Discipleship in Making Jesus Lord

Sunday, June 26, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


Dr. DeeDee: When you make Him Lord, it’s a game-changer.

The minute you make Jesus Lord, that’s the minute you change the game for the rest of your life. Making Him Lord is a game-changer. Now, unfortunately, here’s where we’ve been missing it. Most people have not understood what Lord really means, and so we want to bring about a level of clarity as it relates to your understanding of Him being the Lord.

Here’s our objective, to establish a greater understanding of His authority in our lives, to establish a greater revelation of our authority in our life. If I can establish His authority, if I can get you to understand His authority in your life, you will have a greater revelation of your authority in life. So, the authority that you understand about Him is the authority that you will have in life. The more you understand Him being Lord of your life and His authority, and the more you yield to His authority in your life as Lord, it will fortify and strengthen your authority as lord in the earth.


Pastor Dewayne: I think, it’s like you said, the more you establish His Lordship, the more you understand His Lordship and what it really means. It fortifies something in you, and it strengthens and causes you to walk in that authority, even greater.

The less you embrace this understanding upward, the more you denounce it downward.

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I want you all to hear something. I’m showing this because it’s an answered prayer. I asked God to give prominent leaders my message. It’s his message, but because we are a gateway ministry, a lot of things introduced to the body of Christ will be birthed here first. Now it’s important that you become partakers of the first fruit of what’s birthed here. Now tell me if you recognize any of this stuff he’s about to say.


Bishop T.D. Jakes: He gave us one commandment, that you love one another  as I have loved you. If I put up with you and am patient with you, you ought to reflect that patience in the people you love. He didn’t just say love one another. He said to love them as I have loved you, you convicted already I know I know I can make altar call right now. Question is your love a reflection of his or a reflection of your selfishness, your frustrations, your desires, your attitudes. Can anybody see Jesus’ love in the way you love?

But you will say, you don’t know what they have done to me. You don’t know how they have treated me now; this love commands that you love. I wish you would put that up somewhere in your home where you most frequent, like the refrigerator or your vanity mirror where you brush your teeth. I just wish you would just put-up signs or placards that will just say, “As I have loved you.” Now a lot of people did some very nefarious and very notorious and very, hideous, and very heinous and wicked hard evil wicked things to Jesus, and how did he respond? Now, if He’s Lord of your life, then as He is, so are we in the earth. When it comes time to love your enemy, you won’t even speak to people who don’t talk to you.

Revelations 19:16

  • Name written King of kings and Lord of lords (on His robe and thigh)
  • Who are these kings and Lords? We are
  • He has made us kings and priests (Revelation 1)

The authority that you exercise as this King of kings or as this Lord or lords will be solely predicated on the revelation that you have of Him being Lord.

And so, as you comply with His authority, you’re going to have this understanding that things comply to me based upon my authority. My children would haul off and do something that they had done before, and my response would be, now, didn’t I tell you not to do that again? Yes, daddy! And then, I heard Holy Spirit say, how many times…? O, you all have been there? Come on, tell the truth, the whole truth. Holy Spirit has checked you as you checked your children?

How dare you make a demand on them which are subjugated to you or under your authority when you don’t comply to Him? So how strong is your authority in the earth when you tell something to obey you? Your kingship is reduced by your submission to kingship.

Pastor Dewayne: When you look at this, before the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, the people in the Old Testament did not have the revelation of His Lordship that we received after the His death, burial, and resurrection. However, they did more than we are doing, although we have a greater revelation.

The revelation of the word Lord increased after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. He wasn’t given a name above every name until after the resurrection. So, before that, they only saw Him as Lord in a particular area. They didn’t see Him as Lord of all. And they did more, they were casting out devils, they were laying hands on people, and now here we have that He’s Lord over everything, Lord of our finances, Lord over our marriage, Lord over our body, and we’re doing less than what they did. And I’m telling you, the more we get a revelation of this, you’re going to see more people walking in a greater authority when they get this Lordship together in their mind.

Dr. DeeDee: We don’t even see it. Just like you’re saying, when we get that revelation of it, you’ll start seeing things manifesting in your life a lot faster. And because we don’t have a revelation of reality that Lordship that we’re supposed to submit to, we’re not going to have the same revelation that we need to get things done ourselves here in the earth. A lot of times, we don’t see healing take place in our life, we don’t see our families delivered, and we don’t see things manifested in our life because we don’t understand the power that we already possess. But until you submit to the power, you won’t have that power to operate in that authority here in the earth.

