Discipleship in Tithes & Offerings

Sunday, July 10, 2022 RECAP/Study Points


I want to take this opportunity to honor our parking ministry. The Bible says to give honor where honor is due, so when you see them, I want you to honor them and thank them for their service. I would also like to do something for them.

Pastor Deborah: This is a demonstration of 2 Corinthians 9 where it talks about how we abound in the grace of giving and because our demonstration of giving doesn’t just benefit the church, but it causes our gifts to be given to others, and then they offer thanksgiving unto God, and it draws more people to the work of God because they see the hand of God.

That is so appropriate because it is so appalling to hear so many saying that the church does nothing for the community. This ministry is always doing something. So, the conversation that’s being discussed in pockets of the church world is:

To tithe or Not to tithe, that is the question? Some of you don’t know, and some are waiting to hear something to justify not tithing. Some of you who are tithing don’t know whether you should. Therefore, you need to enroll in SOFBI.

There has been a lot of impropriety and mismanagement of the resources that people give to the ministry. That’s why we need a capable comptroller to take care of things, and we have a capable comptroller here in the ministry. We are also audited every three months to make sure that there is consistency and reconciling of all what we say we do and how we go about doing it.

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We don’t lack resources; we lack togetherness and information. For example, if I gave all of you all the money you would ever need, that still would not solve your problem. There is some illiteracy in the homes of so many people that even if you gave them the money, they would mess it up again. Not intentionally, but just based upon the information and knowledge that they have. The scripture is clear…my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they have rejected it. (Hosea 4:6) Many times you come here, and I am sharing the knowledge of God’s Word. Because it’s not the lack of resources that you lack, it’s the revelation to manage the resources. For instants, some got paid Friday and are asking today where my money is.


A friend of mine said one generation earns it, another generation enjoys it, and the next generation extinguishes it. What is God’s financial plan for the church? How are the needs of the ministry being met?


There is a teaching that’s going on saying that tithing was under the law and that you should not be tithing. Where are you, and what do I need to explain to you about this misunderstanding.

Dr. DeeDee: One thing that I am so grateful for is that from the very beginning, Pastor Mike has always insisted that we study the Word for ourselves. He always talks about Acts 17:11 about how the church of Berea was nobler than the church because they didn’t just take the preacher’s word; they went home and studied the scripture to see if it is so. Another thing that I am grateful for is that we have never taught tithes and offerings as if it were a law for you, like it’s something that you have to do, or with fear tactics like you’re going to hell. We tithe because:

  • We love God
  • We trust God
  • We Prioritize God

Your motive for tithing is because you love God.

Pastor Deborah: I love the prepositioning that you, as the shepherd, had done for us. Although you always did it, last year, every lesson, every single month was on target with what we were encountering. I don’t think that it’s by happenstance that you had us saying every week the three reasons why we give, along with every minister that got up to share, emphasized those same three reasons. We were being prepositioned and established in why we do what we do because God is already in our tomorrow, and with His foresight and you connecting with His heart, and your heart to always cover and protect the people it already had us established. So, now we just have to be established in that truth and not allow other voices to contaminate or persuade us to get off of what we have been established in. You share with us about a good man leaving an inheritance for his children; I believe a part of that inheritance is also revelation. When our children receive this revelation, they are going to live a lifestyle that will strengthen their seed and their seed’s seed. With this revelation, we can leave an inheritance to our children’s children and affect generations to come.

Romans 3:3-4 (NKJV TPT versions)

  • What if some did not believe
  • Will their unbelief make the faithfulness of God ineffective?
  • Certainly Not/God forbid/Absolutely Not
  • God will always be proven to be faithful,
  • Let God be true and every man a liar

I am to be received as a liar; the only thing that qualifies me to be teaching the truth is the Word. It will not be what I say (Mike Freeman), but it will be what the Word says. The scripture says there is no private interpretation of itself. In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every Word be established. The Word should not just be coming out of my mouth, but it should be coming out of the mouth of others teaching the Word. That’s why I shared Bishop Jakes’s message a few weeks ago when he was ministering on “As I Have Love.” It echoed the same as what I was saying.

When it comes to Agape, I don’t respond like most people. I am learning that I am different. I am not going to come for someone just because we don’t agree on a point. Jesus said when Satan comes for me, he will find nothing in me. Matthew 12:44

Dr. DeeDee: That’s the key… He will find nothing in you. The devil only comes for what’s in you. He can not come for you if you don’t have anything in you. Therefore, if you are empty of it, he can’t come for you. If you are empty of the anger or the get-back kind of attitude, he can’t get me.

It’s another level… this love walk, and I am growing up in it. There is an empowerment that comes along with it, and I don’t see others partaking of His divine nature. Agape will take the hardest hearts and conform to the image of God. Some of your wives slow your roles. Don’t lose it. Get in the Spirit, and tear down strong holes. When your sons and daughters are not responding the way you think they should be responding, use your weapon. For the weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty in God through the pulling down of strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:4

Principally speaking, after you have made me your Pastor, I should be your primary voice. My sheep know my voice and a stranger’s voice; they will not follow. So, principally speaking, if I am your primary voice, then you should be receiving what I am saying to you.

The scripture is clear that there will be people who run after stuff that they want to hear—having itchy ears, running after teachers who will say exactly what they want to do. So, you will have a teacher for your family that says what you want to hear; you will have a teacher for finances that says what you want them to say, you will have teachers for your faith that will say what you want them to say and what you want to hear. Yet if I say something that you don’t want to hear, you can go with one of them. You will have a smorgasbord anointing…a little bit of everybody is in you. I have been tithing for the last 42 years plus…, and as long as breath remains in my body, I will be a tither. I can prove to you along with the Word where this is so. It’s also obvious that Dr. Dollar believes that he can prove it. But what you’re going to have to do is get before the Lord and get in the Word. Some of you already have a position based on your position. It’s not about God; it’s about your money. Your money is dictating to you which side of this ledger you are going to be on.


A Pastor sent me this word:

It is not an accident that during some of the most uncertain economic times, that my body is now talking about giving, specifically the tithe. On the other side of this discussion, there will be more tithers, not less tithers, because my Pastors and Teachers will teach principles again with greater clarity and understanding along with the right motive to prepare my people for the greatest dimension of financial increase that will firmly establish the kingdom message throughout the nation. It is satan’s plot and ploy to get us thrown off so that we will miss the mark in this matter…. he asked me what I am sensing, and I am sensing the exact same thing.



  • Read the book “What Would the Rockefellers Do?”
  • Study Bible Study: Wednesday, July 6, 20,22 Noon Day and 7:00 pm Bible Studies with Pastor Mike and Pastor Dewayne
  • Have your family meeting on July 15th to discuss your progress
  • There was a Q & A at both services; please review…their question may help you.