Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment/Growth & Sustainability

Sunday, February 5, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


I’m very passionate about your prosperity and sometimes the problem is I want it more than some of you wanted for yourself and then I gotta contend with you because you don’t want what I want for you. Sometimes I talk like I talk and get so carried away I’m like I need to bring myself down. I need a therapist, but I so desperately want people to have God’s best and sometimes I can come off a little obnoxious, I mean a little almost rude. I’ve been trying to get people to help me say please when I ask for stuff. My grandson, I said, “hey Connor bring me a glass of water” and he just stood there. And, I said “give me a glass of water” and he just looked at me. Then, I said, “oh oh please.” He said, “you’re getting better G.” I wanna do right, God knows I want to do right. I want this level of efficacy, of effectiveness. I want this to infiltrate and permeate your thinking so when you get home you think about man my pastor want me to prosper. I’m gonna fix this.


I need all of you to press into understanding. You don’t have time for tick tock. Tick is already tocking, and time is already elapsing in your lives. You’re yield yourselves to idiotic stuff that’s not improving your bottom line. Now, there are some wonderful things that you can learn from some of these Tick-Tock reels, but all your algorithms consist of somebody rapping, somebody cussing, somebody robbing, somebody laughing, somebody joking, stupid stuff. Look at your neighbor say, “baby you don’t have time for stupid. Stuff is already stupid enough. And, when you press in to understanding, what I’m saying to you, watch this, the only thing you get to keep is what you understand and when you understand these things, you’ll get to keep these principles.

How is it in 1985 we do $8,000 combined and now in 2023 we’re doing $24,000? I’m just trying to tell you the progression. I’m just telling you about a principle and understanding will establish outcomes and fortify strengths and  results. Understanding will cause you to repeat stuff at will. It will cause you to prosper on purpose and it will cause you to silence the mouths of your critics. Yeah, your haters don’t want you to succeed, and you are helping them with the information that you are taking in, so now I want to put you in the position where you can Envision what I’m saying. Embrace what I’m saying and execute what I’m saying. Remember, always remember, I’m not just teaching lessons, I’m building your life. I’m building your life through every word that’s coming out of my mouth. It is your responsibility not to just sit here like a bump-on-a-log, but be it attentive. I want your attention to be so engaged whereas you will be prepared to teach this by Wednesday. You don’t understand it if you can’t teach it and I’m not teaching you just to teach you, I’m teaching you to do what class? Make teachers.


On the way here Dr. Jones was saying I just take your lessons and I’m teaching them. I said oh my God, OMG. SMH. This is the whole Divine Alignment. It’s the order of God. It’s the order of God for you to come gather your families, teach you, and in turn you teach your families, and your families teach other families. But, if you just sit here to punch your Sunday go to meeting card and you’re not engaged in this plan that God has, because this plan was put in place long before your Mom and your Daddy got together. And, that’s why you really got to understand. Get an understanding of what you’ve been hearing because understanding draws out what you put in. Without understanding of what you put in it’s hard for you to draw it out. That’s why the devil comes after the word. With trials tribulations he really wants to see if you understood what you heard, and he can tell if you don’t act on what you believe. Then it’s letting him know that you didn’t have any understanding and he will keep you in that position all the time.


Pastor Dewayne: And I like what you said on this morning. You said that we have to recognize divine moments when we’re in his presence because if you don’t recognize, like this right here is a divine moment, and you’ve got to make sure that you are giving your ears to hear because there are a lot of people that are here but they’re not giving their ears, and if you don’t give your ears to hear, you will never increase in life.

And this is the place where you should be coming so you can get some words, and with those words you can get some understanding, and you go out and change the world that you’re living in.

You can’t have a good year without a good ear. You can’t even spell year without ear in it, and your ear is going to determine your year, but you’re lending your ears, friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears. Our God needs your ear.


Hebrews 5:12 For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the [a]oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food.


Proverbs 24:10 If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.


When you get to understand this, this is going to create a strength in you that you haven’t even realized yourself. If I could ever get you to ever meet and come to know the person that God has already established you to be, I mean the one from the foundations of the world, you wouldn’t spend so much time, money, and efforts with your therapist, and we’re in a therapist generated society. I gotta go see my therapist. You’re exalting a therapist over the word of God. Now, I’m not opposed to therapy. God knows I need it. Thank God I live with a Psychology major, and she examines me on the low low. Sometimes I see she’s sneaking evaluations from time to time. Baby how are you feeling? Don’t throw that psychology voice on me. But there are times in our lives when we are yielding to societal popularities that it snatches away from the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father.


How does your therapists get more time than God? My therapist said. When you gonna tell me what Jesus said? I’m not opposed because every year what did I just say we have? A mental health awareness month. And all of these counselors and therapist and psychiatrists and psychologists that are partners with this ministry, we come together because this ministry is a whole man ministry. It’s spirit, soul, and body. If I can’t get your soul right, I’ll never be able to get your life right. And your emotional unstableness is being generated out of your thoughts.

