Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Words

Sunday, July 9, 2023 – RECAP/Study Points


This is the month of Freedom, Completion & Liberty in Jesus Name Monthly Tip (July) – Two Rules:

  1. Never Let your Expenses Exceed your Income, watch where your money is going watch out for “Your TRIGGERS, Your MONEY DRAIN’” (shopping, vacations, clubs, cars, 7/11, Chick-Fil-A, etc.)
  2. Make Sacrifices in your Financial Situation – eliminate unnecessary spending out of your budget NOW!

Video: Introduction to the sermon entitled, WORDS.

Pastor Mike: The Spirit of the Lord just overwhelmed me with the desire for you all to get what He has given me. I can’t even describe to you what just happened there. He knows how desperately I want His people to receive the Word of God, not only just to sit here but to understand and become. It’s not enough just to come to hear but you must set yourselves to become this Word you are hearing. So, that everything the Spirit of God desires to do in the earth, we can do it through those who have made Him, Lord of their lives.

Ladies and gentlemen what you must understand is that God can’t rely on everybody. I would even go as far to say He can’t even rely on some of His own children. He can only rely on those who are willing vessels, to not only hear the Word but become doers of the Word.

As a result of doing the Word ‘shimmering’ ‘spreading your light; a part of what Merlin was doing, I was seeing. I was seeing myself as he was ministering. I saw myself going through the earth letting the light of God’s Word shine through me. You see it wasn’t necessarily just about a rhythm or a beat but it’s about an assignment.

The things that I am instructing you all is to set you up for another day. You can sit here and not pay attention to the resolutions that are set before you but there is coming a day that you are going to wish you had. The Bible says in Proverbs that wisdom, it cries out in the streets. Wisdom cries out in the pulpit and there comes a day in all of our lives, when we have not adhered to the wisdom that we received; that the Bible says that wisdom will laugh at your calamity. You will get in a jam and want some help but the jam that you got in the help came long before the jam came. What I am sharing with you today are “Jam Proof Principles”. So, if you take heed to what you hear now; tomorrow you won’t have to be concerned about any jam that is set up for you. Halleluiah!

I told you this on last week and its worth repeating, and what I do is go over previous lessons to make sure certain things are reiterated. There should be reiteration not only here but at your home. You should spend time with family preferably, to go over the word you heard Sunday after Sunday. Now I can guarantee you, a specific outcome if you are students of this Word. I can’t guarantee you anything if you don’t apply yourselves to the Word of the Living God. Year after year people remain in the same state that they are in year after year. It is an absolute unmitigated insult to Holy Spirit, and the Word of God for you to remain the same.

I was riding in today and my travels take me past our car dealership, and I am always decreeing and releasing words over the car dealership. I was impressed at the fact, that when Pastor Reynolds, he mentions it when I ask God about buying a Porche and going by, I am looking at about three hundred cars of inventory. I am wild at the fact that one instruction from God and not spending money for one car exposed me and released me to a car lot of cars. Now I am going to be talking about stuff I have, with or without your permission. In order for me to get you out I have to show you where we are going. It’s a universal principle, nobody can ever get you to leave where you are until they can convenience you where we are going. Come on go with me. Go where? No, just come on and go. I’m not going anywhere with you until you tell me where we are going.

I know a place and I am taking all of the takers with me. What I have discovered is there are environments that are designed, and certain people will not reside in because they don’t see or sense a kindred spirit or a kindred environment in that area. Okay, that wasn’t explicated to make clear. I want to explain to you, because certain people won’t want their children to hang out with your children simply because of where the established mindset has been recognized. Now here is the proclivity that disturbs me to a great degree. The proclivity is to talk about that person and say things like they think they are better than us, they don’t want to hang around us because we don’t have as much as them.

Now what they are measuring is not in the stuff that’s around you. You can be detectable based upon stuff that’s around you, but they are not making this decision based upon what’s around you but rather based on what’s in you. If you were honest with yourself, you make judgement calls about those you chose to be around. Sometimes if people you are around have more than you, you don’t want to be around them because you want to be top dog in the community, or in the village, or in squad or group.

