Discipleship in Denying Yourself

Sunday, August 14, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


Are there kind ways to rebuke people?

Psalm 33:6 (NKJV)

The more I talk about a subject the more passionate I become. Why can’t your life be made by the Word?


Psalms 107:20

If you have challenges in your life, the Word will heal them.

Psalm 119:105

Let’s view this clip of Kevin Hart speaking with Oprah…Kevin Harts, mother kept asking him did he read his bible. Kevin needed money to pay rent. But each time he asked his mother for help she would ask did he read his bible. So, on the one day that he was about to be evicted, he opened the Bible to read as his mother had requested and the checks that he needed to pay rent were right there in the Bible. The moral of this story is all the answers that you will ever need are in the Word of God.  I have no other means of helping you accept in the Word. God didn’t give me anything else. God didn’t give anyone anything else, but His Word. He sent His Word, and it healed them. You are going to have to make a covenant with the Word in your uprising, in your down setting.


The Holy Spirit segways us into the lesson of denying you. Because you are too busy for the Word, and you put yourself above the Word. That’s the only situation we are in. That’s the only crisis we have here because your agenda means more to you than the Word means to you.

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There is unequivocally no way you will deny yourselves until you put a greater or higher value on something else. If a mother and child only had enough food for one, guess who’s going to eat? The child. That Mama is going to feed the baby instead of herself. She may be praying and trusting God and not seeing a way out, but that baby is going to eat because Mama has placed a higher or greater value on that child. The only way you are going to be able to do deny yourself is by putting a greater value on the word of God.


What we have is a lack of value for something greater than ourselves. Higher or greater than ourselves. When we decide to divorce. When we decide to do whatever, we choose to do, when we eat too much, we’re not denying ourselves. We have nothing of a greater value. When we have to tell somebody off or when we have to get something off our chest. All of this is a sign of not having something of a greater value when we want to do, what we want to do.

There is this flesh you and the spirit you that we are going to have to be able to separate. Because the flesh you has an agenda while the spirit you has an agenda.


My objective is to seek out the element of empowerment. There is an empowerment that comes with those who will put themselves last. You keep fighting for you, you going to lose you so this place that I’ve been in, for a great part of my life that I’m learning that love because it’s most oily. Like the short end of the stick, nobody wants to get caught with that or have that end but I can prove to you that the short end of the stick is the oiliest end. It has more oil on it than any other part of the stick. Because that’s the part that makes people feel less than and he who humbles himself is he that God will exalt. That’s why most people can’t hold onto it; it’s oily it’s snatched right out of their hand, or they can’t hold onto it simply because it’s got so much oil on it.


The doormat is the oiliest thing that you could have because when people just walk all over you and take advantage of you and consider you soft or a punk and they just use your life and who you are because they don’t even care. They’ll take from you they do whatever, they will also lie on you then you get up denying yourself and still loving them.

There’s an empowerment that comes on that individual’s life and you are protecting you too much to ever experience him. You keep protecting you instead of getting you to see who, He is. You’ll never meet Him. The one God intended for you to be, has more money than you. The one God intended for you to be, is smarter than you and you keep trying to do you on your own when He already has you for you to experience. There’s empowerment on the real you but you are accepting a substitute. Will the real you please stand up?


Every time I’ve tried to protect myself, at the end of the day God isn’t pleased with me. There are moments when you have to stand up, but you’ve made it a practice. There are moments. Kenny Rogers prophesied you got to know when to hold them And most people don’t… I’m talking about Christians like zero operations of wisdom you guys know when to bite your tongue, it doesn’t feel good, but it feels good to get it off your chest.


I love my family. Ain’t nothing like family and those who have the support of your family are those who tend to do better in life. Why you so big to even have a relationship with your family you can’t deny yourself because as long as they don’t speak to me, I’m not speaking you. Instead of getting on your face, praying in the spirit, bind the spirit of division and deception and manipulation in the life of my sister my brother, my auntie, my Mama my daddy is dark.


Matthew 16:24

You’ve been you for a long time. You’ve been you all your life. If you have one day left to change for the better, would you make some changes? Look in the mirror and lean into it and tell yourself you’re going to have to do something. That’s a part of my regimen. Talking to yourself is a soliloquy. Soliloquy is the act of speaking or alone or to oneself, especially in theatre. I must deny myself. There’s an element of empowerment that comes with this.


Transitioning from the flesh you to the spirit you is a process and it requires a renewing of the mind from the word. Because you don’t know what you should be separate from the word. If you’re not in the word, then you won’t be able to transition so the word has something to work with.


Responses are resourceful, reactions are destructive. We can react sometimes without thinking but you respond with great thought.


How do you deny yourself? You must have something of greater value or higher value than you. That’s the only reason why Dr. DeeDee and I are not divorced today. We both had something of greater and higher value and that was the Word. That’s the only reason why I submit to her the way I do because I have something of greater and higher value. You won’t know yourself until you get in the Word.



Read the Word! As a baby, my daughter Britt use to walk around the house saying “Read your Bible, Read your own Bible… Take time to fellowship with God and read, study and meditate on the Word.