Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Pressing Into Understanding Sunday, March 12, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


I brought some things with me today, Pastor Wayne, I want you to follow my lead in this because every Sunday all across the world, I observed something that’s really got my attention. Any fishermen here? (Bringing in fishing rods and tackle boxes) What I have noticed every Sunday people come in here for either that (the fishing rod) and/or either this (fish sandwich.) I stopped by McDonalds and got a fish sandwich. Yah, it troubles me and bothers me to no end that based upon my observation most people have been after this, (pointing to the fish sandwich.) They have been after this; they want someone to feed them opposed to taking the pole and doing the work to feed themselves for the rest of their lives. You’ve heard this, what would you rather, would you rather someone just give you a sandwich, or you rather someone teach you how to fish and get all the sandwiches you can ever have. So, I thought I would try to bring this home to you and make it clear.


Now I would give these sandwiches out and its one in each box, did you get a tackle box? Get a tackle box because I am not just going to give you a rod, I am going to give you the line, weights, and hooks as well. It’s probably enough in here for you to catch about three fish, then you out you on your own. But it’s like which would you rather, and based upon my observations, I have noticed that a lot of people just want sandwiches.

Pastor Dewayne: It’s amazing, the same way with Jesus, our salvation, there is a lot of people going after the promises that the person Jesus have provided, but they don’t want to practice the principles that the person Jesus practiced. And it would be to your benefit to get the thing that produced the promises instead of going after the promises and don’t have nothing after that. So, I don’t need anybody to feed me and give me a handout cause your hand may not be able to be out when I need it. Because my emergency is not your emergency and so I need to be able to practice the same principles that you are practicing so I can produce those same harvest.

So, then I want to segue into Ecclesiastes 5:1 MSG. Now this is probably as hyped as I am going to get today. I am opening up a new series of lessons because in January what did I present to you all. I presented pretty much, opportunities for you to leave. In other words, go find your Pastor. Because if you are not going to receive from me, and I can’t tell you what to do then I am not your Pastor. Do you understand? So, every Sunday at the end of my lesson I made an appeal for you to come and to leave and you stayed. Indicating to me that you have received me as your Pastor, for at least this year. Turn to your neighbor and say, and you can’t leave until January. That also goes for Brandywine and Baltimore. So, there are some things I am going to be sharing with you that’s possibly going to be quite abrasive. They are going to be possibly cage shaking. I want to rattle your thinking; I want to cause you to rethink what you have been thinking. I want to provoke (def. to stir up purposely) you and I want to provoke (def. to provide the needed stimulus for) you into another level of living. So, I talked about leaving in January. I talked about in February pressing into this understanding of divine alignment. What can come out of your understanding Gods’  order  for  His  people.  Because  whether  you  know  this  or  not,  this pastor/partner thing is the order of God. I’ll go as far as saying, if you do not have a Pastor, you are not in the will of God. Say amen to that! Do you believe that? Look at your neighbor say, neighbor if you don’t have a Pastor, you are out of the will of God!

I am not interested in you joining the church because when you receive Jesus Christ as Lord you did that. Because if the truth be told and the truth should be told you should be a lot further along in life than you are. And why are you still where you are in life when…Let me tell you something there are people who have been born again for twenty years and not changed at all.

The only thing that’s changed is eternal life from eternal death. Because you can live as a believer for twenty years and not have your mind renewed and you will live the same old life that you have been living all the time. That’s why in renewing your mind and talking about renewing your mind I told them to come up with some kind of catchy title and we set there and pitched it back and forth we ended up with ‘Brain Washing.’ It’s a negative connotation especially when it comes to ministry, “Y’all going down there let that man brainwash you.” And the truth of the matter is, your brain really needs washing.


The way you’ve been thinking, the decisions you’ve been making! Look at your neighbor say, you can use a through brain washing; I can tell. And then they put soap in the master’s hand so we can make sure we get all the stains out. I am going to share with you why your mind needs to be renewed and the importance of it. Remember I am not just teaching lessons I am building lives. Got it! Month after month I am strategically by the Spirit of God, orchestrating these lessons so that you can build your lives upon. So, I’ve got a Pastor, now I am going to press into understanding this divine alignment; I must get my mind renewed. Here we go, the next subject will be “Words” following that will be “Agape and Honor” following that will be “A Spirit of Excellence.” The Lord has laid out every part. You said, you are going to let me be your Pastor, I am going to Pastor you. You remember I gave you the word that I will be making millionaires this year. Inside of your compliance to this divine alignment millionaires will be made. That would be a good time to shout!


