Discipleship in Being in Divine Alignment – Words

Sunday, July 30,2023 – RECAP/Study Points


Pastor Mike: Get your Bibles open to 2 Corinthians 4.

Some of you all are going to be able to do thirty thousand for the thirtieth year.

I am putting out goals for you. I don’t care whether or not you do this; it’s my

responsibility to put it out before you. Don’t you dare go out here talking about

“I can’t believe he asked ten people to give one hundred thousand dollars? Who does he think has that kind of money? All of you! You can’t tell me what I can think. I think all of you are loaded! Turn to your neighbor and say, it would do you good to feel likewise!

I thought I was rich long before it manifested. That’s how I got DeeDee; she thought I had far more money than I had. She didn’t know how trifling I was. She should never have married me; I don’t know what she was thinking, but I was putting it on so thick. 2 Corinthians 4:13

You know, in speaking to you all today concerning giving, there is not a lot of same or similarity. There are a lot of you who don’t think like me concerning giving. Now I didn’t ask you to go in your pocket and give one dime; I ask you to go in your soul and start thinking wealth. There are a lot of people who are having soul cramps. You are having cramps in your thinking. So, this scripture says, “And since we have,” we are not trying to have; we have. It would do you well if you would begin to think like, I think. Don’t you dare ever open your mouth and say I cannot afford that?

Ephesians 5 says, “Let no corrupt communication,” and for eons, many of you have thought that just meant profanity. It is profane when you say something contrary to what God has spoken. Even if you are sick in your body, the Bible says, let the sick say – response: I am healed let the poor say – response – I am rich.

So, suppose we are going to exemplify the same across the board, as a partner of this ministry. In that case, I don’t know how you are so adamant about throwing in the chips concerning your marriage when your Pastor would never consider separation an option. Where is the same in that? ‘And since we have the same.’ If DeDe ever leaves me, I am going with her. The Bible says it’s until death do us part. Now, you keep walking. I’m going to kill you! So we can fulfill the scripture! Turn to your neighbor and say, this dude is crazy! I am really into this Word. I left my own thinking for this Word. I left my own thinking for this Word! I left my own thinking for His thoughts! His thoughts are better than mine. Are you hearing what I am saying to you?

Despite how you bother me, I’m never going to have a problem with you, where you will ever be an enemy of mine. Though the stuff you do qualifies for enemy status, you will never be an enemy of mine. The Word is the thoughts that I have concerning relationships. All the people who owe me money won’t mention a dime. I don’t have a problem with you; I don’t have enemies. I don’t have haters. Everybody loves Mike, in my mind, so when you come to me, I am ready to do it for you.

I am so free. That’s why I’m not getting in; none of you’ll lines crossing my arms singing “We shall overcome someday” No, you are not going to get me singing that song because I have already overcome. Why should I sing ‘shall,’ which denotes or connotes that I haven’t yet? You have got to put your words in line with your posture and position. Where are we missing it as it relates to the same? What have I changed over the years that gives you any doubt that I mean what I am saying and I say what I mean? I am not moving off this position. This is the same thing I have been screaming for the last thirty years. I love people despite how people respond to me. You can’t get me upset with you. I may be slightly disappointed, and I am working on my response. Since we have the same spirit of faith,’ not according to Mike Freeman’s theory or what Mike Freeman thinks, but according to what is written.

Sometimes I don’t think believers, even in this community, read the same book. How are you done with me when we read the same book? Tell me one time when Jesus said, He was done with you. He told me to love you as He has loved me. So,

I consider, Mike, how has Jesus loved you? You even sing a song, ‘Yes Jesus loves me, for the Bible’ – sing about it, read about it – when beloved are you going to be about it? ‘As He has loved me,’ why did it highlight as He has loved me? When

I told Him I wasn’t going to do it anymore, and I did it right after I said I was not going to do it anymore. Then the fourteenth time, I said I ‘m not going to do it anymore. I promise this is it. Any of you’ll got to the fourteenth time? Some of you’ll say twenty-four. And what’s His position still towards you? Response: He still loves me. Well, then why have people done it half-time to you, and you never spoke to them again? According to what I am talking about and what this scripture is talking about, we had this scripture as a ministry theme for the last twenty, thirty years.

2 Corinthians 4: 13, “Since we have the same spirit of faith according to what is written, I believe and therefore I spoke, we also believe, and therefore we speak.”

I wanted today to talk to you in this Word Series about the importance of words and connecting people and partners to your vision. Ladies and gentlemen, if there is one vision in your house, if there is one vision in your business, if there is one vision in your church community, one vision in your workplace. If there is just one vision in your relationship as husband and wife, it is absolutely essential that you say the same thing. I can’t say we are going to the other side, and you say, I don’t know what he is talking about.

Go to Exodus 24 really quickly. This story is told about this pastor who has been communicating his vision for a very long time, a true story. He tells the people where the ministry is going and the millions of dollars it will take, and he believes that the millions of dollars will be received and kept at it for about eight or nine years. That’s all he would say. One day a man who could cover the entire vision called the pastor’s office, and the receptionist picked up the phone. He said I understand Pastor is building X, Y, Z, etc. And I just heard about it. She said, aww, Pastor, been talking about that for eight or nine years; man, we are not building anything. I will give you one even closer to home. When I was prognosed as a dead man, Dr. DeeDee was very specific about whom she would let around me. As a matter of fact, you didn’t let my family around for quite some time.

My mother and father wanted to see me, and she didn’t let my mother and father

see me. That’s unimaginable. She had to build them up. Now family relations are destroyed for stuff like that I tell you what that Heffer won’t let So, Momma gets there and says, “Boy get up from there. We’ve got mountains to be moved.”

But this woman surrounded me. I couldn’t assess the situation, and some of your husbands got to give your wife that kind of autonomy and give them that kind of authority. Listen to them when they say no, let’s pay this off and don’t do this right now, and let’s get the tithe thing going and stick with that, and you got to listen to them. You call them the product of your intelligent choice but won’t listen to them. If you don’t listen to your wife, you are like BooBoo, the fool man. See, that’s what I am talking about, the same; we got to say the same thing. And your wife can see it far better than you can see it, and what disturbs her beyond anything else is when someone else comes along and tells you the same thing, and you say, oh, that’s a good idea. She ought to slap you in the mouth. I am not advocating violence; I am talking about it in the spirit. She brought Josh in once, my son Josh and he couldn’t handle it; he went out of the room, and she wouldn’t let him back in. Josh said, “Dad, I thought, I just knew in my mind you weren’t going to make it; when I saw you, I said you are a dead man.” He said in his mind, but I knew enough not to let it come out of my mouth.

Now, in order to get people to cooperate with your vision at home in the workplace, you have to monitor their mouths. You hear what I am saying, and when you hear anything – listen, Ma Wooten doesn’t mean any harm, but your words do. She looks at some of my grandbabies crying and says aww, poor baby.

I say, Momma. I would rather protect what we are working on. The doorbell rings; Dad Wooten, ninety-three years old, I’m sitting there, and he is sitting there; he looks at me, I look at him, and I look at him like you’re not going to get it. They are going to live, Mama going to live to at least one hundred two years old. That’s my confession. She wants to work; you better not take that work from her. And some of you’ll be ready to go somewhere and retire. I am saying that you aren’t moving like you used to move. I am getting all my Sizzling Season Saints. We are getting up, getting moving to take some weights in our hands. We are going to do what we’ve got to do. You aren’t dying around me. Turn to your neighbor and say don’t you dare try to die around me.