Pastor Mike: I had a vision this morning as I was sharing, of Faith City Centrals in cities throughout this nation. It’s apparent that a dispatch process for that has to happen. The first generation of this dispatch should come out of you or at least your children. It is imperative that you follow my instructions implicitly as it relates to us moving forward in the near future. There are so many things that I am endeavoring to do to the degree that I am already in your March 2024. God has allowed me to go that far, and I know specifically what this ministry will be incurring and inquiring.

There are some things that you have to begin to lean into like never before, one being an acronym that I used many years ago that’s H2O. That’s commonly referred to as the formula for water but in this case, it’s Hearing to Obey”. Pastor John hit the nail on the head when he mentions of course farmers they not only sow seed they save seed, and they save their best seed. What I mean about saving your best seed, I mean putting aside the best of what you have. You will begin to save before you start spending. Most people have been spending and then saving what they have left. That small adjustment will assist you in so many ways, but it’s imperative again that you follow my instructions.

To have men and women submit their lives and their disciplined lives at that, to me is quite impressive to me because I know military people look for some very basic foundational structural things that will secure a life that all of us were promised to have from the beginning. Its impressive to me in many ways because I never served,

I came up in the Bishop Robert O. Freeman’s house. That was like more than enough.

Bishop served but not only did he serve of course he was raised in that kind of environment. You were popped really quick if yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am was not used. Some of these standards and disciplines that we no longer exalt, and esteem is a part of the demise in our culture. It’s very subtle and that’s what the enemy wants us to do, be asleep or be intoxicated, etc. be drunk.

Pastor DeWayne: If you look around really the ones who serve they are the ones making things better for everybody. People who don’t serve don’t want to make things better for others. I am glad we are getting into this (before he gets into his message about this serving piece) because lottie dottie and everybody should be serving in some kind of capacity. So, somebody can look you in the face one day, your wife, your children, your friends and thank you for your service. Happy Veterans Day!

Pastor Mike: Even as the general of this Body of Christ that we all have been enlisted into Jesus himself said, the son of man did not come to be ministered to but to minister. To serve, we need to take a huge page out of his book out of his life to determine if there are some things we ought to be doing. Not just germane to this ministry but at home. At home you should serve your family to the degree especially you fathers, or you husbands to the degree where there is a clear picture of what God intended for you and for I to walk in.

I am interested in sustaining this momentum this ministry has embraced, and I don’t know if you have recognized the shift. But let me curate, be the custodian, be the steward of helping you to manage this sustainability as it related to the momentum that is with this house. Any good surfer will sit back and wait and straggle that board until they identify a good wave that they can get a decent ride. When that wave has been identified, that’s when they jump their board, they create momentum not to get behind it but to get in it.

Once they get in it, they want to get on top of it; once they get on top of it, they want to keep a forward posture position to ride it out with such stability all the way to the shore. This move or wave is going to coast you into the next seven years of your life.

But its contingent upon four (instructions below).

Don’t think you can just sow and not follow-up with these instructions:

  1. Revelation, you embrace what’s coming from my mouth. Some of you with no fathers don’t like discipline. You don’t like anyone telling you what to do even when you get disciplined. So, this next season you must determine is this man my spiritual father or not.
  2. Resources, because resources are what follows revelation.
  3. Responsibility, it requires a level of responsibility after revelation begins to flow, after resources begin to flow. Responsibility is equally imperative.
  4. Regiment, you got to make this a regiment.

Pastor DeWayne: When you were speaking if we would put all the pieces together it would increase our lives. Increase starts on the inside not with what’s in your hand it starts with what’s in your heart. You need a revelation he said these revelations bring resources. I am thinking when you said that Matthews 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these resources will be added unto you. There are a lot of people chasing resources and not seeking revelation. Life would be a lot easier if you would seek revelation, grab hold and embrace the revelation and watch the resources come your way. You wouldn’t have to work as hard as you are working now for the resources to come. Any time you chase it you will find out you will never catch it.