If you set here and do as you are taught you are going to get excited, but it won’t be in these seats, it’s going to be at the mortgage lending place when they tell you, you don’t need any money down. And you’ve got a low interest rate, you understand; where you can keep the house you have now instead of selling it. You know, I don’t want you to shout here, I want you to get to the car dealership lot, I would highly suggest Banister Ford. And they tell you somebody just dropped by here because they knew you were coming, and they put a car aside for you so you wouldn’t have to pay for it? That’s where I want you to shout, I want you to shout after, you and your wife have a decent conversation that you haven’t had in years. I want you to shout when your children come home with good grades.

I am not interested in your shouting here I am more interested when you get home and literally have your light bill paid thirty days in advance. Shout: “He wants you to shout at home!”

Ecclesiastes 5:1 MSG

Pastor Dewayne: It’s amazing because if you want anything to be in alignment you’ve got to first erase what was already there. You know…when I take my car in to be aligned some numbers will come up to tell them how I been driving. They erase that out. It’s like even in the military when you get off the bus they say if your mother and your father really love you, they wouldn’t have let you come to this place. I am going to erase what I don’t want you to think about… man they get in your face they tell you forget about how you use a gun before. You don’t even think about what they’re trying to do; they’re trying to erase all the stuff so they can put something else in so everybody can be in divine alignment. Watch this, so everybody can get the same results.

Quite frankly, a lot of your thought today should be deleted. So, the Bible says, watch your step when you enter God’s house. Now we know this building is not God’s house and I want you to get that out of your vocabulary. Shout: “This building is not the house of the Lord!” See, this revelation and you’re embracing the Word of God is going to cause you to live like you ought to live. Classic point and case, a guy, and I told you this story before, it blesses my life and its worth repeating, he was out in front of the Temple Hills campus, and he was smoking a cigarette and it was cold as all get out…I said, hey man, come on in here. He says, I am trying to smoke my cigarette. I said yah, I know come on in, smoke it in here. He looked at me with the weirdest face like man are you kidding. I said, I am the Pastor, it’s alright, come on in here. And he looked at me it was so weird and was like man I can’t smoke in the house of God. And that’s exactly what he is doing outside. Your body is God’s house, so whatever you wouldn’t do in here you shouldn’t be doing in there. You already are!


See you don’t have the revelation. The revelation isn’t setting you free that causes you to have the victory that you should have out there. Can I go a little further! He says watch your step when you enter into God’s house. Enter into fellowship? Enter in to make hookups? Enter into worship? Enter in to sing praises?

Now, all of those for mentioning things we do in this building but principally the reason why you ought to be coming into this building is to learn. And watch this the majority of people who come in here don’t. You have no learning apparatus you don’t have anything put together, you never hear the lesson over again, so subsequently you hear this one time and forget about it. You have gone through the motion and no increase has come as a result of your entering in here. Like for instance, when you leave here there should be a highlighted point or principle that you put to work the minute you leave this building. You should even get in your car and talk to the people in the car about exactly what you have learned so you can create this retention that when the enemy comes for it you are able to regurgitate this word and grow thereby.


Pastor Dewayne: Most of the time when you look at it, if people come you will get a revelation that when I come in here, I come here for the purpose to learn. And I think like priest like people, and I don’t think people, even with some priest, some pastors and then with some people, I don’t even believe they really got an understanding of what our gathering is all about. Our gathering here is not about entertainment, our gathering here is not about talking about what the world is doing! Our gathering here is about empowering the people so that when they grow up; so that when they leave this place, they can represent Jesus. There are a lot of people misrepresenting Jesus outside because when they come to the gathering nobody is teaching them how to learn and go. So, I am telling you, that’s why when you come here you got to keep your ears open, keep your heart open because the Spirit of the Living God is piece by piece by piece. He is building something because He wants to do something mighty out there in the world, but the world is looking for the real people. And if we are not getting information here, how in the world we going to represent the Jesus out there that we been talking about. Not the Jesus of the Bible because if you’re going to talk about the Jesus of the Bible, you better come in here and learn of Him. Jesus, himself said, if you come after me the first thing, I want you to do is learn of me.