Pastor Dewayne: You know when you find out what a king is and how a king operates, and you find out that you are a king in this earth realm. Your whole language, your whole lifestyle, will change. Ecclesiastes 8:4 says this, “where the word of a king is there is power and who may say to him, what are you doing?” Who’s going to tell a king, what are you doing, you are king, and you bring in your tithes, and then somebody asking you what you are doing.

Who gave you that authority to check me? You don’t check kings when they are walking in the authority when you lay hands on the sick; who has the authority to tell you what are you doing? I’m doing what the bible says, and I’m going to see this person recover in Jesus’ name.

It’s an authority that you walk in when you find out who He is and when you find out who He is, He will tell you who you are.

And that’s for the things in the earth, and the things that are underneath the earth, they must obey you. When I received the revelation as the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about how I was speaking to my children, it corrected some of the ways I correct my children. It caused me to acquiesce, and so the way I would approach things would be based upon the revelation of things, with my temperament, emotions, and love.


Dr. DeeDee: Hearing the thing about correcting your children…it’s like we submit to His Lordship really believe that’s a part of the influence that we allow Christ to have over us. God never wants to control us, and a lot of times, I believe as adults, we grow up, and we think, okay, I don’t want anyone to control me, and so we are desensitized, to the term Lord and so we don’t want to submit. We don’t want to say, oh, somebody’s lord over me because you grew up with, I can’t wait to get out of or from underneath this control of this authority. We get married, and women are saying, things like a man won’t ever control me, and so to submit now to Jesus as Lord with the idea of thinking that God wants to control you becomes as if wants to rule, lord over, or control you like your old way of thinking has shown you. He doesn’t want to control you; He just wants to influence your life because influence will go much further than control. Even with your children, and I know I’m probably shifting. Some of us want to control our children and make them obey everything that we say, but your influence will go much further than your control will because control only lasts as long as they can see you or you are around. But that influence will go wherever you are not.

When you and I made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives, listen to me carefully, we forfeited the right to do life like we want to. And Solomon tried to give us a heads up; he says, “trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean to what you think,” but in some of your ways, all of your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. Now, Solomon went on further in scripture 14:12 and 16:25, which says, “there is a way that seems right unto man…”. So, if I forfeited the right to do life on my own the way I want to do it, and he told me there’s a way that I can come up with that seems right, but it leads to destruction, why would I take my way over his way?

But I forfeited my way when I said He’s Lord. But see, so there are some things that He asked me to do that I may not agree with…what do I do now? Submission is only submission up to the point I ask you to do something you don’t like. It’s when I ask you to do something that you don’t like is when we’re going to find out how submitted you are.

I Corinthians 7:23

  • God paid a high price for you
  • When has someone been able to tell you what to do with what you paid for
  • How are you going to be caught up with what the world is suggesting when God paid for you?

I Corinthians 6:17-19

  • The person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him (you and I are joined to the Lord)
  • We are one with Him
  • Run from sexual sin…
  • Sexual immorality is a sin to you own body

Why did he put emphasis on sexual why didn’t he just say that you have run from lies too, you have to run from anger that’s out of control, you got to run from temper that’s out of control, you got to run from gluttony because you’re out of control, you know that’s the Lord’s body you sitting there, and the Lord said, you had enough right now, and you said that, man I’m going to eat the rest of it. Who’s in charge here? And then you’re hanging around a lot of people who love the buffet.

And it’s spelled the same buffet and buffet, and God told you to buffet your body, buffet that flesh that’s going to want some stuff that God is opposed to your having.

Pastor Dewayne: If I can go back over to Corinthians – while all sin is sin, all sin doesn’t have the same consequence. It’s like all crimes are crimes, but all crimes don’t have the same consequence. And when you are dealing with this body now, I see a greater consequence than I do when a person lies. And if you really understood that you were brought with the price, you would take care of this body; you would handle this body, you would possess this body differently. Most people will always take care of somebody else’s stuff better than their own. For example, if I drive your car, I’m more sensitive when I’m driving your car than if I were driving my own car.

Do you remember that time you were driving that rental car, and you pulled into that tight parking space, and you said, I can get in here, and you pulled up in there, and then suddenly you backed out of the space, and parked somewhere else?

