Discipleship in Being Led by Holy Spirit

Sunday, November 13, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points

This subject matter, unlike any other subject matter, must be incorporated inside every subject that you were ever connected to. Unlike money, you can’t connect that to every subject matter. You can’t connect marriage to every subject matter. As a single person, you can sit here while we talk about marital relationships and not be engaged because that is not your story.

However, I want to change the disposition and mindset of those of you who are single and feel that way.  When you hear DeeDee and I talk about marriages, don’t say that lesson is not for me because if you are aspiring to be married, of course, then you need to become married now.  You need to understand martial principles so that when you are going through life as you are, you can be identified as a wife. Some of you haven’t been found because you are not a wife yet. I am talking about as a single; you don’t possess wifely qualities. The scripture is clear, “He who finds a wife, not a woman, not a lady. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that are going on in your current life that when you are hearing marriage tips and principles, you check out when you should be leaning in. However, the subject matter of “being Led by the Holy Spirit” is a subject matter that goes with everything in life. You got to be led by the Spirit even to decide to be married. I want you to understand you got to stay on the edge of your seats as it relates to this lesson because it goes along with everything in your life. Say, “I must be, I have to be, I got to be led by the Spirit in everything.”

Again, this lesson is designed to build lives, and embracing it is designed to shift your lives, and world into a life, and a world that defies all impossibilities.

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I don’t know about you, but last night, for instance, I was placed on a phone call with one of my daughters, and this guy whose wife was in ICU was diagnosed in a similar situation that I was in. She was far better than I was because she came to the hospital at a seventy-four percent oxygen level. I came in at twenty-two. He said what? And I said my daughter has traveled from Delaware to be here, and she also had an attack on her lungs. She went in the hospital at sixty-six percent. She’s at seventy-four percent; her situation is far better than both of ours. My daughter is visiting with me from Delaware, and we’re sitting around talking when he calls from the emergency room and ask her to pray for his wife. She said wait a minute; my Dad is right here; we both had a similar situation. Man, I tell we jumped that devil; it wasn’t even a thought. I didn’t just pray; I was led by the Spirit in what to say and how to address it, and it was so valid. I took it personally.


There you go again, devil attacking lungs; you haven’t learned your lesson yet; don’t fool with me and no one else that has lung situations. I got violent; you can’t get in some corner and say, let us pray; you got to be led by the Spirit even in how you address going into this matter. I didn’t go to God. See, you have to know that sometimes you have got to make declarations and degrees and go after the devil. This is not a matter for God; this is a matter for you. You have got to know when to take things to God or handle it yourself. Who do you think you are devil? But if we don’t know who we are and whose we are, we will not walk in that authority. Moses got to the Red Sea, and he was looking up to God. God says, what are you looking up here for, what’s in your hand? Stretch forth that staff, stretch forth that rod. There are some matters that you got to be led by the Spirit to know if you are to go to God on this one or if you are to handle it yourself. That’s what happened with the Centurion Soldier; he had to be led by the Spirit, Jesus said let’s go to your crib, and I’ll heal him. He said you don’t have to come to my crib; just speak the Word.


A lot of Christians memorize scripture that’s not changing their lives, and you think you know God by scripture memorization. No revelation: you know scripture, but how to perform it, you know not how. You’re a hearer; you are the equivalent of a Parrakeet.

Dr. DeeDee: I want to say this is why I love your whole demonstration and your whole sharing just a moment ago. This is why it’s so important to become one with the Word. It cannot be something we just pick up when we think we need it. This is our life; I live in this Word. As Pastor Dewayne was sharing during Bible Study, he said how he just decided to go to a different gas station; you don’t necessarily hear God say go over here because I have provisions for you. But because I am in Him and if I make the decision and I go over here, I am always being led by the Spirit of God.

You must believe that. Shout, “I am always led by the Spirit of God!”

Dr. DeeDee: Just this week, I was in the media room because I needed to record something, and Josh came in; he was like, wow, I am looking for this piece. I need this one piece. Rick Thomas walks past the media room and says, hey, how y’all doing? Josh replies, I just need this piece to record my mom today. Rick asks what kind of piece? Then says, I think I got one of those little pieces right here in my pocket and pulled it out of his pocket and asked Joshua are talking about this piece. Then goes on to say, my wife gave it to me this morning and said I know this is something you probably need, and I didn’t want to throw it away, so, here, just take it. He was like ok, I’ll take it. He had no clue that he was being led by Holy Spirit. She had no clue that God was using her to get something done. So, he takes the thing and gives it to Josh; and Josh was tripped out like man, what are you doing walking around with something like this in your pocket?  I’m like, I know why you are walking around with something like this because God sent me here to record something, and He knew the provision was in someone else’s pocket. And so, whomever He had to get to, to use to get to me to get what I need to be done, that’s what He was going to do. So, while you trying to figure it out, God says, I’ve already worked it out. But if you don’t live in this thing and become one with it, you’re going to be trying to figure it out, like who is God going to use, what do I do next? God, is that you or God is that me? No, you live a lifestyle of holiness in the presence of God and submit yourself to the leadership of God; you won’t have any concerns or worries! No, I am not playing this stuff anymore; people play church all the time. They come here; God, I need a Word from you. God gives us a Word every single day.