This year I think maybe next I’m entering into thoughts, because as a man thinketh. And I got to get your thoughts aligned with the word of God but you’re making it real difficult when you keep wanting to see reruns of Martin and Gun Smoke. You’re giving more attention to Lifetime, you’re giving more attention to sports, and Xbox than you got the word of God.


Pastor Dewayne: Yes, it’s amazing though Pastor Mike. You can tell when people have some understanding of something. I remember when in the Old Testament there was a time where the word of God was rare. They weren’t getting the word. But all of a sudden a man of God opened the book, and the Bible said he gave them some understanding, and when he gave them some understanding, all of a sudden joy entered into place and this is what they said. The joy of the Lord is our ability or our strength. Notice people who have understanding. They always have strength. People who have understanding about what they’re doing and what they have, they know you cannot stop them. People who have understanding of what they know, watch this, if you take what they have, they can easily get it back again, because you didn’t take what it took to get it (understanding)

Absolutely. I thought that was so powerful because you keep going to your survival support groups and they ain’t talking about the Bible, your drug rehabilitation meetings, and they ain’t talking about the word and God never called us to survive. He called us to conquer, for he called you more than conquerors. You’re not surviving anything. When I was on drugs, many years ago, 42 plus years ago, I didn’t go sit at no drug rehab meeting. I’m not putting you down if you do. It’s the will of God he put in place when I couldn’t even handle my own health. God put doctors in place. I’m alive because of medicine. Doctors are you hearing what I’m saying? I would have died without their assistance. I needed something for my physical body. But, God got my soul. Come on B. Come on Queen Bee. You can’t break my soul and without understanding the devil will break your soul down. You’ll lose strength because he broke your soul. Strength is synonymous with understanding. Go to Proverbs 24. The Bible says if you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small. It is equivalent with your understanding.

This most unfortunate incident happened in my family. My boy is in his bed, 5:30 in the morning someone comes to his house steal his car and around the back of his house he hears noise. He goes to check it out and they shot him twice, 5:30 in the morning. I’m up because I got to use the bathroom a couple of more times now and I’m like who’s shooting?


Forty seconds later my phone rings and this fear tries to introduce itself. I pick up the phone and it’s my daughter Brittney, as cool as the backside of your pillow. She says, “Hey Dad, Josh has just been shot.” This time Dr. DeeDee is up and she’s hearing it. She jumps right out of bed and said we got this. No, she didn’t see murder. She didn’t hear shot and killed. Her soul saw no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We got this! Your responses will come out of your understanding, but you’re yielding your thinking and your soul to other things and not building yourself up on your most Holy Faith in the word of God, Ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you in the day of adversity you’re going to shrink.


One of my sons in the ministry called me on last night he said hey Dad my mom just transitioned and out of nowhere and I said, “Outstanding, man it’s a great thing she got out of that disease-riddened body, because I asked them months ago what does she want to do and she said it Is Well with My Soul. I lived a long life. I fulfilled my purpose. I’m ready to go see God. And, we’re sitting around crying and I said outstanding and he said, “Yes Sir!” And we cried out of that outstanding and that jubilant Spirit of knowing to be absent from the body…


I was at my mama’s bedside hours before and then they told me after I left for a Saturday meeting, “Hey, your mother’s transitioned”. I said “glory to God.” Sure, the natural inclinations will be there, but I’m not going to succumb to that which is natural. I’m not gonna grieve like the world, like the word says for those who have no hope. This can only come out of understanding. You get an attack at your house. Oh no, he didn’t know. The devil tried it. You see that’s gotta come from somewhere and just like every morning when I squeeze my toothpaste container whatever’s inside of it comes out. I was brushing for a long time with my electric toothbrush with no understanding and some of y’all got something as simple as a toothbrush and you’re going in your mouth every morning just like this no understanding.

You haven’t been taught to brush your teeth like you sawing a piece of wood. Toothbrushing goes like this, up and down, and he just told me just a couple of weeks ago. You got an electric toothbrush? How do you use it? I said, “it’s not up and down?” What do you think he said? Just hold it on your tooth and let the brush do the work. It will take a little longer, because I put it on the tooth and then overlapping on another tooth. When are you gonna let the word work and you relax? Just set the word on. Put the word put a word on it.