I prefer being around people that are far better than me; that make me feel as though I don’t even belong in the group. But they must recognize something that’s in me to let I was on a call with a couple of billionaires last week and I felt like a Guppie in a big ocean, but I was in the ocean. I didn’t allow where they were to intimidate who I happen to be. See, you can’t look at yourselves through your own eyes, you got to look at yourself through the eyes of Jehovah Jireh, because God sees you quite bigger than you see yourself. I knew I was a bad somebody the night my Mom and Dad got together in that Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac. Millions didn’t make it, but I was and I saw a rascal trying to get ahead of me I grabbed him by the tail and pulled him back and I swiggled or wiggled my way. I was bad that night because millions tried to be me.

By virtue of you being the one that came out of the womb God foreknew you. He had the track. It isn’t enough to talk like this you must know the track and the principles that’s going to guide you to the greater person that God knew before you were born before you were formed in your momma’s belly. I told the ones who watched on Noon Day that I am only like nine years old, because I really didn’t get to know who God saw from the beginning until I was fifty-three or fifty-four years old.

I didn’t know that I was all that I was, I had been an imposter. I been an impersonator of somebody that God never saw. I let experiences and environments and betrayal shape this person. I was never supposed to be shaped or defined by what I heard in the locker room. People in the club weren’t supposed to tell me who I happened to be. I was wealthier than that person, smarter than that person, I had more intelligence than that person. But I navigated my way through life trying to make ends meet and put things together that were not together and things that were not understood. I did things that were not literally that had nothing to do with who He called me to be. I compromised in ways and let things go and settled in this I just didn’t know.

Now I know, where He wanted me to be. And when you find out, the opinions of people won’t matter like they once mattered, because you know God is setting you up for something greater. That’s going to include them. These things have culminated with the understanding that the way I get there is with the words of my mouth. What you have been saying about you is what’s been defying you. It’s been defying you and defining you. Can we go a little step? We live in a word-ruled-world. Say that! This world has not only been created by words, it’s been sustained by words, and it will continue to remain by words.

So whatever words you used in the past will determine the worlds you will live in, in the future. I told you that words are free. It’s how you use them that will cause you to pay or be punished. Now, when I was going back over this, your words that are coming out of you mouth will either pay you or punish you. I have paid for words I used yesterday, but ladies and gentlemen I have broken the cycle. And you too are going to flood your life with words of life that’s going to drown all those words of death used in the past. There is going to be so much life flowing out of your mouth that the words of death will not be able to live.

Declaration: “I decree that some words used are now being taken up, up rooted, and thrown as far as the east is from the west.” Shout: “I can afford it!”

I am not just talking about money because we define wealth as not just money. You can afford to love that hater. You got the currency and capacity; you can afford it because it’s in you. I don’t have one enemy, one hater. I may be an enemy to them in their mind, but they are not one to me in my mind.

I am too full of the agape of God and it’s in good measure press down shaken together and running over. You can’t stop me loving you. I don’t care what you have done, and I have been done. I’ve been hoodwinked, I’ve been bamboozled, I’ve been taken advantage of. I mean to the point I don’t want to give any of you a dime of my money. The devil has come to me many times, you need to stop giving those church people money oh no devil you don’t determine what I do. I am Spirit led despite all the people. That’s why I can freely sow into a horn, I know that horn costs some money. I identify opportunities, that’s why DeeDee nor I will ever be broke. I dare you to drown another word of poverty, I dare you to take poverty out to the deep. I dare you to drag it out to the deep and say I will never be broke, another day in my life. Take that poverty out in the deep and drown it. Both of us are going out there but only one of us is coming back. My marriage will work, go drown that thing. I shall not die. You better get your mouth open. Shout I love my Pastor, use all the faith you got.


Matthew 12: 35 37

A good man and that’s not gender specific, both are a man, one is male and one female. You should know the difference, but in case you don’t a male does not have a womb, along with something else attached to the womb. You will know what you are basically by the body parts. Praise the Lord.

I have people who have not loved me and have left because of that truth, and they rather chose their children over the truth. If my boy or daughter was homosexual or whatever, lesbian gay I am still going to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but I don’t even know how I have homosexual sons. I really don’t understand because they know where I stand. I don’t go around beating them over the head with what I know. I tell them the truth and let Holy Spirit deal with whatever they want to do. They’re grown.