Growth and Sustainability are the words that I literally put before you, and what you actually saw in that illustration of the fish sandwich and the rod; one represented growth but the other represented growth and sustainability. Can you see that? I don’t want you to just grow but I want your growth to be sustained.

I don’t want you loaded today and broke tomorrow. I don’t want you on top today and not to be found tomorrow. My Pastor who got filled with Holy Spirit I believe was 1973, and his life had been on an upward trajectory since that time because he took the principles of God’s Word and never saw another broke day in his life. Shout: “I will never be breaking not another day in my life, after I have applied the principle that I have used!” Now, this growth and sustainability the acronym, GAS. I want you to have the GAS. And I told you, I ask a lot of you, actually I ask all of you to send to me grow and sustainability tips. A lot of you probably aren’t aware of that because I asked at Bible Study. I told you I am principally setting up your lives from Sunday to Wednesday; from Sunday to Wednesday teaching that you should not miss a moment around this construction zone. This is the stretch zone; this is the area we come in and learn. So even if you can’t join me at noon, you can join me at midnight. Shout: “There is no reason for me to ever miss Bible Study another day in my life.” Because Wednesday Bible Study can be viewed on Thursday evening. How bad do you want this rod? Or you just settling for a sandwich.


I want the rod, I want the boat, if I could take the ocean home with me where I wouldn’t have to leave the house. And I have that now, so all I have to do is go out the back yard or I can go out the front, I live on a peninsula in the Bahamas. I can go out the front door and fish or out the back door and fish, out the side of the house and fish because I have now brought the ocean to my house…Beause I got the revelation of the power that Holy Spirit has given me from the beginning. Genesis chapter one, that He has given me dominion over all the fish of the sea. So, I go to the edge of the water and say fish cometh to me now!


As your Pastor goes and you are in line…here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept you may not want everything I have in my life. It’s required of me; it’s necessary for me to have the things I have. Millions of dollars…I have it, it should be required of you to have millions of dollars, I’m not talking in assets. I’m not talking about in stuff. You should be able to go to the bank and get half million dollars out right now. You are the blood bought, blood washed children of the Most High God and you can’t participate in a hundred dollar offering. We got to fix this, and somebody’s got to provoke you without you getting mad at them trying to tell you what God says you should have. What God says you can be. And what God says you can do.

I am saying I have gone over into this promise land life, and I see the fruit of the life and I am coming back with the grapes. Yessss indeed! It flows with milk and honey. I need some partners to help me with this overload. But I am not going to keep giving my grapes out.


Pastor Dewayne: That’s the reason why I love it so much; and that’s why people need to make sure that when, you know Pastor Mike was talking about God has strategically given him somethings to teach us, I am glad we are getting to this renewing of the mind process because a lot of people don’t even know when their mind is being attacked. And if you don’t know when your mind is being attacked, how do you protect it. There are some people in the building and there are some people outside the building they’re sitting ready to hear the Word, then all of a sudden, they let their phone or other stuff distract them. And they don’t even know right then their mind is being attacked. Like they may be at home watching, and they get up and answer another phone or go get something to eat. They don’t even know their mind is being attacked. I am telling you this renewing of the mind is going to do two things. It’s going to show you how to protect your mind from problems, but it’s also going to show you how to produce the promises of God in your life. That’s why you’ve got to be so excited and not miss any lessons. You’ve got to make sure that you are in the place, but the only way you are going to get in place you got to be able to take control of your own mind.

There is this urgency, and this understanding that I must get into you as much as

I can. And even on you before the next shaking of this earth takes place. If you thought the pandemic was something the next is going to be even worse. Okay, only with your eyes shall you behold and see the harvest of the wicked. Now this is only applicable to those who are leaning in to learn. I have been sharing some principles with you, like getting out to debt, because of the Word of God. Saving and sowing, getting involved in the super Sunday, all of those things, its strategic. It’s design to cause you to be able to leverage every attack that comes in your life. I have only been sharing with you what I have in my seed sowing account to encourage you. I can’t wait to sow the largest seed that DeeDee and I have ever sown at one time, a quarter of a million dollars. If I was in it for the money, why would I bring it?

