Discipleship in Being Led by Holy Spirit

Sunday, November 6, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


Mark 4:26-28

26 And He said, “The kingdom of God is as if a man should [f]scatter seed on the ground, 27 and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he himself does not know how. 28 For the earth yields crops by itself: first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head. 29 But when the grain ripens, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come.

I want you to know that there are some people that are prematurely harvesting seed. There’s a mindset that creates this level of perpetuity or perpetuation or ideology that doesn’t understand the entire process. Now I saw a video on this IG thing that I follow. Rich mindset versus poor mindset. See, both planted, one has already taken from the harvest and talking about “you silly man, what are you doing?” After a while time has passed, the one with the poor mindset is talking about “I’m hungry”, and the one with the rich mindset says to her that will be $1000 a piece.


What happens in many cases with people who have poverty mindsets, when you first see any evidence of a harvest taking place in your life, there’s the proclivity of that mindset to go after it and then obligate it to something else, not waiting for the whole process to be fulfilled. Its like you get extra money (the harvest) and then you obligate it to something else without changing your mindset. You get a raise on your job, and instead of waiting for time to pass and let that thing produce what it was designed to produce for your current finances, you go and obligate it somewhere else. And, what I’m saying to you is it’s a mindset that is keeping you in this position of always thinking about mastering in more opposed to mastering in keeping more.

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Money is not your problem. I discovered that the discipline and literacy as it relates to money is most people’s problem. The Bible says, get wisdom, with all your getting get understanding. Most people when they get money, they don’t get understanding and don’t know how money works, therefore causing them to always be in the same position. Like if a man won that lotto, got a billion dollars, it is already understood that most people who hit the lotto are broke within 3-6 years. Why? Because they got a bunch of money but have the same mindset. I need you to start mastering in keeping more. You would literally, possibly, not have to make more if you learned how to keep more and manage what you have.


You know, inside of every investment that DeeDee makes, some of them have an element of duality, it’s not only an investment, it’s a liability. Like for instance, the home in the Bahamas. That is an investment because it’s property, but inside of that investment exists at the same time liabilities. Where did the liability come from? The maintenance of the thing. So, you’re spending more of your money in maintaining it. Now, it’s possible that you can get all of it back at the end, but in your journey, you are now disbursing more than you should be disbursing consequently, not allowing you to make the type of financial gain that you would. So, everything that you perceive as a blessing is not a blessing. A lot of people go buy these big old fancy cars and sometimes its beyond my understanding, ‘wow, how’d they get that?’ And, its not predicated on how much you make, it’s like I don’t even want to pull the trigger on a Mercedes right now. Although I could and can, but I won’t because I’m trying to build a family fortune and get not only, she (Dr. DeeDee) and me, but my children’s children. See, if I can change your mindset about anything, that’s when I can get you on your journey. And, the money is not the problem, it’s the mind that’s the problem.


“I didn’t come here for no money lesson”. Well, I’m being led by the Spirit, and this is what the Spirit of God gave me to give you today. And so, throughout weeks and months and even years to come, focus on keeping more money. Ooooh, shout this, say. “OooohWeeee, I’m keeping more money than I’ve ever kept in all my life.” How would it be to you if you only obligated 30% of all your increase? What would that mean? Would you say somebody need to give me more money? And, I’m looking at all some of the employees even riding around here at Spirit of Faith and I’m saying, wow you get this money, and you go out and obligate it. If you did not obligate so much money, you wouldn’t be in the ministry’s face talking about you need more money.

And then you blame it on the ministry, your set place, and some people get offered another bigger dollar amount, and then they leave their set place to follow money and once they get there, they’re miserable. Say, “I’m led by the Spirit, and not by the spirit of mammon.” So, in your receiving I want you to careful about not sticking in the sickle. I need you careful about how you go about your spending.


And somehow culturally man, we get caught up in this thing, we gotta have the LV on, we gotta have the Gucci on, we gotta have the Balenciaga on, we gotta look like more than what we have and it’s a set up. We want more stuff, and we haven’t set up yourself for what’s going on. What I realized years ago is that as I get older, the possibility of me making more could be limited, so I put my own financial future in my own hands. So, I’m taking the finances that I have and I’m allocating it to things that are designed to protect my future. Because there’s a season for this and there’s a season for that. Something happens, time passes and then something happens. What soever a man sows, that he will also reap. So, prices are going up when your salaries may be going down, because you don’t plan to work until you’re eighty-nine. And then they’re going to give you 60, 70, 75, if you’re real blessed, 80 percent of your current salary. If you haven’t done anything to weigh those difference out, to balance it, you’re already short the minute you retire. And that’s why you see some people hobbling into workplaces so they can just get ends to meet.


