Discipleship in Reconciliation

Sunday, May 15, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


There is a building place there is a construction site that I am interested in formulating and erecting. I am not interested in teaching lessons; I am interested in building lives.

Many times, we have heard a lesson, yet it did not translate into any changes in our lives. You didn’t take what you heard and build it into who you are. Some of my favorite people are Strategists and Evolutionists.

I have been evolving and unaware of the process. I have been becoming something unaware, and now that I am that which I have been becoming, I am being introduced to that individual.

I shared a couple of years back that there are some people you are going to meet that will transform your lives. The Spirit of the Living God told me that the main person you should be interested in meeting is the one He foreknew before the foundation of the world.

Most Christians don’t know who God intended them to be before the foundation of the world.

We are discovering or stumbling into that individual as we make mistakes through this evolution process.

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I must get you back to a pure place of perspective. I became a husband long before I knew who I was. Now I am responsible for functioning in two dimensions of life without having a full understanding of just one area. I must be a husband and don’t know how to be a man. Add sex to the equation, and now I have also become a father. I am a father and husband and still don’t know who I am based upon a pure perspective of the Word of God.

How long have you been patching up your lives?

Dr. Dee Dee: We have the responsibility of directing our life. If you don’t direct it, life will direct you. It is important that you get back to that pure place of perspective as far as the Word is concerned.”

There are perspectives that have invaded the me that I was designed to be by God in my evolving. The pure place of the perspective He had for me has been contaminated by different kinds of engagements in life that I possibly should have never embarked upon. I got some stuff that has come from outside of His perspective.

Maybe you aren’t all that you could be in this season of your life; a lot of us are not where we could be. We’ve evolved into something that God never saw from the foundation of the world. Now, we are trying to do life-based upon the perspectives we have gathered to become who we call me (ourselves). Then you become “Unapologetically Me (you).” You owe God an apology, your Mother, your Daddy, your husband, your wife, and you owe your children an apology because they have never gotten the person that God intended for you to be because you didn’t get your life from Him. You made up a life.

Dr. Dee Dee: “This is reconciliation because God desires to reconcile us back to who He created us to be.”

There are consequences when we embrace our own agenda.

Some perspectives are not guarded; they are coming in unescorted. No one is watching over all of these ideologies, but it is shaping who becoming.

It’s good to go to new places because some of you do not know how to evolve and become more. There are some things that established me.

From a baby to a man, there have been so many outside voices that helped to shape who Mike Freeman was becoming (hear the complete description in the 8:00 am service).

However, the scripture tells me not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind, but my mind has been established. To reshape is far more difficult than to shape. Unlearning is more difficult than learning.

What chance does your baby have when you don’t sit down with them from the lesson you are getting from here, and you don’t know how they are being shaped and established. Couple that with the confusion in the home. Because we come to this assembly place that is perceived to be the place where we get help, but the help that we get doesn’t seem as though it’s helping our house. Subsequently, because you don’t see any changes in our homes from the help that you receive when you come to the ministry, then the help that your child or anyone is hearing from other houses is more appealing than that coming from the ministry and now they don’t want to go where you been going because the place you been going didn’t help you.

Fortify that with your regiment/routine. Routinely what you are you have been doing, and every morning you wake up and do what you have been doing with nothing added to it to create any evolution or exposure to anything new.

Subsequently, my regiment has me bound to staying who I don’t like that I am. My regiment has become my latest distraction. I’m distracted from who the scripture commands me to be because I’m locked into doing life this way every day. But I satisfy some things about me that I am comfortable with who I am, not more than who I am. Because I don’t know who I am. I built this out of some other perspective and not out of the principle of the scripture. Then you have the audacity to say this is just me.

Dr. DeeDee: We live in moments, but we don’t always acknowledge that those moments are changing us or have an impact on us. Now that we are aware of something, we can do something with it. I can use this moment to distract me or push me where I’m supposed to go. You must determine, is this a distraction, or will this create traction for me? I want to create traction in my life to take me into the places that God wants me to go.

Your distraction may become your current traction. Your daily routine is your distraction; how do you get out of it?

2 points of focus

#1 Start rethinking your thoughts (you have thoughts, start rethinking why you do what you do and where you got it from) As a man thinks in his heart, so is that man.

#2 Be good with being uncomfortable in Pastor’s presence for a season (I want you better). Because I will stand before you to disconnect you from who you think you are.

Watch and see how you grow!

As you evolve, there will be strategies added to your evolution that will cause you to be excited.

You live out as you have heard.

You could have more money than the person you have allowed you to be. You could have more joy than the person you have allowed you to be.

You could have more fulfillment than the person you have allowed you to be.

But, it’s been your perspective that has shaped your disposition, and you have created a regiment and a routine out of it; it has caused you never to meet you.

You’re going to see who you could have been all this time. Imagine living your life as a counterfeit.

I’m going to start asking you to don’t do some things you have been doing when you leave here. There is a great big world out there.


Luke 6:46 – 49 (NKJV)

  • Just because they come does not equate to hearing
  • then you can come, hear, and not do
  • but the one who comes, hears, and does the lesson becomes a building
  • I will show you who he is like
  • that rock is a revelation, that rock is Jesus


Dr. DeeDee: You are still evolving, so you still have the responsibility to monitor and watch what environment you allow yourselves to get into. You must control that. Pastor Mike said that he will give us words to change our lives, but we have to watch where we put our life. People are still adding to you. You are not the sum total of who you are going to be; you have the responsibility to direct that. When God tells you something, you must obey immediately.

Today is family meeting day. Ask your family, who do you think I really could be? What do you want to be known for? What do you want to be known as? What do you want to be remembered for?

We will be discussing reconciliation and the character of Joseph God kept Joseph’s ear from Egypt’s influence. The rock is the revelation; the rock is Jesus

Pastor Kim: My prayer was that they would not be too disconnected because of your (Pastor Mike) passion; they need to know how badly you want them to get what you’re saying. Because you (Pastor) have such passion for us to receive the wealth of the Word, sometimes the passion comes across as frustration. But we need to know that we need the Word because of its wealth of it and not disconnect.

Most people don’t like who they are, but they are forced to settle with what they have.

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As we reconcile this agape and honor situation, you’re going to see your lives accelerating, and you will be put in places of prominence because of your pure perspectives that are coming from the principles of the Word of the Living God. I will help strategize and navigate you.

Changing my mornings, where nothing gets in front of Him. Not a text, not an email; change some of that stuff. Not a social media peak, not a zoom call; nothing comes before engaging Him. Good morning Holy Spirit. God, I welcome you into this day to direct the affairs of my life.

You’re going to have to force yourself to stop doing what is normal to listen to Him. Because normalcy is shutting out His voice. You’re so accustomed. Your subconscious is now your Lord. What if you just asked God is there anything you would like me to do differently today?

I’m so excited about your possibilities because perspective breeds new possibilities. New possibilities open new opportunities. New opportunities open greater exposure. Greater exposure opens greater increase.

Allow this connection to be greater than what it has been. Give God this influence back in your life. Make this moment with Dr. DeeDee and me bigger. Don’t minimize this exchange. He sent Jesus to hell for you to have this exchange. Honor it! Esteem it! Value it! It’s going to bless your life.

It’s going to be a bright sunshiny day!

Action Items:

  • During your family meeting, ask your family, who do you think I really could be?
  • (before anything else).