Some of y’all don’t even know simple things like brushing your teeth morning and night. Your toothbrush the bristles are laying over like this and you don’t even know it should be changed at least every two or three months. And you’re trying to get some efficacy either for toothbrush I’m telling you how we use things are minimal in our thinking, but it’s working against you all the way down to a dog on toothbrush because you have no understanding. And that minute minimum to the word of God being applied to your Life. I want all my teeth to last until I say goodbye and I’m going to say goodbye. No man is taking my life. I ain’t going out by no accident bullet. You don’t know what’s gonna happen? Oh yes, I do! A thousand shall fall at my side, ten thousand at my right hand…That’s what the word says and you’re exalting the news over the word and it’s so subtle. Some people ain’t left the house yet, still Covid. I ain’t taking that shot, they trying to kill us. I think it’d take more faith to take the shot. Whatever you choose. You’re gonna have to stay in the word with or without a shot because it ain’t the shot that’s keeping you alive. It’s another shot. I get shot up with the word. I throw them back daily. Take that shot.


Pastor Dewayne: In The Message Bible if you fall to pieces in a crisis there wasn’t much to you in the first place. Now that’s amazing because everybody is sitting and they’re listening to the words of God that are being taught on this morning. The wild part is this, there are different types of hearers in here, there are different types of ground in here, and God is not the one that is setting up the ground. He leaves that up to you and I. It’s amazing that there are some people that are listening to the word right here, and it’s falling on the wayside because you got so much other stuff in your mind right now, and if you don’t start maximizing moments and taking advantage of moments, moments are going to take advantage of you later. And there’s some people, you hear it and you get excited about it but that’s as far as you’re going.

You ain’t gonna go home and get in the word and when tribulation and trials come you’re gonna cave in and give up. But then there’s a group of people in here that’s going to give some weight to the word of God and they’re going to say I’m not going to lean to my own understanding, but in all my ways I’m going to acknowledge God and he’s going to direct my path. You’re going to see fruit coming from those lives and I’m telling you on this morning, I’m telling you, you better make sure that you are doing a self-examination on yourself to make sure. I’m sitting here and I’m telling my mind we’re going to get this and we’re going to produce the fruit and come back and show our man of God that I’ve been listening by the fruit that I’m bringing back. Come on let’s just thank God up in here one time. Maximize the moments. You’ve got to maximize every moment and the moments that you don’t maximize, are the same moments that’s going to come back.

Pastor Mike did an illustration with some water, and he put a little drop (of dye) in it. And it was under a flow of water, and all of a sudden because it stayed under the flow, it just removed the dye that was placed in there.

See that’s a flow. If any challenge comes in your life, if you get a bad report that thing was dropped into your life, but know this, you’ve got a flow that’s going on in your life. I got an acronym for flow following laws of winners, and as long as you stay in this stream, as long as you stay in this vortex, if you will, as long as you stay in this flow, every problem that comes over into your life will soon be cleared up. However, if you take yourself out of the flow of life and the word, the same problems will invade your life very slowly and suddenly.


This was just something I was thinking at home. It was like show and tell because I can show you sometimes better than I can tell you. The problem here is a lot of people get used to living in these conditions and you adjust your focus based upon the dark times and not the clear times. You’re so used to not being under the word that you think you’re all right. But it’s not until you place yourself back under this FLOW (Following Laws of Winners). Jesus is a winner, your pastor is a winner, shout and tell your neighbor ‘I am a winner’!


Pastor Dewayne: And you know something, when you look at the problems and see that the devil can’t create anything, he just reverses everything, God knows that problems were never designed to stay in one area. Now once he dropped that dye in that water, it wasn’t designed to stay in one area. All of a sudden it started filling up that whole cup, and if you don’t stay up under the flow I’m telling you when trials and tribulation come, they’re designed to take you out. But, I’m telling you when you stay up under the flow and the spirit of the Living God (what’s that flow following laws of winners) and I’m telling you that’s what we’re doing. We’re coming in here getting principles, we’re coming here getting laws and when we’re going to take those laws out into our home and we’re going to win in every area of our lives.

This was God’s original intent from the beginning that there be a Divine Alignment and because of time I can’t continue. I got more teaching than I got time, but before the foundations of the world God knew you. please join me at nightcap so I can go over and revisit some of these things, but these alignments are equivalent to flows because once it gets on the head, guess what it does? It flows down. They’re almost the equivalent of vibrations.


They’re all different kinds of vibrations in the Earth. As a matter of fact, as a little kid we had an electric football game. We carried our men around in our pencil boxes. So, you brought your team with you, tucked under your arm, and they had little cotton footballs that you would tuck under their arms, and you would paint the men the color of your team. You would paste on the number that you wanted them, and on the bottom of their base, they had little adjustments where you could set them in the direction you wanted them to go. And, when you turn on the board the board was designed to vibrate all the men (demonstrating men vibrating).


You understand when you’re connected to certain frequencies their vibrations, they’re pulling you. How in the world are you going to expect a praise 106 or praise 104 to be playing music like they have on WHUR, but you’re not going to hear the same music on that frequency. You can’t get the frequency of promises when you stay on the frequency of problems. How in God’s name are you going to hear and have this Vortex or have this flow of promises when you’re on the wrong frequencies.

It’s time, time to make that change, we are the people that can do it!