Discipleship in Tithes/Offering

Sunday, July 31, 2022 – RECAP/Study Points From both 8:00 a.m.& 10:00 a.m. Services


8:00 A.M. Service

Elder Donald said something on Wednesday; he said, with every choice, there is an invoice. Wait until you see the invoice for regret. A lot of people don’t get to see it because they don’t process the right choices through the process. Therefore, they end up making a choice that’s not always favorable.

Your every now is for your every next. It’s important that you “stay woke.”


1Peter 5:7-8 (NKJV)

This has been ruminating in my heart because this is what you will do when we start teaching the denying yourself series.

  • Some of you care too much (I don’t allow people to say take care of yourself)
  • Cast all your care upon Him (some care too much for your feelings)
  • Spend too much time on stuff you’ve been hurt or wounded by
  • Be sober
  • Stay woke (be vigilant)
  • If you can see them… they are not your adversary (the devil)


Let’s talk for a moment:

It’s time for you to graduate on your giving. I promise you that I am not trying to get anything from you. I attract success because I am a success. Success begets success. When I started Pastoring here, I had made up in my mind that you were not going to give me a dime because you were not going to tell me what I could and could not say. As arrogant as it may sound, it’s not just my disposition and who I am made to be. I have become this. You will stop pursuing success when you know you have to become it first. I attract success. You are not just after it…it’s after you. Because I didn’t want people to think they were going to tell me what to say and what not to say because of what they gave me.

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God got me because it was dumb of me not to allow people to give to me. I was working by the sweat of my own brow. I was determined that you were not going to tell me what I was going to say. I was not going to be a punk or puppet but your Pastor. I am going to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.


Exodus 25:1-3 (NKJV)

  • The Lord spoke to Michael (Moses)
  • Speak to the children of Spirit of Faith
  • Can only receive from willing hearts
  • Do you know God knows what you have? He gave it to you, or He gave you the ability to get it.

God gives them all this gold, and then He asks for it back.


Exodus 35:20-24 NJKV)

  • God give them the gold, let them out of slavery, get them out of the hardness of slavery, let them come out on dry land, and when the debt collectors come after them, they are killed. Then He asked for some of what He had given them, and some were not willing to do it. Those who had willing hearts.


Exodus 40:33-34 (NJKV)

  • They finished the work, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.


“I decree that the glory (God’s manifested presence) of the Lord is the portion for

your house.” (Receive this)

Glory – the heavy-laden manifestation of the presence of God, with substance that satisfies. ~ Ma Betty Pebbles

I file a divorce from all stingy people that they will divorce themselves from being stingy.


Sit down with yourself or your squad and ask yourself what advantage is there in being around this person. Because some people that you are around put you at a gross disadvantage.


Hang with those who have your answer and get away from those who have your answer.

The glory of God will rest on your life in such a manner that people will distinguish

you and the one in the group when you’re out.


I decree that there aren’t any needs at your house that you can’t take care of. Now some of you are not good stewards of your money. We will have some financial planners to have some courses. To help you set up a will and life insurance. The courses will be free.


Ineffable – too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.


Brouhaha – a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something (19 Century French word)

Hebrews 6:12 (NKJV)

  • Don’t become sluggish
  • The greatest part of my success has come from imitating someone


Here’s my heart…I want our generation to make such a massive contribution to the next generation, whereby we would have established stuff for our children and our grandchildren right here in this ministry.  We’ve already done amazing. There is something major that I am supposed to leave in the earth as a part of my assignment.


Follow those who, through faith and patience…which means if I am making Him Lord, I throw off my ideologies, I throw off all my ideas; I throw off all my thoughts and concepts. When I started to follow Dr. Price, the things that I wanted to do, I started replacing them with what he did. For me, it was like… what would Fred Price do? You should be asking, what would Mike Freeman do? That’s why I try to share with you what I am doing and why.


Acts 4: 31-35

  • Spoke the Word with boldness
  • There was no one among them that was in lack
  • They distributed to each one who had need

I am tasked to unify this body. We have to be baptized into this culture of Agape and Honor. I just need Agape and Honor to be absorbed by your household. Imitate me; I live an offense-free lifestyle.

God is your source, not people, not things, but God… when you get into a partnership with Him and you become complicit with the order of God in as many areas as possible, especially this love walk. I Am addicted to Agape, and God is financing it. The more I give out Agape the more He gives it to me… and I am this distribution center because He knows that I will not withhold any good thing from anyone. It’s empowerment…when you are walking in Agape, and nothing can offend you… it’s empowering!


