Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Words

Sunday, July 23, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Pastor Mike: I want to show you some things because quite frankly I am not sure that you have availed yourselves to the lesson that I taught on Wednesday noon. I cannot overemphasize the fact that it is important for you to get in front of these lessons, and it is not enough to just hear them once in many cases.

I cannot tell you how many times I will listen to and watch the lessons that I teach. I learned so much from what I am sharing because a lot that I share I am not even aware that I am sharing it.

There are a lot of things that you can think you have heard while you are sitting here, but there are a lot of things that you definitely will miss and it happened to be the linking ingredient to the successes that you are believing God for and your answer was in that you set before and was not as attentive as you should have been.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know what? For God knows the thoughts that He thinks toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Go to the King James version because I want them to see something in particular. King James says, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, read on thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Now I have never deduced in my studies as it relates or germane to this end as a future and denotes or connotes conclusions ends typically are not germane to future well it can be, and it is apparent because He has an expected end for you so at the end of your life which is consistent with future He already knows where you should be.

Shout this “I want the expected end He expects of me!” And just because He has an expected end does not mean you are going to have the end that He expects. There is a role in this righteous relationship that you and I have to cooperate with in order to have His expected end. I do not want my mama’s expected end, I do not want my supervisors expected end, I certainly do not want my enemies expected end, I do not even want the person sitting next to me expected end of me I want God’s expected end of me. So, if I am planning to have God’s expected end of me, I am going to have to get with Him to see what He’s expecting.

I cannot be separate and apart from Him and come up with the end that He expects of me and ladies and gentlemen when I tell you I am on it. I am so on God’s expected end for my life. That is why I told you on yesterday I am not just trying to win in life I am intending on dominating. Shout “I have been created to have dominion; therefore, I dominate.” Now everybody is not going to like that kind of disposition because most people do not walk in life as dominators whereby nothing disturbs their peace and quite frankly ladies and gentlemen there are a lot of people who do not think you can have life without your peace being disturbed. Well, if He is the Prince of Peace; the Bible says those who keep their minds stayed on Him shall have what? I do not know why we get in our mind we cannot have the Bible.

Is there anything about me that even leaks defeat, promotes not having it all. What have you ever seen; what have you ever noticed about me that does not resemble top of the line in every area. You can stay on mountain tops whereby you never have valleys and even the valley that you go through you will turn into a mountain top. It is how you choose to see it.

Say I want God’s expected end for me, my family, my family’s family, and those who come in contact with me. Now there are some things that must be consistent with God’s word in order for you to have this expected end. There must be some things that are consistent with the word of God for you to have God’s expected end as it relates to finances if you want the end that He expects you are going to have to do what He expects. You are going to have to be complicit and comply with the order of God if you are going to have a blessed marriage then you are going to have to comply with the order of God.

Husbands love your wives; how Jesus even as Christ love the church. He said He would never leave her nor forsake her. How do you choose or think that you are going have His expected end and you treat her any kind of way. Do you not know the Bible says your prayers are hindered when you do not do right by her. The Bible calls her your favor.

If you are planning to have success in any occupation the Bible instructs you if you are going to have His expected end to treat your supervisors as unto the Lord. Oh my God! If you treat Jesus like you treat your job and to show up at the workplace late but come in here and shout about His expected end.

I know the thoughts that He has towards me said the Lord thoughts of peace the Bible said all that was just talk because you will not have the expected end without cooperating with the principles. It’s a process. All of the promises of God are accessed by the principles of God’s Word and in faith such as it is with your mouth.

Let’s talk about words. I submit to you that your words happen to be the steering wheel of your life. Ladies and gentlemen, the primary way we communicate is through words words have specific meaning and we must use them correctly.

Using words incorrectly can cause you to be far out of the way of His expected end. Choose wisely your words, simply because words can inspire, and words can destroy; words can promote, or words can paralyze.

Ephesians 4:29

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth. Now when I first started reading this, I thought He was referring to profanity. This is one of the scriptures that set me on a course to never use profanity. Actually, I wish every Christian would have stopped by this passage of scripture before they started their journey. Because I do not know how you use profanity just like they use profanity when He says come out from among them.

I was with one partner not too long ago and he called his sister. He had his sister on speaker phone, and they were talking, and she says to him, “Hey who are you around and they said Pastor Mike is right here”. And the sister said, “I was wondering because you sure are talking different.”

