What To Do After You Have Given

Thank you seems to be inadequate. You don’t do 30 years of ministry like this without people like you.

Pastor DeWayne:

When I saw the shield go into the ground, that’s a 30-year seed going into the ground that FCC will receive a harvest from for years to come. Those who came in late, even after, are going to receive something that they didn’t even work for because we have sown 30-years ahead of time.

Yes, because the ones who came in at the end of the day, got the same pay as the ones who came in at the beginning day. That’s bible (present or not). It’s like a Champion team, everyone gets a ring. Be free whether you were incapable or choose not to given. Do not let the devil harassed you. Everyone made a decision to come or not to come; to give or not to give.

II Peter 1:11-14

  • A portal, an entrance, is supply to me into everlasting life through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. (verse 11).
  • A person may not know they’re not performing it (verse 12, “…though you know”).
  • A tent (this body) to stir you up (verse 14). I want to remind you of something that you very well may know.

Dr. DeeDee:

You could know some things, but still not performed it. Like you say to your kids, “I know you know better.

II Peter 3:9

  • Lifting this up and out contextually off because it’s not consisted with Peter sharing, but there are principles concerning and even the nature of God that justify my doing at this moment.
  • “The Lord is not slack…” (verse 9) This is specifically speaking of the first part of the second coming.
  • Two parts to the second coming. The first part is when He comes back for the saints and the second part is when He comes back with the saints. We will be a part of both. And those who are alive and remain will be caught up coming for the saints; doesn’t impede with those who died before us in Christ.
  • “The Lord is not slack…His promise…” (verse 9) Have you ever felt like you were waiting so long for something God had promise you; it was as “no” you’re not going to get it? Good News! The man (Lord) ain’t slack.
  • This particular scripture you would think that He was slack about His coming, because said, “He is longsuffering towards us” (verse 9). Why is He putting off and delaying His coming? He’s not willing that any should go to hell. God is holding this off so that the church can get to work in a greater capacity to go and get the unsaved…saved. You should start with your own household.
  • As a kid growing up, we sung, “soon and very soon we are going to see King”. What is soon? Back in the day, “I was hoping He didn’t come to soon because I wanted…”
  • You see this Agape & Honor thing will alter your responses because you may want to clap back in the flesh, but you move on in the spirit.
  • My children use to hear the same thing Jesus is coming soon and they would say, “dad, stop saying that” they were all virgins.
  • So, when is He coming? He said, He’s coming in a day and an hour that no man knows, but it’s coming fast, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. You won’t be ready to pack up and get ready to go because that would be too late. You better be ready, and pack and on your way!
  • But now we can all testify that he who has promised is faithful. Is He faithful? Won’t He, do it? Has God exceeded any of you all expectation ever? That’s when people come with these dumb saying and don’t mean it “He may not come when you want Him” but the moment you ask that answer was released. Jesus! Ooh Jesus! I said that the moment you ask the answer has already been released! We don’t wait til the battle is over, or until we have it in our hands, we shout NOW! I dare you to shout, I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF A MIRACLE”!

Pastor DeWayne:

Pastor Mike, as you were saying that about the last part that’s why when we pray, He said, “…believe that you received”. He’s telling you to do two things, first believe. You have to believe that what He said, it is so, the minute you asked, it’s release. God is really trying to tell you what He said, He needs us to receive it.

Something can be release, but if you don’t receive what has been released, the devil make you try to blame it on the one that sent it instead of looking at the one who didn’t receive it. I am telling you God is not slack concerning His promises. You got to know that God will keep His Word. And the moment that you asked, its release, you got to believe, you receive in your spirit so that you can bring it out and it can be seen.

God can’t bring anything on the scene. He has to drop it at the borderline of the unseen in your spirit. And we are the ones that has to bring it from the unseen on the seen so it can be seen.

Hallelujah! I said, Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Now if you failed to understand that it’s already worked out on your behalf, you maybe empowering Satan to interfere because that particular scripture that comes from Daniel; where He told Daniel, “…from the day you set your face to asked me for what you asked I sent” the dog gone thing; from the day you asked. It’s three weeks later and Daniel getting an answer, he said, but the prince of Persia. There are demonic forces, “…we will wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and power…” are you hearing what I am saying to you? That’s trying to devoid you of what you ask for. That’s why you got to stay in FAITH. Shout…I walk by faith, not by sight!

So, “He’s not slack concerning His promises”. So, if you have been in a position of waiting on the manifestation or seeing the manifestation of something don’t you get your eyes in the wrong place, keep your eyes on the Word of the living God.

Dr. DeeDee:

The enemy would love to get their attention on things that are happening and going on in your life around you and make you lose focus of why you sowed your seed from the beginning. Like a bill will come up. You’ll start thinking, wow, if I would have not sown, that seed then I would be able to meet that bill. The bible said, to be not weary in well doing, for you shall reap if you faint not. A lot of people think delay means a denial and when they don’t see their seed producing as fast as somebody else’s those are the things that will cause you to become distracted and lose what you’re supposed to reap. Pastor Mike wants to tell you now…what happens now that you’ve sown your seed now what. Because the enemy saw what you sowed. And he’s going to try to distract you and get you off course of what you have sown. Like every Sunday the Word of God is sown in your heart, and you have the responsibility of protecting whatever is sown in your heart. The same you way you have a responsibility to protect the Word of God that’s sown in your heart, you have a responsibility to protect your seed that was sown in the ground. So, instead of looking at what’s going on around you, look at what you have sown and look at what you wanted to produce. Do you hear what I’m telling you? So, keep your focus.