I was looking at ministry just here this past week and a pastor recognized a single woman with five children. First of all, that isn’t the will of God for a woman to be by herself with five children. It isn’t the will of God for a woman to be by herself with one child. Ok, well you can get back in the will of God, repent or say God I’ve blown it, because it’s not God’s original best. He wanted you to wait until you got married, have sex, then have children; not have sex, have children, then get married. See, in the believer’s community, baby mama drama could be eliminated. So, single ladies, please keep yourselves to yourselves until you get married. The blessing of the Lord is upon it. This one wouldn’t give me none before we got married. And, I was saved, sanctified and full of something. Don’t know quite what that was back then. But I was at her. And guess what kept me at her? Her commitment to God concerning it, because with some of ya’ll, the minute you give in, he’s gotten what he was after and then he’s gone, and sometimes he leaves you with a lifetime of responsibility, and that’s not the will of God.

My momma messed me up. Pastor Dewayne your momma did it to me. Did she tell you the same thing? You heard me this morning, right?


Pastor Dewayne: Yeah, I think I brought nice ones to the house that she liked. Naw, naw…she never told me that. #$%


And ya’ll forgive my momma, she’s with Jesus. My momma would look at me and say, “Where’d you get that little pissy thing from?” How in the world does your momma tell you, she pissy? Does Daddy know best or Momma, which one?


Dr. DeeDee: I don’t know. She didn’t like me either in the beginning. With me she told you, oh you need to marry the other girl because she can help you more in ministry.

She certainly did.

Dr. DeeDee: Momma didn’t know.


And momma also messed me up. She said now don’t you marry any ready-made families. Now momma was trying to keep me, first of all, from walking outside of the will of God, but she didn’t really understand the will of God with respect to that, because some of these men and women with children are the best thing that can happen to you. Because they are good, godly women and men, but they have situations of the past that they’ve been forgiven of and moved on, and some of you who have some of like my momma’s criteria are missing out on a god-ordained person because of an episode of their past that you want to keep them from their future. So, there’s some single women here right now with children that are rocking it, that are amazing, that are awesome. Are you hearing what I’m saying to you? Because divorce and that situation was never the original intent of God. And I need to teach it to you here, so you won’t settle for down here. It’s that clear to you?


So, this pastor decided to go in his pocket and give this young woman with five children some money, and it triggered something throughout the entire congregation. Like you all have don’t it many times before.

If I call someone up who has a need and you all see me give, most of the time, like pastor, like people, and you would begin to give to that person. It has happened many times before. One time we had to have security go with the person because they had a trash bag of cash leaving out of here. And when I saw that I was like oh thank God. And God said don’t you ever do that again. I’m like what? He said don’t you ever do that again. They just gave a bunch of money to a woman who doesn’t even know how to manage money and she’ll go out there and appropriate that money or apply that money to stuff and not set her up for life. And so, if I’m going to help from here on out, we’re going to pay bills and sit down and talk to you about how to prevent this from happening. Because if you give a man some money, you’re not always helping that man, you’re just magnifying who they are.


Dr. DeeDee: Can I tell you a story? And this is really being led by the Spirit. I was ministering out of state, and God gave me a word to give to a young lady, and I started to minister to her and then God told me to give her some money and other people started giving her money. And then God told me, and I told her because there’s coming a day when you’re going to have to use this money to hurry up and get out. It’s like an escape plan to God has for you. I gave her my number and she called me about 3 months later and some guys had shot up her home because she has two sons that’s out there living any old kind of way in the streets, and she had to hurry up and get up. And, I said, and you know what, you spent that money didn’t you? She said, I did and had to go borrow the money. I wasn’t going to give it to her again, because God had already prepared her for it but, she just didn’t do what she was supposed to do with it.


And so, it really goes along with this. You may not have money challenges, but there may be some other challenges and you need to hear the voice of God. And so even with this message, while we’re talking about money, you can put your situation here and say ok what do I need to store up on? What do I need to keep more of in me? Whether that’s operating in love, putting a demand on the joy and happiness in your life, whatever it is, if you are depleted because you’re not in this word, you’re not storing up in it, you’re not going to be prepared when something comes.  And so, we have to be prepared in everything that we do.