May, the grace of giving overtake you; may this big willing heart come upon you and be enlarged in you. May Agape rise up big on the inside of you…and you humble yourself to God germane to love…and you walk therein and nothing by any means shall offend you. Nothing by any means shall harm you. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ


10:00 am Service

Giving is the heart of God. As a matter of fact, He gave because He so loved. I am learning more and more that I don’t do so well around stingy people. Sometimes your generosity can become compartmentalized, and I want to help you with that because your generosity should be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Has Holy Spirit ever had to correct you in your dressing?


Married Ladies…does your husband reserve the right to tell you what to wear or not to wear? I really appreciated Dr. DeeDee asking me about the outfit that she is wearing today. I thanked her for allowing me to have that kind of input. But some women feel so empowered and independent that their husbands don’t have that kind of input. I think it can be different if they don’t feel as though they have that kind of attention in other areas…then why would you try to tell her what to put on?


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How do we deserve the right to share with you what to wear? It can’t be merely the fact that we are your husband, or is it?


Dr. DeeDee: It’s just that…because I would not be going to another man and asking him what I look like. So, we are just giving you that right as our husbands. It’s also a matter of honor as well as it being another set of eyes.

Min. Lisa: I believe what you are saying, Pastor, is what would give him the right to share with me regarding the way I am dressed if he isn’t providing things in other areas. However, for me, it’s more of a we thing versus a me thing. It’s not just about what I want to do because I represent more than just myself; I also represent him. I agree with Dr. DeeDee that no other man can tell me what to wear. He has that right because of his position in my life and because he has also shown me in other areas how much he cares about me, and things like that help me to give him that right.

You’re missing my point because I can be a husband by name or title only, and I am not providing in any other area… you will not just give me that right because I am your husband; you wouldn’t if we were lacking in our giving attention, affection, our cover you…all of the above.


Dr. DeeDee: I really don’t have that challenge to be able to answer that properly. I can’t say that I wouldn’t ask you or use you if you were not providing in other areas. For example, if I saw that you were attentive and you liked certain things, even if you weren’t giving me a sense of security or attention or whatever, I still probably would use you. It’s more for my comfort. I am not just doing it because this is what you like. It’s more of how do I look in this? It’s kind of both ways. There may be something that you like that I may not be as secure in it at that particular time, so I will ask.

I’ve learned something new today because I thought she was asking because she was seeking my approval.

Dr. DeeDee: No

This is practical, and I want to provide some practical utilities for every area of your house because how many couples are having this discussion, if at all?

But don’t I make it better for you when I am attentive?


Dr. DeeDee: Yes, absolutely So you’re just coming in to say how does this look.


Dr. DeeDee: …and you say yes, that looks good. It’s not like I am coming in to say, “Can I wear this today?” Typically, I buy/purchase with you in mind. So, you buy with me in mind…what is appealing to me.


Dr. DeeDee: What is appealing to you and what you wouldn’t want to be appealing to someone else.

Min. Lisa: I may put on something and subconsciously be like, is this too tight? He might say it’s alright.

I have felt like all my clothes are too tight. I have been out of control with my eating. I got in the house around 10:30 p.m. and ate chocolate. You know how you just want something sweet… and I heard so clearly-you are out of control. If you pole people, they will tell you that this pandemic has done something to them psychologically. People are eating for emotional support, an emotional fix, or comfort. It’s a settling of some sort. I am here today to rebuke that demonic foul spirit off your thinking.


I can’t tell you how badly I would like to be back in the gym. When Pastor Tim was singing, it’s your breath in my lungs…you don’t know the depth of ministry that that song provides. Lisa mentioned that you want to know if the clothes are to tight… is that for your comfort or ours?

Dr. DeeDee: Mine, but I can’t answer for her

Min. Lisa: For me…but of course, I am going to respect his opinion…but I am asking for my comfort. There are times that he might say it’s ok, and I still change because I am not comfortable with it.

Soooo, why don’t we reserve the right to tell you all that you are getting a little too heavy? Now you all don’t want to talk. Why are they getting tight? They weren’t tight last year.


Min. Lisa: The cleaners shrunk them.

Why can’t we say babe… and talk about your big old butt…without it turning into a thing?


Dr. DeeDee: I think it’s how it’s presented. Holy Spirit, if such a gentlemen, He will always present with such wisdom. I said you are ineffable, but you are getting a little heavier.