Pastor Mike: When you become so saturated in what I am talking to you about people will be looking for you, running you down, breathing down your neck in hot pursuit overtaking you like a tsunami to make sure you are increased. Now if that’s not happening in your life, I want you to lean in a little more with respect to what I am saying to you.

Some of the stuff I will be telling you is going to mess with you a lot and it won’t be difficult it will just be different. A lot of people try to back out of stuff and make it someone else’s responsibility. You have to stop playing the blame game because wherever you are in life it’s your fault. Whether you are doing good or bad it’s your fault, you can’t keep wanting that which you are not willing to become. I will tell you what’s going to help you, go sit in your kitchen for a while and you will find out where the problem is; you are nasty. Or go into your bathroom and look around like you in someone else’s bathroom.

It’s some of this stuff that you are displaying in the natural that is exuding from the internal that’s causing your deficit.

Pastor DeWayne: Last week when I was on that side a guy came to me, under the radar right, and said, I have grabbed hold of what Pastor Mike has been teaching and said he has been practicing it. His boss called him into the office. He was wondering what he was calling him in for. His boss told him he wanted to give him a raise but don’t tell anybody in the company. This is a secret upgrade, so he goes out and he’s working, working, not too long later, they call him in and give him another raise. What I am saying is revelation produces resources. He was just doing the word, sharpening his skills on his job. And suddenly, they tell him he is getting a raise.”

Pastor Mike: So, all these failed instructions will empower satan to take what God intended for you to have. If those boys decided, we don’t have to walk around this thing seven times. If that king decided I can just dip three times and its okay. No, follow instructions and you will see the fruit of what you are supposed to see. Okay so let’s move on in this.

I am willing to tell you what I hear and there should be a consistency that runs through us all. If we are all hearing something different, we are not going to all end up the same. If you limit this to money then you are going to be missing it, because you can get a revelation concerning your health, didn’t you increase. You just increased. The next thought was the next business idea. I was so increased just this week a doctor I didn’t know expert in the field of what they been trying to figure out what’s going on with your man of God, because nobody has been able to get to the bottom of it. He called me from his cell phone on Friday evening, “I am one of the best in this area I heard about you, here is my cell number call me over the weekend call me anytime, Saturday or Sunday, I am available. I have another expert that’s my colleague we want to sit down and talk to you so we can get to the bottom of what they can’t find.” That’s increase, that’s not money, give me that extension on life, I’ll go make the money.

Pastor DeWayne: When we are telling the story I want you to think about you, because we are opening up John the Baptist everybody going to focus on John the Baptist but we trying to make sure you don’t become like John the Baptist. John sent his disciples to Jesus, to tell him John was in prison.

So, picture Jesus instead of going to see about John; he went some other places and preached the Gospel, because Holy Spirit was telling Him and leading Him to go a particular place.

Matthew 11: 1, 2

Now it came to pass when Jesus finished commanding his twelve disciples that he departed from there to teach and to preach in their cities. 2. And when John had heard in prison about the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples and said to Him, “Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?”

Now it’s amazing because John the Baptist was the one who baptized Jesus. Matthew 3:13-17 John the Baptist the one who said he saw a dove descending from heaven and he heard a voice that this is My beloved son whom I am well pleased. John was the one that told his own disciples, that’s the one right there, that’s the Lamb of God who is going to take away the sins of the world. John said this “I must decrease so he can increase.” So, John knew exactly who Jesus was. Now John is in prison he hears the word about, hey, did you’ll tell Jesus I was in prison; they said yah over in Matthew 3, we told him you were in prison. What did he do? They said he over there preaching; it’s amazing the things going on over there. John said you go tell him, are you the one or should we look for another.

Now you got to watch this because you may be hanging around people that’s like John the Baptist. Sometimes when your emergency is not someone else’s emergency when they don’t show up you get upset. John said, go tell him are you or should we – hold up we don’t have anything to do with this right now. What John is trying to get because offended people always trying to get other offended people inside of their party.