Pastor Dewayne: Yeah, that’s why it’s so important to make sure you get some information. It’s the information that causes you to make better decisions, because an undisciplined mindset is gonna create a mess just like you’ve seen in a couple of stories that you just said.  When a person doesn’t have any information, they need somebody in that place that has the right motive, that loves them enough to teach them, so they can have the right mindset, so they can have the right movement. A lot of people have a messed-up mindset about money. You’re creating something because of your love for the people. So, if they participate in the information, it will control their movement, then something will happen in their heart to say you know something, he loves me so I love myself enough to be able to discipline myself to get here, now I should be able to grab somebody else and give them the same information that you once gave them.


Now this is not applicable to all that are sitting in the sound of my voice. There are many people in this ministry who have the right mindset about money and their fruit is indicative.


Dr. DeeDee: Absolutely, but it is applicable. I don’t want them to excuse themselves from what you are saying.

I never excuse myself from a word even when I am up on it.

Dr. DeeDee: Right because more is always possible.

That’s what Peter said. Although, you know these things and are established in them, it is necessary for me to stir you up by reminding you.


Dr. DeeDee: Absolutely. And then money is one of the top three reasons that people divorce. And so, you can hear this as just having money in your pocket, or you can hear this about having a better relationship. It goes with some many things.

Money goes with so many things. That’s why the Apostle Paul said in 2 Cor 9:8,


“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.”


And if you are bound in your own place, how are you going to be ready to abound in every good work? You won’t be able to take care of the woman’s groceries that’s in front of you, if the spirit of God tells you to do it, you’re going to at best struggle with it, because you don’t have all sufficiency for every good work. And so, He has blessed us to be a blessing, because if what you have is just enough for you, you’re not fulfilling the plan of God concerning you. Does that make any sense? A lot of times, I leave home with money, just so I can abound to every good work. So, I know that being led by Holy Spirit requires faith. For the next two weeks confess this, “I have faith for being led by Holy Spirit”. Because it requires faith to be led by the Spirit.


Abraham, in Genesis 12, talks about this episode where God speaks to him, being led by the Spirit. ‘Get out of your father’s house.’ Ok, well watch this guys…and not give him the destination! How do you leave the house and people ask you where you’re going? I don’t know. Now that Abrahamic episode, some people try to use today. Well, God isn’t going to put you in the position where He’s going to tell you to leave somewhere and not know where you are going. Now, you may not know the totality of what’s in mind, but the instructions he gives you from the beginning. Because all of this that we now see, if God would have given me this from the beginning, I may not have stepped out to do it, because this is far bigger than my ability, and when God leads you into new territories or new waters, or new places or endeavors, sometimes if He showed you the place before you left, you wouldn’t go. Because I don’t know if I would have been intimidated from all of the things that have happened since my first act of obedience in having faith for obeying or being led by Holy Spirit.

Say this –

  1. The Word of God causes me to be led by the Spirit,
  2. The inward witness causes me to be led by Spirit,
  3. The audible voice causes me to be led by the Spirit,
  4. Men and Women of God (specifically your pastor or someone who has a significant track record with the things of God)
    • Psalm 1
    • Now just because you are saved, doesn’t mean you don’t give ungodly counsel
  5. Peace in your Spirit – The peace of God, causes me to be led by the Spirit
  6. Visions, dreams, and prophecy causes me to be led by the Spirit


Please don’t let this be the last time that you visit what we’re talking about because you should be endeavoring to become what I’m saying and bring back fruit from this lesson. As a matter of fact, you should bless your man and woman of God in that capacity. You should endeavor to make sure you’re conforming to the image of God through the word that’s preached from your man and woman of God so when they see you, they can rejoice with you because you’ve been good student. Shout “I’m not just a hearer of this thing, I’m a doer!”


Pastor Dewayne: Yeah, and it’s amazing because when you look at it, you want to make sure that you are not just playing with this thing, you are really getting acquainted with His voice, because that’s what God really wants to move us to, is being more acquainted with voice. The Word and the voice, they’re going to go together, but that voice is more detailed. I think about your GPS system. Notice the voice is more detailed than if you click on the screen to get the written directions, and I’m telling you if you’re going to live a fulfilled life, you gotta have some details about your marriage, you gotta have some details about your finances, you gotta have details about the friends that you are with because sometimes it looks like this person that came into your life is your holy hook-up, but the voice will tell you no keep them on the outside, don’t bring them in. It’s something about that voice that we gotta make sure that we are acquainting ourselves more and more, because that voice will put you in the rooms that the word alone won’t get you in. The word alone isn’t gonna tell you about getting over there to this particular room. His voice will lead you and guide you, and you’ll be in the room, and you’ll say how in the world did I get here. His voice.

Dr. DeeDee: Yep. Even to this day, I’m led by His voice, to go where I go, to do what I do, because if I didn’t have the voice and the leadership of His voice, I probably would turn down a lot of opportunities.