I’m not cutting no corners with divorce because divorce is still sin. I got two babies out of three that’s been in divorce court. I am still going to talk about it. God hates it! Mike Freeman hates it! But Mike Freeman knows it’s not the end of the world because my son is gay it isn’t the end of the world. It isn’t the end of the world because my I am going to take care of mine Britney knows oh don’t mess with him. I talked to her the other day. I call her more since she last left my home because my baby needs me. See some of you’ll you departed too soon from your children’s lives. You are not setting up the inheritance. I’m teaching you wealth principles here.

That girl told me Dad it gets hard sometimes financially. I said, “Why.” She said, my raise hasn’t come yet. I said your raise is at the house where you left, what is it you need, tell your Mama.

Look at somebody say you need to stop running your mouth so much. Because some of those words you are using are void of power, and they are not productive or creative words.

Proverbs 6: 2

Now I have said this many times, in order to participate in divine transactions, you must depart from human reasoning and human regiments. What I mean by human, I am talking about the fleshly component of this thing. They used to have a song long ago that started wrong, ‘I’m Only Human.’ Lie, that’s a lie. They start off with I am only human, you know that’s a lie; ‘I’m just a man.’

Some of you all bought into it and you go around singing ‘One Day at A Time, you are not human you a spirit having human encounters. You have to depart from human reasoning if you going to hang out here where I am taking you. Because when people come in here and you are the first point of contact, they need to meet the spirit of this house. Are you hearing what I am saying? I can’t have you talking broke at the door, and they make up their mind that this isn’t the place that I am supposed to be. I am not talking about money; talking about your sickness and not your healing is broke. You broke somewhere. I don’t care how you come in here, it’s about how you leave here. And every last one of you is going to leave here wealthier than when you came in here. Turn to your neighbor and say, “I am packing, I’m packing!”

We just can’t talk. We just can’t talk. Well, there you have it, now let’s go to the genesis of this thing. I think you will find that in the Book of Beginnings, chapter one, because I need to explain to you these two worlds that co-exist at the same time. You have an invisible arena, and a visible arena. Colossians brings this out, it talks about the visible world and the invisible world. So, I am more a part of the invisible now than I am of the visible. That’s where I hang out, that’s where I discovered the real me, in the invisible arena of life.

Genesis 1: 26 – Then God said, “Let us make man in Our image…Let’s make this man in our image. Let’s make this man according to our likeness”. That alone fires me up. Because I know He made me. Say He made me! And He said, He made me in His image, so I image Him in me. I said, I image Him in me. BOOM! Every time I walk. BOOM! Its God in the earth. BOOM! Walking around. Every time, every move I make. I am made in His likeness so when you see me you see Him.

That’s why people are so offended by my words, my flow, and my move and how I vibe because I am like Him. When you are like Him people are not always going to receive you. They want you to be like them and you chose to be like Him and being like Him is going to separate you from being like them. They don’t know, they won’t know. Then you try to patch up stuff. No! Let them see God! Let that man have dominion. That’s why people can’t stand going fishing with me, I get out on that water in that boat and soon as he drops anchor, because I’ve been praying in Spirit on the way out to the spot. Then when I get out to the spot, they drop anchor and I say, get on the boat. Can I just get you to get a glimpse of who you really are and then put a praise on it! I am all that. Let’s back up and prove this!

Genesis 1: 3

You got to read this in light of who you are like! Say I am like Him! So, if He said, then I say. If the light isn’t there, if what you see isn’t there, then you create it. If lack is in your house, then create overflow. Don’t go in there agreeing with the lack. Disagree with the lack. Start agreeing with the abundance.

I ‘m working out the other day I am on it. I just be doing fruits and vegetables. I fast on Wednesday that’s just for me if you care to join me then fine. It’s not mandatory for the ministry, it’s me. I need to hear for you and if I hear for you and you come on go with me, we are going to all end up in the same place. With less work, I am supposed to cut out some of the stress, strain, and struggle. I want to escort you to your next wealthy place. It’s just the exposure you need. Once you get the exposure you are going to be turned on…that likeness is going to come through and the image is going to just take over. It’s like when you step in a room all of God comes in. If you don’t see what you want, create it.