soneil: In that scripture Pastor that you referenced the second part of it says, “don’t become so well adjusted to the culture that you fit in without even thinking …

You are doing stuff in alignment with this culture that it doesn’t faze you and the conviction of the Holy Spirit won’t bother you any longer because you have made up your mind to be out of line with Him. Then when the consequences hit your house, you want to cry out to God. He said, you will cry out for me in the day of calamity, and I will not hear you. Most people lose battles because they just begin to prepare for the battle the hour the battle begins. That’s the only reason why they lose battles. I’m getting you ready for battles long before a battle. No, it’s your battle! That battle that Jehoshaphat was talking about was the Lord’s battle. There are some battles that you are going to have to fight because He has equipped you. Say, I am ready! I am equipped! Bring it on devil! Some of y”all like nawww I got enough right now Pastor!


Elder Soneil: Pastor Freeman, you just mentioned Jehoshaphat and Jehoshaphat is a really good example of why we need a Pastor. Jehoshaphat was considering going into battle with the King of Israel and he called for all the prophets and those prophets were not of God. But the scripture says they were the prophets of the King. The prophets were being led by a lying spirit. That lying spirit told the King to go out to battle, but God raised up a man. God raised up a man by the name of Micaiah, and he said to the King, listen if you go up you will be scattered on the mountains. That’s what he told him, but we learned that we are the light set on a hill. There is a difference between set and scattered. What’s the difference, it comes by whom you listen to. If you listen to a lying spirit like the one in our culture, you are going to be scattered. If you listen to the voice of God through our prophet, you are going to be set. So, when we are saying don’t become well-adjusted to this culture we are saying don’t be so adjusted to the lies of the culture. The lies are what’s causing the people of God to be scattered. In order for us to be set and be that light we must listen to the truth of God’s Word.

There’s a lying spirit on the earth and it’s seducing many believers. I will be on you about your giving since we are even in that area of aligning yourself. The order of God to prosper you financially is through tithes and offerings. But you are on your own with respect to this, now do whatever you want to do.


I mean you have been doing it this long, how is it working for you? But just imagine if you are doing good without the order of God, how much more would you be doing. I was looking back at 1985 That’s another thing how the heck these grandparents raising all these babies? That’s out of order. I am too dog-goon old to be raising some children, they so get on my dog-goon nerves they are running around and I got a room now I never understood it I understand now, don’t you go in that room they tell each other don’t go in that room. DeeDee and I looked at this thing back in 1985 how long that’s been DeeDee thirty-nine years ago back in 1985 we gave eight thousand dollars to the ministry combined in one year. Today we give over twenty- four thousand dollars in a month. How does that happen? Alignment! We decided to align ourselves with the order of God. How’s that happen? Some of y’all trying to figure out they getting two hundred and forty thousand dollars a month? No, we give way over ten percent because the thing gets so good to us, we out of control. You know money will magnify whatever lives in you. Because we are bonified givers the minute we get more money psst! I am less that forty-nine thousand dollars away from my goal. What did I say I wanted to give? Two hundred fifty thousand dollars, I got two hundred and one thousand dollars in my seed sowing account right now. Can’t wait, it’s like oooh! I never gave two hundred fifty thousand dollars at one time. Do you know what I can go get. And why just set and look at us win like we are winning and you not participating?


Right now, there is passive income running around making money for me and I am standing here. But I align myself with the Word of God. How long you going to wait to do that? Now what you got to understand about that is I don’t give a rat behind about what you give and how you give. Somebody walked up to me Wednesday and handed me a check and said Pastor this my tithes I just wanted to give it. I said why you give it to me why you just didn’t put it in, he said naw, I wanted to give it to you. I opened the check it was for fifteen thousand dollars. I said that’s why you wanted me to see it, he wanted me to see that money. I don’t know what any of you all give. Not one single person. So, it’s like I am looking at you and you may not be tithing and thinking I am talking to you, but I don’t know if you are giving or not.

But why are you always struggling financially, and the alignment will take the struggle out of your life. Why you keep losing jobs, why you keep losing customers, why you keep losing?


You are not protected! You’re a naked believer! The best part about this ministry from day one is that it has never had a financial need. It’s not like I got to come in here and say, man we really need your financial help, we going to go down. If God can’t take care of this, I will shut it down. That’s what my Pastor told me. If God can’t, I already got a house, this is His house. I am just doing my part what Him told me to do. Cause He said He would give me power to get wealth. For what? To establish His covenant! And I am assisting with what He desires being in alignment. What are you not understanding? I don’t care if you don’t give that isn’t going to hurt me! Your money or your giving doesn’t take care of me. My money and my giving take care of me. And some Pastors can’t talk like this because they scared of y’all. Please give I just need y’all to give. I am not ever begging you to line up with the order of God for your life. If I beg you, it would be out of, the face that I just want you to see you have God’s best.


