Discipleship in Reconciliation

Sunday, May 29, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


Pastor Dewayne: Dr. DeeDee was exalting how you have such a great heart to teach people and the joy that you have in teaching people to become teachers. But there is a greater joy that comes when the people bring the results back. John said that is no greater joy than when he hears that the children are walking in truth. It’s all a big circle. You receive, and then you release and get the reward. You receive, and you take the reward back, and the cycle keeps repeating itself…and within that circle, everyone is happy.

Yes…that was the original intent, and that’s why I want to take all of you back to Eden. The Garden of delight, where you are living on top of the world.


I Chronicles 29:1-3

  • David spoke to all the assembly (Salmon is young)
  • The temple is not for man but for the Lord God
  • He is Lord (He is My Lord)
  • I have prepared with all my might
  • I have set my affections towards the house of my God


Pastor Dewayne: When you were saying Lord, that means that He is Master, Ruler, and Controller. When you really recognize that you have made Him Lord, you lose your rights to do things that way you want to do them.

Wow, and that is the epitome of trust or the essence of trust.

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You can beat preparation. The more you are prepared, the more you will prosper.


Pastor Dewayne: Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

If you want to tap into a promise, every promise has provision (a way to get to the promise). You will notice people who get to the promise because when you back track, they had a plan… they were prepared. Properly prepared people always show up when opportunities avail themselves.

It is the duty or responsibility of the men and women of God to prepare the people.


Dr. DeeDee: When I look at this scripture and think about setting my affection… I think about how I have to decide to give attention to whatever it is. Salmon says in I Chronicles 29:3; I give my attention towards setting my affection to whatever it is that God has told me to do. So, in our relationship, I have set my attention my focus on you to fulfill whatever need or desire you have in your heart. I want to see it come to pass…so I’ve set myself to make it happen. I am fixed; I cannot be moved.

I as this ministry gift (Pastor), am responsible for having you prepared.

Psalms 139:23

  • Search me, O God
  • Try me and know my thoughts
  • See if there be any wicked way in me


Sometimes you have to take your life those things that you are doing that are unscriptural or unbiblical that you have been defining yourself as something that not Godly. Then you qualify it by saying that’s just me because you want to keep it real. You are the authentic you that’s not defined by the authentic Him. Therefore, you are coming up with a counterfeit. We have to come up with the real Him; when we see ourselves, we should see Jesus.

Most people don’t know how to reconcile their bank statements etc. That’s why most businesses have an independent auditor to reconcile for them. We need an independent auditor… Holy Spirit to come in with that fine-tooth comb and go through your stuff. As He goes through your stuff, He will find the inadequacies and inconsistencies in your life.

You can’t go to something that is a replica and get an original out of it. Therefore, it’s important for you to go to Him and allow Him to define you. You forfeit the right to make decisions on your own

Pastor Dewayne: We don’t have to ask God to search our hearts like David because he was not born again, but we are. You already know when you are lying. People try to ask God to search or forgive them for stuff they don’t know when God is asking that we confess the stuff that we know. If you deal with the stuff that you know, He will take care of the stuff that you don’t know.

This lesson is for your tomorrow. I am preparing you for your tomorrow. Therefore, you don’t want to be unprepared, and you try to take the examination when the storm takes place. You want to be already prepared. You may be hearing this as just another lesson. But you need to understand that God has taken me into your future and downloaded a Word for me to give to you. You cannot just listen to sermons, but you have to become what you hear.


Dr. DeeDee: You’ve taught us that every moment is designed to protect another moment. Therefore, we have to understand that you are not just teaching a lesson to be teaching a lesson, but you are teaching a lesson that will protect us in another moment. You have to be present in this moment in order to know what to take out of this time to protect and cover us for the next moment. If you don’t master it right here, you won’t be able to master it when that moment comes and you need it.

A man like Joseph must be in your tomorrow, and you have to prepare to be that man now because the time will come for you to be a distribution center.

Dr. DeeDee: Think about how many people are dead today because they did not master how-to walk-in love. How they got over in road rage…believers and sinners alike. But there are people who are present and have the opportunity to learn to walk in love today because tomorrow, you will be presented with an opportunity to walk in hate. You need to master this right now because if you don’t, what you are right now will show up tomorrow, and it will take you out.

Pastor Dewayne: Most believers live off their memories and don’t live off their imagination. Preparation means that you are massaging your imagination. God gave us an imagination, and He also gave us a memory. Most people aren’t prepared because they don’t use their imagination because satin has blocked off their imagination and only allows them to live off memories.

And you have to establish this imagination. You have to see yourself loving people like Jesus loves people long before it happens. Those who react are not prepared.

Acts 7:50-60

  • Stiff neck and hard-hearted
  • Being full of the Holy Spirit
  • Look to the Word when things happen

That’s what happens when God is trying to tell you something…you are stiff-necked and hard-hearted.

Are you ready to grow? Go, and be prepared for your next? Because this next has an abundance of wealth locked into it. Your provision is in your next based upon how you prepare yourself in this moment.


Read Exodus chapters 25,35 and 40