Dr. DeeDee: This isn’t something that Pastor Mike has said to me; he’s just making a point. However, I think it can be said…it’s just how it’s said and when it’s said. For example, when you tell me how something looks after I get in the car, and we are here, and I can’t do anything about it…No Wisdom!

Min. Lisa: Dewayne won’t say that I am getting fat or gaining weight…but he will find wise ways to share that I am not exercising. I am more conscientious about how we eat, and he is more conscientious about us exercising and moving. So, say I have not exercised in a while or stop altogether after being consistent for a while…he might say hey babe, you stop exercising, or he might get up and say am going to exercise as a little hint to me to come and go with him…, and I say ok and turn over. Still, it will motivate me later to say I need to get up and do something.

Dr. DeeDee: I think this is good, especially coming out of your message of making Him (Jesus) Lord…with regards to submitting your life to a spouse. Because it comes under the Lordship…the entire order of God

Dr. DeeDee: because if you can’t submit to a husband or a wife, request who you can see, how can we honestly say we are submitted to God, who we cannot see.

And you measure these relationships by the God you cannot see by the gods (talking about your spouse) you can see. Universally speaking, how can you submit to God, who you cannot see, and not submit to the lords you can see? I think all of it is contingent upon one’s humility and posture in their relationship with making Him Lord.


Pastor Dewayne: I agree. I used to look at sickness, disease, and the things that would happen to people because they didn’t exercise to motivate me. I heard the Spirit of God say that He was not Lord with that. He told me I was acting like a carnal person. He said that I should be exercising because this was what He wanted me to do, not because of the bad results that I was seeing in other people’s lives who didn’t exercise. That little adjustment changed my whole thinking about it… especially when it came to the Lordship. Because Lordship is about Lord, what will you have me to do…there are a lot of people who have not gotten to that point. People are still telling God what they need Him to do and not asking Him what He would have them do…And is He not the Lord over our bodies?

Pastor Dewayne: Yes, this is His body; he paid the price for it.

The health benefits that come along with what we are discussing. I tried to approach this in a very humorous way or light manner to engage you in understanding…how we honor one another is a direct connection to how we will honor God as Lord or Jesus as Lord. Elder Donald, you said something Wednesday that got my attention. You said with every choice; there is an invoice. But wait until you get the invoice for regret. You will regret that you didn’t take heed to something that Holy Spirit told you to be engaged in, and you did not respond.


If you take the risk out of life, you take opportunities out of life. When you do that for me, you almost destroy life. The ones who are prone to take a bigger risk are the ones who will live a bigger life. Some people are conditioned to play it safe.

Uncommon people will do uncommon things, and that’s what causes them to stand out from the rest. You are dealing with a man that big possess. I can only think big about things that I engage myself in.

I stopped chasing success a long time ago, and I became a success.


You are already so successful that you don’t know it because you are measuring it by something external and not that which has been placed in you.


I put myself first in developing me. If you are not hanging around people that are putting you in an advantageous posture, stop hanging with that group. You should be able to look around at your friends and say am at an advantage when I am with them and look at others and realize that you are at a gross disadvantage when I am around this group.

I release the glory of His favor on your life that when you walk in certain places, people will already know that you are the man.

Pastor Dewayne: You said something years ago, but I use it as a guide/principle for every year. You asked us to go to the end of the year and imaging where we wanted to be by the end of that year. When you go to the end of the year, there is a gap between where you are and the end of the year. That gap made me call on wisdom to fill that gap because wisdom is the only thing that can fill that.  If we are making Him Lord, wisdom will allow you add what you need to add or take away what you need to take away so that you can reach your destination by the end of the year.

There are seven months into this year, and some people need to make an adjustment to meet where they said at the beginning of the year and where they would be at the end of this year. There is a great explosion coming to the Body of Christ, and those who are in that moment are the ones who will experience that moment.

And you make these things palatable by exercising these things in your homes. Domestically speaking, you make these things more palatable when you start to practice them in your relationships. I think when you take care of the micro, you can address the macro.

It’s astonishing to me how we estimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year. We say I am going to do this today, am going to do this today, and haven’t chartered out anything for our year.

It was interesting to me to ask someone who had been married for 28 years what was next in her life, and she asked me what did I mean. She also stated that her kids were grown. I was like, I am not talking about your kids, but what’s next in  your marriage? How do you plan to advance? Singles don’t exempt yourself; these same inquiries apply to you. What’s next for you?