The Bible says that the word killeth, but the Spirit maketh alive. That’s why the Word and Spirit are so important. Now you got the word, “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”, but the Spirit says run! Say “I need the Word and Spirit to live a successful, exceeding, abundant, more than I can ask for or think, lifestyle.”


Now three things are necessary

  1. To know Him Phil 3:10
  2. To have confidence in Him 1 John 5:14
  3. To have an unfeigned acquaintance with His voice – Gen 3:8


That’s why I love praying in the Spirit so much. I pray in the Spirit and God knows exactly. I pray mysteries to men I don’t know and it’s unfruitful to my understanding, but God knows every word though. And after I pray in the spirit I say, bless God I receive that in Jesus name Amen. Receive what? For that just pray to Him in the spirit, and then when they exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ask or think show up in my life I know what it was. Have you ever received something, and you say, man this far more than I thought I would have. You ever done? That is possibly because you prayed in the spirit, you exceeded what you were supposed to get back. Man, the benefits in there.


Years ago, in a dream, I was on this journey, and it was 4K, 12K, it was high definition. I mean it was so vivid and I was on this journey and as I was on this journey, I saw this voice light up seemingly like at 1:00 o’clock position, and his voice was just talking to me, and having some understanding of the scripture, I just perceived the voice to be the voice of Jesus talking to me from the right hand of the father. So, as I journeyed up this hill, I remember going up this hill to get closer to this voice up on this mountain. There was this swimming pool that was in between his voice, and I stopped there, and I began to baptize all these people, and the voice was constantly speaking to me ‘go teach my people faith, I’ve called you into ministry’. Acts 10 is like so consistent with what happened with me because after I left the swimming pool on my way, I saw this beautiful little snake. It had so many different colors.

It was so alluring to me, and I got closer and closer to this snake, and it wiggled over to me and after it got close enough this snake turned into a huge python and leaped at me. And long before the matrix, I gave it the matrix move. It was just that vivid and this thing went back with such force that I knew it was designed to take me out and it frightened me so in the dream that I woke up like in the world was that. But, I was so upset about the dream being broken because I never got up to the voice close enough to get the whole message. And, when I went back to sleep guess what happened? The dream picked up right where it left. I knew it was divine at that particular time. I got instructions from God upon the hill. On my way down, I began to minister, and I had no idea that it would evolve into Faith City, all these multiple locations, and Faith City back then was talking about a place because you know we acquired and paid for almost 300 acres of land for Faith City to be built. And just here recently, with the stuff that’s going on with Faith City Music, I saw them on the Fox 5 and Friends show on Saturday morning, they went millions of people after they got off of that show is when they went to number one on the charts because so many people heard them singing and they went and purchased the project. The Lord told me he said just like I told you that this ministry will go into all the parts of the world, you see. But, the place didn’t go, it’s the people. He directed my attention to what I just got this weekend, that Faith City is not just a place, it is a people. It’s a people that becomes a city or community that’s brought up upon the hill, that sounded bright, in the darkness. So, you’re the city that set up on the hill that emanates…Are you hearing what I’m saying?


Pastor Dewayne: Yeah, and it’s so important Pastor Mike because we’re gonna have to make a decision. It’s like Jesus said choose you this day what you’re going to do. You know if you’re born again and you’re born into this family you’re born a lamb, but you gotta grow into a sheep, and the amazing thing is the Bible doesn’t say my lambs would know my voice. He said my sheep would know my voice. Sheep know the voice. Lambs are in the learning stage. How long are you gonna stay in that place of just learning and never putting into action?


You know Pastor Mike said something the other day that really just hit me. He said this, “beat the person you were yesterday.” Look at the you on yesterday and refuse to stay that way.


Today let’s beat the person we were yesterday by walking and being led by the Holy Spirit, and I’m telling you He’s going to lead you and guide you and He wants to lead every last one of us to a land that flows with milk and honey in every area of your life. It didn’t just talk about your family, I’m talking about your marriage, I’m talking about your attitude, I’m talking with your children, with your friends, in every area. And in your influence and changing and making an impact in people. I’m gonna say this again because in 2023 you’re going to see some demonstrations of the power of the almighty God because God wanted us, Lottie, Dottie, and everybody, but the only ones that’s gonna experience it are the ones who have prepared themselves to be led by his voice.



  • For the next (2) weeks confess “I have faith for being led by Holy Spirit!”
  • Read Acts 10
  • Study this lesson (get familiar with it) and listen to this over and over until you can teach it.