I’ll tell you what it was about. When I was pulling in, I heard don’t park in here because someone may ding this car because you’re too close, and you know what I said to myself it ain’t mine. And the Lord says, oh, that’s how you feel? It blew me, man…when I tell you I pulled up in that spot and said it isn’t mine, the Lord brought one scripture back to my mind, “if you’re not faithful over that which is another man’s…”. See if He’s Lord, you’re going to do something about the stuff you hear.

Somebody’s going to run you now, either you going to run you, Satan’s going to run you, your friends or families or colleagues or God. I’m just trying to get your attention because we’ve been running our own lives, and we’re on the thrones of our own lives, but yet we call Him Lord. That’s why we went to 6:46 of Luke.

Luke 6:46

  • So why do you keep calling me Lord when you don’t do what I say?

Now let’s highlight or lift the Greek and Hebrew definition. Let’s do that for a moment because if you deduce the definition, you won’t have the clarity to fulfillment. The power to define is the power to fulfill, so if I can’t properly define something, there’s no way I’m going to be able to fulfill it.

There are a lot of cats who are married who can’t biblically define the husband; that’s what they call you; you’re a husband, and you can’t define it. You are a wife, but you can’t biblically define it. Matter of fact, you were supposed to be one before you said I do. Because the scripture said he who finds, and you were supposed to be wifey material before he pulled up on you. Anybody can get a lady. Anybody can get a female, but not everybody’s going to get a wife.

Pastor Dewayne: I’ve learned that you can know something but not be intimate with what you know. When you read that scripture, Solomon knew something, trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways. Solomon was breaking down the individual areas of your life. He said all your ways, so that means you had to examine areas of your life. This guy knew something that he wasn’t reflecting himself. This guy went out and did some crazy stuff. If he would have been intimate with what he said that he knew, he wouldn’t have been doing this foolishness that he was doing as his life began to progress. That means that you can be sleeping with somebody, for example, a husband and wife, and you know that’s your wife or your husband. You know his/her name, but you aren’t intimate with the one that you say you are connected with. You’re wondering why you can’t reflect something you cannot reflect the Lordship of Jesus Christ if you don’t become intimate with it, and there are a lot of people just going around talking about His Lordship, and they are telling you what they know, but they haven’t become intimate with what they know, and now they’re frustrated, and they can’t bring the result, but you’ll never bring the results if you don’t become intimate with this in every area of your life.

At least hear my heart, at least hear the heart of God concerning you why call me Lord, and you’re not going to do the things that I ask you. It’s apparent that that there are some things to do when you call Him Lord you just can’t do what you want to do and still call Him Lord. He’s saying, why call me Lord. Why call me your Pastor? Why do you call your wife, wife, and won’t become complicit? Why are you calling him… husband? Sarah got a revelation of this, and she said, “Wow, daughters, you are so precious as wives. We got some examinations to make. David said search me, oh God. See if there be any wicked thing in me.

What are we doing class, what are we doing, brothers and sisters, what are we

really doing are we exhibiting a form of godliness and shunning the power thereof? Remember, I am teaching to create teachers, and the greatest teaching tool you possess is your life.  You can show people better than you can tell them. And there are some things that we want to do. That’s why I gave you the formula to success in life:

1. Make Jesus Lord. 2. Deny yourself 3. Be led by Holy Spirit


Pastor Dewayne: Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit never ask any questions that they don’t already know the answer to. Most of the time, when He asks a question, it’s a rhetorical thing, and He said…. why do you keep calling me Lord?

Everyone must answer this question within themselves. You must ask yourself why am I calling Him Lord but not reflecting it in my life. I think everybody in every area of their life because sometimes, Most of the time we will magnify our strong areas and overlook or cover weak areas in our lives, but the Spirit of the living God is really trying to do something with us.

God wants to do some supernatural things in and through us. I’m telling you they’re going to be some supernatural things that are going to take place, and God wants to use you, but He can’t use people who have a whole lot of head knowledge; it got to be with your heart your head can tell your mouth to release something, but your heart is what’s going to help you reflect on what you release. Come on, y’all, let’s get this thing like never before.

Why do you call me lord and do not do things? There are times when DeeDee will say something to me, and I want to say something back. And the Lord says don’t say anything. The times I haven’t said anything has been so refreshing, and the times I have has been so destructive. Why call Him Lord if you’re not going to keep quiet when He said don’t say anything. They cut you off in traffic… just bless them…



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  • The word Lord is mentioned 6,748 times in the bible is there another word that is mentioned in scripture more times than the word Lord. If so, how many times, and what is the word.