Okay you’re going to have to eliminate and totally extinguish some of the junk you have picked up from the world, that’s why your brain needs to be washed, that’s why your mind needs to be renewed. And I want to take you through these processes as it relates to the renewing of your mind so you can overcome in every area. The two hundred fifty thousand I am going to sow; I would sow without you knowing it. The only reason why I am sharing it with you is because here is what the Bible says, we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. That would have been unfathomable for me to do some years ago, but because of these principles and if DeeDee and I can do it, I promise you anybody can do it.


Revelation 11: 15

Every time I open up a series, I’ve got to lay this foundation because I have to latterly distinguish something for you. Verse 15 says, then the seven angles sounded and there were loud voices and loud voices in heaven saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever’.” So, there is a distinction between the kingdoms of this world and the kingdoms of our God.


Matthew 6:33

It’s a familiar passage of scripture but I want you to go because you know too much. I don’t want you to just already know it because the Spirit of God can breathe new understanding and new revelation on something you have known for years. Because I want to distinguish…divide for you that there are two and completely separate kingdoms. These are world systems and governments and ways of doing life. You’ve got to understand that! And in this particular hour, my son Kevin, he texted me on the way here from 8:00 am (service), he said Dad, this is so amazing because in this hour people are going to have to decide what side they are on. Now you said Jesus, but we can’t tell by your life.


But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; He just said seek first. So first connotes and denotes obviously there are other things that we can seek. He just said stop by my office first.

Seek first the kingdom of God; before you go and hook up with that cat. Before you get hooked up with that chick, or accept that job or buy that car, buy that home, or beat your children or whatever you do, just ask God about it.


One time I was on my way, I think to jump, Brittney, I said, hey let’s make this deal, if you just decide that you want to be obedient to the rules of this house you will never have to go through this again. One time Josh cut up and I was about to spank him, and the Lord said, “take him to Toys-R-Us.” See you’re doing stuff because that’s what you know to do, and the Bible is warning us not to be so wise in our own eyes but acknowledge Him in all our ways. Somethings we do germane to parenting that our parents did to us that we think that’s the way to parent our children. And we never ask God.


2 Corinthians 6: 14 -18 TPT

Pastor Dewayne: It’s like if you don’t renew your mind, it’s impossible for you to serve, or serve the way your leader wants you to serve. Even in ministry you see a dividing line and it never should have been. God never gave us options. But sometimes when there is a breakdown from your spirit to your soul, we see a lot of options. We see excellent over here, then average here and nothing there so when a new person joins, they’ve got a lot of options when they never should have options when it comes to service. When we are divinely aligning with each other everybody should be doing the same thing. And every first-time guest that comes through the door will experience the same thing they would as if they met their Pastor because they met you and when they met you, they met the Pastor.

Verse 14. “Don’t continue to team up with unbelievers in mismatch alliances, for what partnership is there between righteousness and rebellion. Who could mingle light with darkness?”

It’s already making it clear that there is a difference here, He said don’t continue to team up with unbelievers in mismatch alliances. This was the question that kind of got me, and I thought I had an answer. Watch this: who could mingle light with darkness? And when I saw that I saw a dimmer switch.

Where you could dim that thing just enough where you are not completely out, but neither are you completely light. And you’ve got so conditioned to this world culture. I think there is an Unplugged Tour going…where you’ve got to unplug from putting a little bit of the world and a little bit of the light together where you become comfortable lukewarm or at best dim. Turn to your neighbor and say, disconnect your dimmer switch!

Because ladies and gentlemen, there is no demilitarized zone. There is nothing

in-between, there is no purgatory. No, you can’t be in the middle in this day and hour. You’re going to be all light or you going to be all darkness. You’re going to be a friend of God or you’re going to be an enemy of God. But you have become so condition to playing in-between. You’ve given the world a little bit of this and a little bit of that and we can’t quite figure out whose side you really on. But yet, you lift up holy hands in the sanctuary, but you lift up the same hands in the club. There’s nothing wrong with the club, you’re not going to hell because of the club. But how in God’s name are you going to represent righteousness when they see your hands up in the club and never see your hands up in the church? People are going to be confused about your witness and your testimony.


