Discipleship in Making Jesus Lord

Sunday, June 12, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


Dr. DeeDee: This is going to be a powerful lesson. A lot of people have made

Jesus Savior but have not accepted Him as Lord, but I have a problem with evening saying that because to me, you cannot receive Him as Savior and not receive Him as Lord. It’s not like we can pick and choose when you receive Him as Savior; you had to receive Him as Lord. It’s just that we haven’t submitted to Him as Lord. The misfortunate part about that is that when you haven’t made Him Lord, that means that you have made yourself or someone else responsible for certain parts or aspects of your life.

Pastor Dewayne: It’s important to make people aware of the Lordship of Jesus. It hasn’t been taught. As Dr. DeeDee was saying, when you receive Him as Savior, you receive Him as Lord at the same time, but we haven’t highlighted that we highlight Savior but not His Lordship. You can highlight Savior and leave out Lord unknowingly, but when you highlight Lord, you can never leave out the Savior part.

Pastor Dewayne: Romans 10:9 talks about making Jesus Lord but we as a body started out off because we taught people to receive Jesus as Savior based on this scripture and this scriptures focus is on making Him Lord. Lord in those days was a title that was placed on people, but they wanted us to know the difference here because they said the Lord Jesus.

I am no longer teaching sermons I am building lives. I am not just teaching to be teaching but I am teaching to make/create teachers.

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If I told you I needed you to teach this week, your attentiveness would be greater than if you were not aware that you had to teach. If I told you that you had to teach, there would be more notes taken. Pastor Kim mentioned something to me with respect to the precipice; she mentioned something to me concerning this approach, and it was confirmed by another spiritual partner of mine that lives in Houston, TX. He said Pastor; your lessons are getting people prepared as though it’s the last call. Pastor Kim came to me and told me she said I hear the Lord saying something about your lessons like it’s a final call. It is a consolidation of the hearts and minds of individuals coming together, understanding that the end times we are really in and things are being reconciled throughout the body of Christ and particularly in our own personal walks. There must be greater consideration of how you conduct the affairs of your lives moving forward.

It is literally creating now a reformation of thought and actions in the believer that caution all of us to understand that our assignments are so necessary. Sober up!

Stay woke! Awaken to this call that has hit the earth. I hear the sound of heaven touching the earth, and some people want to hear it with respect to prosperity. They want to hear it with respect to increase, but there is a harvest that Jesus died for that’s dying in your field, and you are asleep. There must be this urgency/soberness.


Dr. DeeDee: The two words that you received regarding the final call. A lot of times, we will associate that with the coming of the Lord, but there could be a final call for the lives of the people that you are ministering to regarding their ability and their season to reach certain people. We take it for granted that somebody else is going to be here tomorrow, and you cannot take that for granted; you don’t know what’s going to happen in your life or in that person’s life, and it’s like to me every day should be a final call or last call not knowing what to expect tomorrow that’s why we must act now. I’m not saying that that’s not what it was or is…I’m saying we have to hear from where we are right now.

So, it appears that the body of Christ is inebriated like we’re drunk; unlike the sons of Issachar, we don’t understand the time and season that we’re in. (I Chronicles 12:32)

From the Desk of Pastor Michael A. Freeman

Dr. DeeDee: The body of Christ has not been prepared to do or been taught to do what God has called us to do in the earth. We’ve received Jesus for our own purpose and our own motives.

And there lies the dilemma. We’re all over the place, and there’s no oneness with respect to the mandate. So, we’re discombobulated; we’re all over the place.

Dr. DeeDee: Because we haven’t made Him Lord when everybody makes Him Lord, then there’s only one assignment.