So many people are living in the moment, and the moment doesn’t have any attachment to the future. You can’t make what you are doing right now applicable to your future. What you are doing right now could be a waste of time for your future. When you get to your end, you will be like, why was I doing that back then, it has nothing to do with where I am now. Who’s mapping this out?

Dr. DeeDee: This is something that makes you stop and think, at that moment, like what is next. Like Pastor Dewayne just said, if you go to the end of where you want to be and back up to where you are, your vision should lead you to where you want to be, and wisdom will guide you to that place.

Am I going to be this fat by the end of the year? (Dr. DeeDee interjected: probably) But yes, if you don’t make any changes, you will be.


Dr. DeeDee: We are talking about marriage, but some of you set out at the beginning of the year to start a business, write a book, invest, purchase a home, or whatever, and you still have not done anything to lead you towards that. It’s not just going to happen. We sit in a ministry that teaches on faith all the time, but faith without works is dead. We can’t just make Christ Lord of our lives and not allow Him to lead us to where He wants us to be. Let’s start acknowledging Him. It’s not too late…it’s never too late to get started.

They don’t have to ask any questions; just get started with what Holy Spirit has already told them to do. Most already know what God has already spoken to them.

Min. Lisa: You’ve taught us how to important it is to maximize moments and how a moment can be missed or messed up. This is an opportunity for us to maximize this moment… this is the time to evaluate; it’s a sela moment.

Take this time to examine where you are right now.

There are some things that the Holy Spirit may tell you to put away, and remember you want to fill the place where you put something away with the Word of God with what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do.

I remember when Dewayne was talking about writing his 2nd book, and we kept meeting people that were authors. I met this lady from the commerce department that had written this big thick book. She shared with me how she had countless pieces of paper where she would just jot down notes.

She encouraged us to do the same thing. Then she told me to gather the notes and just start putting them together; even if they don’t make sense, just start. And we went on vacation and started a book that he had inside of him for years, and we finished it. So, I want to encourage you just to get started.

Pastor Dewayne: Most people live life from the outside in, and God never designed for us to live life from the outside in. He designed us to live life from the inside out, and that is why so many people have so many regrets at the end of their life. You will never hear people who live their lives from the inside out say, I wish I could have should have. The only people that will talk that way are the ones who live from the outside in.

We’re talking about weight, and we laughed a little bit, but you can take any area of your life and put it in that spot and allow the Spirit of God to speak to you…you will have His very best. God has already laid out a good life for you. If God was to open our eyes and allow us to see what He had already predestined for us, some people would faint. Some of you are spending too much time with the drama on television and different things when you need to be maximizing these moments.

It’s not just television, but it’s TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Reelz, the time that it consumed and robs you of your contribution to this world should become appalling to you.

How do I get started, you may ask? Start talking about the things you desire. The Law of Faith says, I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart.


I was speaking with Jermaine, and we were speaking of how we left thinking about the millionaire status we’re going after the billionaire status…and he stated that he had met five billionaires in one year. That’s impressive. How do you meet five billionaires, you start to talk about it…I am one of them.

Start talking about where you want to be at the end of the year with your family. That’s what I did with you all regarding the seed sowing account. We started it in January with a goal of $200,000.00 for the 2023 seed sowing service. There is $97,600.00 in that account. There is preparation for this prosperity that we are all looking for. Your $1,000 could be the equivalent of my $97,000 but just get in the game.


My entire “Stretch Conference” is going to be centered around one question and two words. What’s Next?

In 1Kings 7, there were four lepers’ boys, and they were sitting and in dialog with each other, and they said, if we sit right here, we are sure to die. But if we go into the city and take the risk of getting things changed in the city, at least we have done something. Because if we stay here, we are going to die. You can be comfortable where you are and be dying. That’s what so disturbed me about the Iverson Mall…I have that invoice of regret regarding that…that thing was supposed to be transferred over into the body of Christ as sure as my Name is Mike Freeman.


The contribution that this generation is supposed to make to the next generation. What do you want to be known for? What do you want to be known for as a husband, wife, father, mother, child, auntie, or uncle? What do you want to be known for? You going to live and die and be known for nothing. You are better than what you are settling for, and you have to spread who you are and the success you have become outside of you. You are an amazing writer, but who will ever know if you don’t get started? You have the DNA of Jesus Christ in you.