Elder Soneil: Pastor going back to Romans it says embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him. A lot of times we want to help God, but the best way we can help God is embrace what He has done for you. Now, I know you know where God lives Pastor because you have been to the Bahamas. The one thing about the Bahamas and the Caribbean we don’t have this white stuff falling out the sky, this thing you call snow. So, we don’t have seasons. The only way we are able to determine what season, what time of year it is, is based on the fruit that’s coming off the trees. That’s the only way. So, we know for example in the summertime we get mangos, in January you may get coconuts or soursop and all these other fruits. And I am listening to you Pastor and you talking about tithing aligning your life with the financial plan of God. We are talking about aligning our life how marriages are supposed to be set up and you are telling up about the fruit. So, my question is to everyone here today and those watching all around the world, how much fruit do you need to see before you recognize that God has set you in the right place. Because right now you’re in a valley of decision your thinking is this the place for me, should I be someplace else. And I ask the question again how much fruit will you need to see or hear about before you settle your mind that this is the place that God wants me to be.

This is a Stretch Zone; you didn’t just come into an environment to just sit and be comfortable because your growth and your ability to be sustained is based on how you will stretch. Sometimes you can stretch a rubber band and hold it to that place for so long the next time you go use that rubber band has grown. So, the stretching that happening to us today is causing us to be aligned with the plan of God for your life. God has already gone to the end of 23 the end of 24 the end of 25 and He is saying listen, if you will accept what is happening right now. Your future is now, your future is not in the future your future is in the decision you are making right now. We are making decisions based on our future and not our past.

That was powerful. How much fruit do you need to see? When is it cold as far as your finances? When is it ever cold, its burning up. How much fluctuating is the heat on financially. What’s with respect to the romance? I got twelve different life insurance policies for my kids, kids because I am prioritizing. I would like a Mercedes just like y’all. You got all these cars and no kind of covering for your baby’s baby. We got to be detox we got to get our minds aligned that’s all I am saying, I am not trying to jump on anybody. I am like please God get them to see where you want them to go. And he uses vessels, and Soneil will tell you the same thing, Elder Soneil, this isn’t just in my life. Tim can tell you the same thing, his house is aligned. Soneil’s house, Pastor Dwayne’s house, leaders here on staff houses are aligned. I am not the only one.


Dr. DeeDee: This is why when you were talking about how God gave you a vision of who He happen to be even on yesterday, we were talking about God is a major strategist and what you are doing here, I know you are creating the alignment, but you have to give strategy in order to get the alignment. Because something they taught us in school when they talked about strategist. Being a strategist creates three areas, it creates commitment, alignment and it gives direction. So, you come here every Sunday and teaching the Word of God, telling us what the Word of God says, it does, it creates that commitment to the Word. And it will get us in alignment if we take heed to the Word and do it. Because we can come up with all different kinds of strategies that’s never the problem. What’s typically the problem is the follow through. It’s like you hear the strategies you hear the Word of God but if we don’t follow through, we will never get in alignment.


So, I don’t care how much you scream, how passionate you are, how much you fuss and how much you want it badder than we want it, isn’t going to mean a thing. Yah, it creates frustration for you, and we sit here like he is crazy. See its different how God went to the end Isaiah 46: 10 He declared the end before the beginning. How Jesus went to the cross the scripture says, for the joy that was set before Him. He was able to endure. He saw the end; He saw all of us it made it easier for Him. And so, God has given you word that you have seen already manifest for us, you know it will work. So, you are already there, now you backed up and saying, Hay come on, let me take you there! I have fruit! Come on I got the fruit and I know the direction. It’s like come on just follow me.

No family meetings, you haven’t sat down with your wife and your children they don’t know what direction the house is supposed to be going. I am giving you instructions on instructions and instructions.

1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 16 (Msg)

Wow! We used to what? Call our own shots. Independently! How you going to call a shot that is separate from a shot for your lives when you are connected to such a great body. Some of the decisions that I have made in life have not been consistent with being a part of this body its almost the equivalent of baling your fist up and hitting yourself in the eye. Now where should you be put away if you are that much out of control. He has the final say in everything, but He doesn’t have the final say in your house. How do you go and come as you please. Especially you men, you better understand that what you do impacts your whole house. In the Old Testament if the man did something out of order the whole family was drug out and stoned all of them died. Because of the decision the head makes. Don’t know why people don’t care for this kind of teaching anymore. Standard, you would rather just hear, God will do it, He will come through. Just keep smiling He loves you. Yah, He does all of that but at the same time get your tail in order. What use to bother me the most is when I was out of order, I would try to tell my children to be in order. That was the hardest thing, any of you ever felt that. You went around barking out orders but you out of order and you want your children to do something you aren’t doing.

All of us are a part of this body you got to know God placed you here. This has nothing to do with your Mama and them, Daddy, and them your sister or your brother, it has nothing to do with your friends it has everything to do with your knowing God set me here. And because He set you here, He has a perfect plan for you to carry out.