Discipleship in Reconciliation

Sunday , July 3, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points


I can’t tell you how much I wish every day would be Sunday! That’s why sometimes I don’t want to let you all go. I wish tomorrow was Sunday, so I could come back and talk to you, Tuesday was Sunday, so I could come back and speak to you because there’s so much that God has placed in you that I don’t want to see you take to anybody’s graveyard.

This thing has turned from this place (the pulpit) and placed in you. You’re the star of the show. Your season has come to minister. You have to get your eyes off people, personalities, and pulpiteers. Get off of me. Get on Jesus. Now, that does not remove my position or responsibility, but I have to empower YOU. The time is coming, even now, when the Saints are taking their rightful place in the earth, because you will be in places that I will never be, and you have to know that you walk in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. And, just like I stand here unashamed, bold, and courageous, and share the gospel with you, you’re going to have to take authority in your homes, your communities, your workplace, and the marketplace…it’s you now. Tag you’re it!

Say, I am a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ and I do ministry!

I went out to purchase some new Japanese coy for my fish tank and when the guy bagged them up, he said, when you get them home, just don’t take them out of the bag and release them. Let them sit in the water a while, in the bag and get acclimated to this environment. See some of us want to be released too fast. We want to be discovered and not developed. That’s why it’s important that you allow this ministry to contain you for a while, let you acclimate to the Word of the living God, and then we’ll release you. It’s time for you to be released into your ministry, but the season that you are released is predicated on the equipping of the saints.

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Eph 4:11-13 (TPT)

Gal 3: 13-16, 29 (NLT)

  • The promise came through one person — Christ, but the promise was extended to everyone who is in Christ. You are connected to what was promised to Abraham by virtue of receiving Jesus.

Gen 14:18

  • Abraham did something that was placed under the law, but he did it before the law.


Pastor Dewayne: Abraham tithe when King Melchizedek came to meet him after the victory, it’s amazing, the law was nowhere around. But notice this your love for your Lord, even when you don’t know a particular thing, your love action will tap you into something that you didn’t know was there. For instance, they ask Him, ‘Jesus, what’s the greatest commandment of them all’? They were looking for something. He said, there’s only one, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and the second is like unto the first’. All the laws of the prophets hang on that. So, if you love someone, you’re not going to commit adultery, even though you know committing adultery is wrong and it’s in the law, you’re not going to do it. Abraham tapped into something that was going to be put into the law before it was even in the law.

Tithing precedes the law. So, Abraham did not give under compulsion. He was not forced to by the law. He did it instinctively responding to God based upon the three things that I’ve taught you.

Why do we give tithes and offerings?

  1. We give because we LOVE God (John 3:16)
  2. We give because we TRUST God (Prov 3:5)
  3. We give because we PRIORITIZE God (Matt 6:33)

I don’t tithe because of the law. I tithe because of Abraham and his heart towards God, loving Him, trusting Him, and prioritizing Him. If I am a seed of Abraham, then I want to follow my father’s protocol. It’s the love of God that compels me to give. The more I give, the more I get.

Pastor Dewayne: If somebody is teaching on grace and you don’t really understand this will probably help you.  If you had a piece of paper, and you wrote LAW in the middle of the page, my question to you would be this.

Where would you put GRACE on that same piece of paper? Would you put it beneath the LAW? Would you put it beside the LAW as equal to the law? Or, would you say that it’s something that is better, something that is more excellent, something that is greater or above the LAW? When you put it above, then it’s asking you to do more. The LAW demands, but it never supplies the power for you to do it. GRACE leads and then it gives you the power to do it. So, now the LAW says, thou shalt not commit adultery.

GRACE says, I agree with that, but I want you to go a step higher and don’t even think about it. The LAW allows you to think about it, and just tells you not to do it.

So then, grace will always ask for more. Like the law asks for 10%. Well, under GRACE we know that all of it belongs to Him, and He gives us the liberty to have the right to make the decision to give to Him. But, 10% is just the baseline for DeeDee and me, it’s where we started. We give somewhere between 30-40% now.


Pastor Dewayne: So, if someone says that you can do something less than what the law commanded, then that should be a signal to you that they don’t know what they are talking about. When you understand the scripture and you make Jesus Lord, you will never be in trouble. You will always be led by the Spirit of God to make the right decision. And that’s why you have to make sure that you’re not only giving your tithes, but you are giving your offering.

As a matter of fact, if you look at them, they both give different harvests. When you give an offering, it says give and it will be given back to you in a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. That’s different from God pouring out a blessing that you won’t have room enough to receive (tithing). Then you look at giving to the poor. The Bible says that he who giveth to the poor, lends to the Lord and the Lord will repay that back to him. It’s a different harvest. You have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when people are teaching the Word of God, you have to make sure that you are rightly dividing because you can hear something that your flesh will say, ‘Oh, I like that’, and you can be led off to do something wrong, and you’re expecting the blessing of God to overtake you, but you’re operating in wrongly because you didn’t rightly divide.