Pastor Dewayne: Pastor Mike, it’s like you said, from the very beginning God wants to see a distinction between holy and unholy.

He wants to see a distinction somewhere because if a revival breaks out in the club and you got your hands up in the club, how are they going to know who to run to? But I am telling you, I’ve got my witness in a witness protection plan. And I am protecting my witness because if they saw me doing it, it’s going to be established as being alright. And I clearly want to define it. But it’s a new day it’s not the same as when you all were coming up. Let me tell you, cultures have changed but there is one thing that’s not going to change. The Word of God remains forever!


There is an approved narrative by this culture and this society in this twenty-first century, that’s deliberately opposing the order of the Kingdom of God. A Reverend Dr. Calvin Robertson of Oxford Union Society said, if the world is against the truth of my God’s kingdom well then, I am against the world. You’re going to have to draw the line and make a distinction.

What’s so ironic is that you know you going to heaven anyway. Because He has dealt with the sin issue as far as you are concern once and for all. No that’s not what you have been raised on because my father and my pastor and other pastors had me so afraid of God that if I was lying when Jesus returned, then I was going to hell.

And your eternal life is not based upon your behavior, it’s based upon your acceptance of the free gift; Jesus. I don’t care how righteously you live on your best day it’s as filthy as a dirty rag. You wouldn’t qualify if you crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘I’, you wouldn’t qualify at all. But because He sees you through the eyes of Jesus! So, then why should I keep His commandments? He said, if you love me. See it’s a love thing, it’s a love thing! I don’t sin because I love God not that He is going to send me to hell. I love Jesus, I will obey His Word, because I love Jesus! It’s a love thing! Hunch your neighbor and say it’s a love thing. And you been trying to be very legalistic, you been trying to keep rules and regulations; you might as well go back under the law. You are not getting this kind of teaching everywhere, so that should relax you. And I kind of think that’s why He didn’t tell us when he was coming back.


Pastor Dewayne, why do you think Jesus didn’t tell us when He was coming back?

Pastor Dewayne: Jesus made this statement, He said, I no longer call you servant I call you friend. Then He said, and friends tell each other everything. And the minute God heard that He said I’m not telling Jesus when He’s coming back because He going to tell them. And you know them they going to cut up until the day before, then they going to say forgive me of all my sins. (Hands raised) Beam me up Jesus, beam me up!

And you know what, you’ve got to ask yourself, if I knew that Jesus was coming back this Friday would I live like a whoremonger until that day, would I go rob a bank? Would you do all of those things right up to His coming? Well then, I would like to submit to you; you don’t love Him. (Singing, I love Jesus, you don’t love Jesus, what’s wrong with you?) Listen to what He said, if you love me. That’s all this is about, you don’t commit transgression because you love Him. Not because He going to beat you over the head. Grace has covered all of that; but this grace understanding has caused a lot of you’ll to go buck wild. Because you got this revelation that I am going to spend eternity; well why didn’t you just go to be with Him when you got saved. He expected for you to stay here and be separate from this world so that those in the world would have a light…a light that sits upon a hill, a city that cannot be hidden, and they would know where to run to in the mist of trouble.


But they don’t even know that you are born again, because you’re cussing like them, you smoke like them, you’re clubbing like them. How can we distinguish it?


Verse 15. ”And what harmony can there be between Christ and Satan? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? What friendship does God’s temple have with demons? For indeed, we are the temple of the living God, just as God has said, I will make My home in them and walk among them, and I will be their God and they will be my people.”

Verse 17. “For this reason, ‘Come out from among them and be separate,’ says the Lord. “Touch nothing that is unclean, and I will embrace you. I will be a true Father to you, and you will be my beloved sons and daughters,” says the Lord Yahweh Almighty.”

Ladies and gentlemen, there are only really two families represented here on planet earth. That’s the family of God and the family of Satan. You are in one or the other. There is no in-between. Jesus once stated to a group of people who were standing around and He began to minister to them, and He looked at them and said you are of your father the devil. So, when people say, our father we got to figure out, which one? Which one? Who your daddy is?


Based upon your actions, Satan is your father. Based upon your confession God is your father. Which side are you going to live on? This is the hour that the light becomes the light. That the church be the church. That people can clearly see there is a dividing line. Now you’ve got to be led by the Spirit.