I don’t have to wait until I come to church to hear a message from the pulpit. God is speaking to us all the time. All the time. So, we have to be sensitive enough to say to God, whatever decision I make, I am nowhere by coincidence. Everywhere the soles of my feet tread upon, you have to own this relationship with God just like you own the relationship with others in your life. This is not a game for us; no, we are really living this thing out for real.

I have been studying Elijah in 1 Kings chapters 17 through 19, and God told Elijah something four separate times, and he did it. Elijah saw the hand of God move every single time he obeyed God. Then here comes a chick name Jezebel; she sends a message back to Elijah, not God, but Jezebel sends a message to Elijah. The Bible says that Elijah saw it. He didn’t hear it or read it on paper, but he saw it. You know how he saw it, he began to meditate on what a woman said about destroying his life, and then he was led by another voice. So now he gets off and runs instead of doing what God had called him to do. God never told him to run, but Elijah forgot. He forgot that God had been speaking to him all the time. He forgot all the miraculous things that God had shown him all that time, and then he feared. How do you fear when you saw the hand of God in every other area of your life? And then, when he feared, guess what he did? He fled! All because he switched voices. That’s what we do all the time; we wake up in the morning, we deal with a situation, and we are like Oh God! Are you going to take care of this? How did you forget that He took care of the last situation? How did you forget? And then you get afraid when the doctors tell you something or something happens on your job or whatever; how do you fear when you saw, if not in your own life, you saw what God did for your Pastor’s life. He stands up here every Sunday and ministers the truth before you; if God did it for him, God will do it for you! How do you get afraid? It’s time out for us to be fleeing from the things of satan. It’s time for us to be steadfast! Put our feet down, be planted in His truth, and say, God, for You, I’ll live, and for You, I’ll die! I’m not going to be afraid anymore! I’m not fleeing anymore! God, I am going to trust You!

I’m like, I don’t know about you, but I am tired of church games. I travel across this world preaching Jesus, and people are afraid. I ask how are you afraid? You don’t know who you are. When are we going to stand up and say, God, I believe!

But you can’t stand up without knowing this; you are powerless without the Word. You are powerless in this regard of what she is saying until you get planted in this. You are going to remain afraid, and I don’t know what else to tell you. I don’t know what else to tell you, and if you chose to keep giving your time and attention to other things, you will remain afraid.


So, all this preaching stuff is good, and you jump up—yeah, I’m not going to be afraid. But you will be until you get planted in this. We all are afraid outside of this, but inside, He who abides, lives in dwells, set up residence in the secret place of the Most High God shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is! Therefore, I am not afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow by day. Halleluiah! (Psalm 91)


  1. Meditate in or on the Word
  2. Doer of the Word that can’t just be that scripture you know
  3. Instantly Respond to Holy Spirit


I wanted to endeavor to teach you how to train your human spirit. Kenneth Hagen wrote a book years ago, ‘Training Yours Human Spirit’; it would be a great resource to have in your library. He uses it to speak to the spirit in you to guide you through life. That is communicated to your soul, you make decisions concerning the Spirit of God in you, and you then live happily ever after.


Some people are making decisions by their souls; now, that isn’t all bad because the soul recalls the Word of the living God. It remembers; that’s the will, mind, and emotions; that’s where He can remind you of certain things, He has already spoken to you about, see, and you can recall. My soul doeth magnify the Lord, and so when you are meditating on Him, that’s why I have this daily regimen.


Most millionaires and billionaires do three things in the morning:


  1. Meditate on their day; not all in the Word. Those who are born again, I have heard, meditate in the Word before their day gets going. Listen, this is prior to any checking of emails, texts, or phone calls. They have this time set up to train their human spirit. That’s why these millions and billions keep coming, and I am learning this. She will tell you every morning I am not touching anything until I touch God. So, they meditate in and on the Word.
  2. Most of them Exercise – lean on your neighbor and say I need a little help in that area.
  3. It’s up to You to find the clue – watch Night Cap and see if you can find the answer.


There should be an honor when you come in here for your man of God. Some of my most accelerated moments come from my honoring my Man of God. Don’t allow anyone outside of this place; honor us more than we are honored in this place.


  • For the next (2) weeks confess “I have Faith for being led by the Spirit of God!”
  • Study this lesson (get familiar with it) and listen to this over and over until you can teach it.