How is it that you can get around me and control your mouth when Jesus is always there. Turn to your neighbor and say remember the eye in the sky does not lie, but then I discovered that corrupt communication is anything outside of the Word. If I confess that I am sick that’s corrupt communication. Are you hearing what I am saying to you? Ladies and gentlemen germane or relative to words there are voices of facts and there are voices of faith. Believers do not deny the fact of anything, we just do not give facts the authority to dictate anything so truth trump’s facts.

So, He said let the sick say I am healed, let the poor say I am rich. Are you hearing what I’m saying? You’ve got to force your mouth to say what He says in order to have the expected end. Stop telling your wife we can’t. Talk that’s the easiest thing to do in the world. You can always say what you see and what you are a part of. You’re going to have to escape, disconnect from your intellect to participate in divine transactions to pull from the invisible to the visible, that which has already been determined as your expected end.

That’s why I talk the way I talk. And that’s the reason why I walk the way I walk, and even Christians are offended with me doing the Bible – Oh you just doing too much. I wonder why they did not say that to Jesus but maybe they did because when he was healing on the Sabbath you had church people are you hearing what I am saying so because I am Jesus’ replacement, I am going to talk just like Him.

I wouldn’t be very much of a replacement if I came and started to talk like somebody else. I have to talk like Him; I have to walk like Him, that does not mean I replace who He is, I replace His role in the earth. I become the one; it’s no different from a basketball player getting tired on the court and he goes to the bench, and somebody comes off the bench and replaces what he was doing. That’s what you and I are.

Imagine you giving somebody a place that they are supposed to come in and take your place and then you come back, and they are doing something and saying something totally contrary to what you told them to do while you were gone. Do you not know He’s going to judge us for that when He comes back, He’s going to say I told you what to do; I told you what to say. When Jesus came on His behalf class Jesus said, “I only say what my Father says.” Why are you saying what the people in the locker room are saying? Why are you saying what the people in the barbershop and the hair salon and the laboratory, are saying. Why are you saying what they are saying? Why don’t you say what Jesus said?

Far too many Christians want to go along to get along and you aren’t here to get along you are here to take over, dominate and I refuse to live beneath my God- given privileges and right.

Are you ready to go? Words reveals the condition of the heart. Go to Luke 6 and we’re going to work this thing; you going to have to work a minute. We’re going to have to go through scripture after scripture. Because I want to at least get this recorded so when you sit down at home you should have a whole notebook full of sermon topics that I’ve talked to you about from the start of this year. And ladies and gentlemen as I told the leaders on yesterday, you are about to pass the point of having a choice for what you’re going to do to change your life this year. You are about at the point or the place of having a choice. Because if you wait too late to do what you said you said in January your New Year’s resolution that has been determined to not last but until February. What you need is a New Year’s revelation. I said I was going to read a certain amount of books. What did you say you wanted to accomplish? It is July folks! Hello! It is going to be August in a minute, no like tomorrow.

No, if you wake up tomorrow, they are going to say happy August. By the time you look up it is going to be November and what have you changed. What has changed about your life?

I cannot take it when I get around some of you all and you start talking about, “I just like the way it was the way it used to be”. That is just an indication that you’re stuck. It is the opinion of people that is keeping you from making changes in your life. Always worrying about what somebody else is going to think about what you are about to do. Turn to your neighbor and say make the change and see for yourself. I dare you to put a praise on your change.

Luke 6:43-45

For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither does a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil.

So, the words that come out of your mouth are directly connected to your heart. When you say, “I am sick” when He told you to say, “I am healed”. You mean your heart is evil and then you are trying to confess that you have this expected end. They do not go together class. If your heart does not line up with God’s Word and expected, end your mouth is not going to assist you in the journey. That is why I ask people to stop asking me how I feel; how you feel Pastor.

My response to you is going to be with my hands. Do not ask me how I feel because I don’t want to respond to my feelings. My feelings are identifiers and not deciders. And some of you are letting your feelings decide for you how you are going to be because that’s how you feel. So, if I stay in faith and I use my words of faith than however I feel can be changed. But if I say how I feel, then my words confirm it and so it is established. What about this science you don’t get? When that wife of yours continues to trip, do not go with her with your lips stay with the Word.

Why do you align your words with what you are seeing opposed to what you want to see? If you keep this in mind, I’m only going to say that which I want to see you’re going to be just fine. If you’ll keep your mind on saying that what you want to see instead of what you see, you’re going to have this expected end.

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