I must principally be the voice that you hear the most and become established in because there are many voices in the earth. If you hear something different than what I am teaching here, then make it your responsibility to investigate it. It’s difficult to have to give an account for you while you are eating at somebody else’s table because you’re going to be coming up with an appetite that’s different from what I’m sharing and it’s going to be confusing to both of us.


I had a guy ring my gate yesterday that I hadn’t seen in 20 years, who took about $275 thousand dollars from me. He rang the gate, and he said his name and I was like who? And, he said it again, and I was like, huh? I hit the button to open the gate, and he said to me when that gate opened it was like he was gaining access to heaven because he didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what to expect either, but when I opened the door, he was crying and apologizing. I invited him in the house, and he looked around and said, ‘My God, I have watched how God has blessed you from a distance the entire time, and even when you got sick, I asked God to save your life’.

Dr. DeeDee: It’s a beautiful story though because you’ve been teaching on this agape and honor. You know how the scripture says that vengeance is mine, but we want to see people suffer or die. Yesterday was really a demonstration of the love of God. We’re talking about 20 years ago this happened, and the guy comes back and really apologizes. It was just beautiful to me. A lot of you would probably say, ‘just give me my money back’, but it wasn’t even about that.

But they don’t know the force of agape and honor yet. You will run this thing when you get your hearts right.

Dr. DeeDee: Yeah, but it made me see because we’ve kept our hearts in the right position, how God can turn a man around to come back and see that you’re in a better position than you were in then. Now we can demonstrate the goodness of God and cause his heart to turn towards the things of God. That’s vengeance for me, to take somebody out of the kingdom of darkness and see them come into the kingdom of light. I don’t want somebody to suffer and to die and to go through because of something they’ve done to me. I want to punish the enemy. They are not my enemy. The devil is our enemy.

You shall receive this message. Say I walk in, I live in, I abide in, I dwell in AGAPE.

Again, my objective is to establish a greater understanding of His authority in our lives (as Him being Lord of our lives), to establish a greater revelation of our authority in life. Say ‘I have been given the authority of God in the earth in my life to run the earth’. Shout this, ‘I’m Jesus’ replacement’! Until you understand the lordship in your life concerning Him, you’ll never understand the lordship in your life concerning the earth.


So, to whatever degree you have relinquished or sold out to Him and His authority as Lord, that’s the only authority that you will ever realize that you have in life. So, just like you obey Him, you’ll know that things must obey you. And if you don’t have a revelation of obeying Him, you won’t have a revelation of things obeying you. The more you minimize Him, the more you minimize yourself, because is King of kings. He is Lord of lords.

Definition of Lord: property a person exercising absolute ownership rights; likewise denotes an owner, master; supremacy supreme in authority, controller; master as a respectful title, God

Say He is the Master, Ruler, and Controller of my life. He is the Master of masters. He is the Ruler of rulers. He is the Controller of controllers. And you’re walking around like you don’t run anything! When you understand this revelation, your prayer life (petitions) will be reduced. You will stop asking Him for stuff and you will take care of it for yourself! Your prayer life will reflect its original intent, to commune with Him.

Dr. DeeDee: Let’s put in in the natural, the authority shifts. It’s like you have children, right, and when your children are young, they come and ask you for things and you have to help them or do it for them, but when they get older, because they are your child, they still have the right to go in your kitchen, go in the refrigerator, and get certain things that others will never be able to come in there and get. It’s like an authority shift, like God says you are mine, now you take it and you go in there and do it. It’s like being given the keys to the house.

Get a revelation. It’s like being given the keys to the house. The more you understood the responsibility and got a revelation of what you were the custodian of, because there are valuables in this house, and if somebody else got the key….and that’s what happened from the beginning, satan got the key. Now, I have to be responsible for equipping you to go out here and run this thing, at least in your world.


1 John 4:17 – As He is, so are we

Read Ps 82

  • He judges among the gods.
  • He is giving instructions to the gods.
  • You are gods. And all of you are children of the Most High

Well, who is the Most High? El Elyon, God! God is the Most High and He calls you children of the Most High, but He also refers to you as gods! So, I am created in His likeness and in His image.

He’s big ‘G’, I’m little ‘g’. He is the God of the heavens. I am the god of the earth. Satan is just the god of the system, but I run this from another system.

I was recently introduced to the Ambassador of the Bahamas to the United States. He comes from the Bahamas, to represent the Bahamas in the United States. He has the authority to represent the Bahamas in the United States as the Ambassador. Anytime God wants to get stuff from heaven into the earth, He talks to the ambassador. Well, who is He talking to? He is talking to you and me. When a storm arises in your life, you do not have to go to God. We should be declaring ‘in the Name Lord Jesus’. God already has your back. A yes in the earth is a yes in the heavens. Will you start walking in this authority?


Homework Assignment:

  • Talk out a point that you took away from the lesson this week – no later than Monday.
  • Study the lesson from Wednesday, June 29, 2022, Noonday Bible Study
  • Have your family meeting on the 15th of each month
  • Read Rom 1:8-17