You’ll have people in the interim that will come to you who did not maintain this steadfastness and ask you what’s going on with your harvest. You got anything yet from that seed? You better get those people out of your face. Jesus, somebody who has bit or taking the bait from Satan to start this discord in your heart to get you opposing the order of God. Look at your neighbor and say I sow too much money to let the devil in on this deal. And so, you’ll become weary in well doing. Especially if they left their name off the program or they didn’t mention your name, but you gave your seed.

Hebrews 6:10 -13 (NLT, TPT, & NIV translations)

I’ve watched people faint because their names were not called after giving. Nobody put your name in the Walk of Fame or Walk of Faith, gave you a letter off the old building and I did all this work in this ministry, and this is the thanks I get for it. Let me show you something. God is not unjust, He’s righteous.

The righteous are those who’ve been declared just. Unjust are unrighteous and the righteous are just so the Lord is not unjust (verse 10). I got a question, when have you ever worked for Him? Serving in ministry or serve outside of ministry you have worked for Him…ooh Jesus! Did it say, you worked for Mike Freeman? Did it say you worked for Dr. DeeDee? Did it say you worked for your ED? Certainly, Pastor DeWayne and Minister Lisa you’ve worked for them? When have you ever worked for Him? Serving in ministry or serving outside of ministry you have worked for Him. Jesus, slap your neighbor and say I work for the man himself. And how you have shown your love to Him and how you have shown your love to Him by caring for other believers…” (verse 10). Now Pastor DeWayne, you worked very hard in this ministry. I wanted to ask you a question, have you ever needed to be acknowledged by anyone all these years you have put in the work?

Pastor DeWayne:

No, I didn’t have a need, but I think early in ministry, I had a feeling. I probably would have had a question early in ministry, but then when I started looking and learning, I found that I didn’t need that. The ones who need that to me show me that they have a little growing up to do. Because if you need it when you don’t get it you cut up. What a person is looking for who feels that way can be true, but they need to look at and put value to it to see if it’s worth where you are going. Why pull off the road for a distraction that is true when you are going towards the truth. Things that are true will keep you in bondage, but truth will always keep you free. I want to stay focused and value where I’m going because where I’m going carries more weight than what’s trying to pull me over on the side of the road. I think years ago, I broke that because when we were growing up, they would call your name at the end of the program and when your name didn’t get called you had a little feeling. I had to break that because you aren’t going to do ministry and do it well if you need applause from somebody else. If you are serving you should be serving for an audience of one and that’s JESUS.

Pastor Rick:

Yes, I would but I would say a little more. I would say when it is when I need that recognition it would not be for myself, but for those who are with me to recognize them. You would want the others recognized that’s connected to you.

Pastor Rick:

Yes, I would want the others to be recognized. It would not be for myself but for those who are with me to recognize them, that are connected to me.

You would want the others that are connected to you to be recognized you as their leader right but as their leader let me tell you this, you teach them not to need it. As their leader that’s what you supposed to do. Pastor Jeff, on you

Pastor Jeff:

I never felt that way. I rather stay behind the scenes.

Yeah, he is a behind scene man and just bake a pink cake, LOL! Pastor Tim, I know you need to be recognized.

Pastor Tim:

And most people do because of my exuberance for life and my big personality that’s my disposition and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I often teach Faith City not to need it because once you need those things, right in line with what Pastor DeWayne was saying you give your keys away to your destiny. You’re no longer in control. So now if I need something from you, I’ve taken the keys from my hand on how I’m going to govern myself and I’ve given it to you for you to drive. You turn on, I go if you turn off, I’m stagnant.

You’re being dictated to by the gas I’m giving you.

Pastor Tim:

Absolutely! I call it the dangers of an extrinsically motivated minister.

My god. What kind of ministry is this. And then you really reduce all of what you could have to that accolade that you got. Because the bible says, you have your reward and why leave your reward to a man’s mouth opposed to God’s manifestation. I rather have what God has for me than have what any man has for me. Okay, look at it from TPT.

That’s exactly what Pastor Tim was talking about your enthusiasm lacks luster simply because you have allowed what you do to be fed by the accolades of man.

   There are a few things you need to know:

  • Shout this and write this everything I have belongs to God and say this too, and everything I am belongs to God.
  • I first must purpose in my heart that everything is his desire. I mean the things that I do like.
  • All throughout the scripture the bible is clear about a man’s or woman’s giving. In order for you to give you got to first get that in your heart. Sometimes people are trying to move with their hands without moving with their heart. And your hand will never move until you get your heart moving or your hand can get out there without your heart and if something come up that’s bigger than you know what’s in your heart, you’ll pull back your hand and allocate it to something else. But when is in your heart you’re going to be so focused in on that.
  • Continue to save and sow like you did before. Because some of you all gave like the giving was just, I’ve never seen it before and some of you have to…all of you should because I am. And the bible say follow those who through faith and faith. I’m going save, just like I was saving to sow again; however, I’m not sowing again. I really don’t know because God has to make that call, but now you have to normalize your saving, because I am not going to be sowing like this, I would like to, but I’m not going to try to keep up with this ($300,000.00).

Dr. DeeDee:

That’s good…no that’s good he’s not saying that he not going to sow again, but he’s not going to try to keep up with this measure unless it’s God for you to do it. Approach the opportunity in obedience. That simply means when God tells you to pull a trigger on something then approach that opportunity.

Key verses: II Peter 1:11-14; 3:9 (NKJV); Hebrew 6: 10 – (NLT, TPT, & NIV)