And we will hear corporately. I must equip you all to handle or to do your own work of ministry. I’m not quite certain concerning the future of megachurches or mega ministries. Part of the dilemma is that you’ve been able to come in and hide and not do what you’ve called to do. The early church demonstrated somethings in smaller gatherings. I’m not intimidated by the lack thereof of gatherings in the church because most pastors won’t say this because they connect their livelihood to you, as opposed to Him. I can talk the way I talk because I made Him Lord. You are not my source. If you don’t pick up and stay asleep on what I am sharing with you, or you don’t understand that you may just be the pastor in your house or the pastor of your community, or the pastor of your workplace where you may not be able to get them to me, but you can get them to you, and as long as they get to you, they’ve gotten to me. (this is not to exempt or throw away the fivefold ministry gifts.)

I believe I receive. Where is your pulpit? Where are the people who should be hearing the echo from you? I want you not only to focus on those who are born again, but I need the church to expand I need you to go get a Sinner with this reconciliation.

I have to get you stirred up because you are still stuck in the way you have been doing your relationship with Jesus for the last ten years. This is part of your routine and your regiment; you are coming here, but you have not transitioned out of it where now you are utilizing the things that you are learning. You must break out of this; somehow call your auntie, call your uncle, your cousins, get all of them together, and say I’m having a Bible study. Call your nieces and nephews and say I’m having a Bible study for my nieces and nephews… do something; start ministering now it’s important. I’m talking about agape and honor.

I’m telling you something’s relative to this Apostolic anointing, the office that I will minister out of a lot because I’m setting things in order right now whether you believe it or not.


Matthew 24:3-7

Now, as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.

These are pre signs of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of it is inside of His first coming because the second coming consists of two. The first time He comes, He’s coming back for the Saints. Some are thinking this is something you all will have to live through, and some of it you will because these are things that are going on now. Covid 19 is pestilent. Gas prices are famines. The second time that He comes back in the second coming is when He comes back with the Saints.

Why is this so important for me to tell you about because we’re in those moments, and these lessons are final calls for you to do what God has called you to do. There is this urgency. If it’s not for the end of all ages, it could be the end for a family member. But who knows that?

It’s time to equip us for what is ahead. I promise you the more I talk about this and enquire of the Lord concerning this…these gatherings may be cut off again, where we may not be able to meet…who is to feed your families then? We need to be sitting down with our notes having practice…on calling of the Name of Jehova… so if something hits, we’ve had practice calling on the name of Jesus.

Dr. DeeDee: We take life for granted…think about it, you know what happened in Texas we always say, oh, that doesn’t happen in our area, that doesn’t happen around here where we are. Nothing like that ever happens in my neighborhood. They got people in your neighborhood…then stuff can happen.

I appreciate all of the rallies and marching that they’re doing for different things like handguns. However, I need you to listen because wherever the devil is, he’s going to find and manipulate away to get somebody, and so don’t you be so hung up and think you so protected by the government and their rules and laws that they put in place. Don’t build your safety on that; you have to build your safety right here in this Word and teach your kids how to trust God. Did you hear about that young girl who said when she saw everybody else was dying around her in the school shooting, she took their blood, put it on herself and laid on the ground, and acted like I was dead. She was about 10 or 11 So, your children are going to have to be equipped with the wisdom of God.

A 10- or 11-year-old has to think about using the blood of a classmate…that was powerful to me; that’s how you will be able to overcome all of these nefarious attacks you’ll hear from God. He will direct your path. She could have been so frantic and cried and screaming. How does this child have the sense of mine to dip her hand in the blood of a classmate to protect herself? What God is trying to do is to shake us. Who’s going to be able to shake you and wake you up out of this… that’s my job when I get you in here, I am to shake you and say come on, you got this put on the whole armor we don’t have time to sleep and wake up!

DECREE: May you not rest and your drunkenness. May you not have peace in this place of not being where God has called you.

I didn’t know how else to say that because we want to hear peace, but you don’t need peace right now; you need an alarm clock. May Holy Spirit awaken you and arrest your attention to go after your household… at least your own families. Even some of your personalities that are not consistent with this type of performance may you come out of that personality, that disposition that causes you to be laid back when you should be leaning forward.

Next week will be going to be getting into the definition of “Lord.”


Family Meeting June 15, 2022

Happiest Birthday ever to Dr. DeeDee!