Discipleship in Being Led by Holy Spirit

Sunday, October 9, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


I want to continue in the lesson, Being Led by Holy Spirit, that’s where the Lord has me in this season of our lives.  This lesson is multigenerational, it’s for the baby boomers. It’s applicable to the “X generation”, the millennials, the Z’s, and everybody. It’s for Lotty, Dotty, and everybody regardless of your age, ethnicity, creed, or whatever persuasion the case may be this lesson is applicable and can be applied to all our lives. If you are 4 to 104 this lesson is for you. I just got a report from one of my sons in ministry who is a stats guy, and he shared with me that a Christian research company shared that of Z’s (generation from age 4 through 24) 35million of them will depart from the Christian faith by 2050. Immediately I decreed as for me and my house… If you are not taking these Words and making these words your lives… it then becomes multigenerational…for example if your sons and daughter are no longer interested in the things of God imagine what your grandbabies are going to be like. It goes from generation to generation. I am forth generational Pastor, and that is being passed down to a 5th generation through Brelyn, Brittney of course is doing her thing in another venue, and Josh is Pastoring in the Media Ministry. My grandbabies are sitting here like the grandbabies of old where the Mamas/Daddy’s would say shhh shhh you better be quiet. Thank God there has been some advancement with respect to having a children’s church.

However, in days of old the mothers and grandmothers didn’t if you didn’t sit up in church you would be told that they were going to knock your head off or knock you into next year (lol). Then they would give you a peppermint and dare you to cry about anything.


I am very very concerned because everything around you is trying to rob you of your Godly inheritance. Spiritual perspectives are being challenged and inundated by everything you possess in the palm of your hands (for example your cell phones) Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all coming for your perspective.

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This thing is designed to read what you like. It will feed back to you in abundance what you are giving your ear and attention to. Unfortunately, most of the things that you give your attention to aren’t things that are going to accelerate your spiritual legacy and inheritance. It’s creating a perspective that feeds you garbage and robs you of your appetite for the things of God. Because it’s feeding another appetite that they are able to read. They now have these algorithms that they can push up and keep you locked into this thing for hours. That’s why your children are so inundated with it because they are locked in.


Check the record to discover how much screen time you have on your phone versus getting into the Word of God and you will see how much you love the things of the world more than you love the things of God. That’s the appetite that you are now passing down as an inheritance. The bible says a good man leaves and inheritance of moral stability and integrity. Listen to me carefully…it behooves of us to be intentional about our spiritual legacies. First of all there should be some repentance that takes place in our generation. Then there should be some apologizing to the next generation.


Pastor Dewayne: That’s good!!! Abraham was good at that. The Bible says I know my man Abraham is going to lead his house. What we have to do as the parents and/or the leader of the house is repent and apologize and then start to model the message for the children so that they may easily swallow it.

Make it so palatable make it so appetizing that your children’s children are so enamored by how your God has been so good to you.


My favorite oldest grandson Konner turns 13 years old today. He was adopted into the family. Prior to this family, he didn’t know that life that he could live in based upon the plight and the devastations of what he was born into. He was about 5 years old. When he turned 9 or 10 years old. He walked up to me and said Hey G we’re rich, aren’t we. First thing came to my mind is son I am rich, but I held my peace to see where the conversation was going. He said, do you remember when we were in the court and judge said that everything this family has son you are now entitled to. He heard something from and authoritative figure and he received it.

So we get back home from court and I am eating one of my favorite things…dill pickles. Konner comes over and says hey G, can I have a pickle.

I said son what you have to learn that there are somethings in this house that you don’t touch…like G’s pickles. I said as a matter of fact I don’t have any more and you can’t have my pickle. He said but the judge said….


I wish y’all would know what Jehovah said. Jehovah said the seed of the righteous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Konner continues to ask for a bite of my pickle, and I am thinking ok I’ll turn it over and let him bite where I didn’t bite. Konner says I want to bite it where you bit it. I gave it to him and he bit that pickle with juice running down and then he gave it back to be and said go ahead and bite. I took that pickle, and I bit right into it!!!!! That’s my boy!!!!! Just as I shared that pickle with Konner, God wants you to know that He wants to share everything that He has with you!!!!!


We have been discussing ways that we are led by the Spirit of God. Pastor Dewayne and you share those with us.


Pastor Dewayne: The Word of God, Inward witness, audible voice, Men and Women of God, check in your spirit (Peace of God), Vision, Dreams, and Prophecy

My most memorable moments with God have not been from what He’s done for me but rather from what He’s said to me. What He’s said has been the most memorable moment of my relationship with God. He has done some amazing things like First Lady Karen Clark Sheard I to was given a 2% chance to live. But it’s been what He’s said to me that has triggered everything that He has done for me. Now am talking about whole-life prosperity. Some of you confined what I am talking about to just monetary or material things. That’s not all that I am talking about this includes my marriage. DeeDee and I should not be married today. But we are married today simply because of what He has said to us.


Ladies and gentlemen hear me and hear me now…there is not a more urgent time than now for you to know that I know the voice of God. I am not talking about what season…in this time of life… you are going to have to know that you know the voice of God.


1King 19: 11

Pastor Dewayne: (read 1King 19:11) One of the ways that we are led by Holy Spirit is a still small voice. The Spirit of the living God is going to lead us with that inward voice. That’s why it’s important that you get acquainted with Holy Spirit. Because by getting acquainted with Holy Spirit and getting into the Word of God it will allow you to know the one who lives on the inside of you. We said the Holy Spirit is Jesus in His unlimited form. He can be in you, and He can be in someone else at the same time, He can be in all of us at the same time, talking to all of us at the same time about certain situations and places that He wants us to go in life.

You and I have to be so sensitive to His voice. Because when you are not sensitive to His voice your life begins to go down. Just like Jonah (Jonah 1) The Word of the Lord came to Jonah saying Jonah, I want you to go to Nineveh. Jonah got up and said that he was going to go to Tarshish because he was running from the presents of God. The Bible said then he went down to Joppa and then he went down into the ship. Notice that when Jonah began to reject the voice of God his life began to go down. Jonah should be a lesson to you and I because he didn’t just go down to the ship but he went down into the belly of a whale. Notice where he was.

You and I don’t have to be like Jonah and keep going down to learn from a bad experience. God never designed us to learn from our bad experiences. But He designed us to know His Word and His voice, and His voice is going to lead you and I into green pastures. I don’t know about you, but God has green pastures for Lotty, Dotty and everybody. Your pasture may not be like someone else’s pasture, that’s why you have to keep your eyes off others pastures and keep your eyes on yours.

Some can’t see what God has for them because you are so focused on others green pasture instead of focusing on yours. This particular lesson is going to lead you to a place where you have been desiring to be if you will be led by Holy Spirit.