Jesus said, “You go tell John that the blind see, that the lame walking, the deaf hearing and blessed are those who are not offended in me. Now Jesus trying to rescue John and he don’t even know it. Just because you fail to listen to instructions doesn’t mean the instructions are not the truth. Some people think just because you rebel just because you don’t receive that word don’t have the power that it said. Jesus said,

“Blessed are those who are not offended in me.”

Pastor Mike: I saw you when you left, I was wondering how he is getting out and they not going to let me out of here. And some of y’all wondering how some people got out before you got out and you been saved far longer than them and they out of debt, they out of trouble, they out of misery and you wondering how they got out and you still locked up. And it should cause you to wonder, why is my life still this way.

It’s what the Holy Spirit wants to do in your life if you will listen. So, I am sitting there, and we get word from the warden’s office that Herold is having a party. And why Herold is having this party. While Herold is having this party/celebration John was put in jail, put it all together. If we can do an autopsy and find out what killed John like Pastor DeWayne said we can avoid it.

One would naturally think John died because of the decapitation of his head; because you know they chopped his head off and served his head on a silver platter. That came initially from John tripping off Herold’s lifestyle cause John preached the truth. If you look in your Bible, you’ll see modern day Instagram. That girl twerked so well she dropped that thing like it was hot so good, Herold called her, and said what do you want anything I can get you; I am the ruler. She told her mother Herold said I can have whatever I wanted. That mama couldn’t stand John either because he told the truth, she said, tell him you want the head of John the Baptist.

The death of him didn’t come from the chopping off his head it came from the offense. When you do an autopsy, it will show you that there were already some underline issues that were going on in a person’s body long before they dropped dead. They ignored all of these warnings all along the way. Gradually, the character and nature of the disease progressed so when you saw him drop that wasn’t the beginning of what happened. When you saw John’s head get cut off that was just the end of what he allowed to continue to fester. You may be saying nobody cutting off heads in our time and culture, so I am good; well maybe you need to reconsider because:

  • the head of your dreams can be chopped off.
  • The head of your aspirations can be chopped off,
  • the head of your endeavors and objectives and goals, cause you letting this thing hang in you.

I had another advantage by staying in jail. Like Jesus, John had disciples because he told the two disciples to go find Jesus. I am sitting there, and John is pouring over his disciples and here is what I noticed. When you esteem someone as your leader you sometimes take on the offenses of that leader. Some of your loyalties are out of carnality it has nothing to do with the Spirit of God because you didn’t judge it properly. Judging it properly is going to the person and allowing them to explain what was said. A lot of offenses are imaginary, you thought they said or meant this.

So, notice John’s disciples are going to take on what John feels so when John spews over into them a beef about Jesus they on their way to approach the Son of God with a beef that John has. Are you the one? John told me to come ask you, Jesus.

Some of you’ll be sitting in here like this is not applicable, but your disciples are your children. You get home and talk about me in front of them. They are going to take on the beef of whatever their parents have; that’s why your children and grandchildren are not coming like you want them to come. Because you spread your venom in front of them and they aren’t going to be real, and you fake. They don’t know how to do fake like you have perfected fake. You can come in here and be fake and they know it’s not real, but this next generation is not going to be fake like you.

Pastor DeWayne: Watch this, you got John the Baptist he has taken an offense. Jesus sent him some truth and now he has taken an offense. Offense is designed to cut you, its design to wound you, what happens now, when you don’t clean the wound certain bacteria set in. Those bacteria start working beneath the skin and start affecting the body. That’s why it’s called staph infection because the people close to you are the ones to get infected because it’s an airborne disease and when it falls on open wounds that are not clean, then some bacteria get in that cause a staph infection. Then it creates what we call the root of bitterness. The reason why they call it the root of bitterness is because the root is working underground, and you can’t tell it, that’s why it begins to spread to others. The only people who seem to catch it are the ones who have been offended that don’t know how to clean their wound. If you don’t have a leader who doesn’t know how to help you clean wounds you are going to be in trouble. Look what Jesus did, John was offended by what Jesus said and he was telling John the truth. Jesus said you go tell him that the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, bless are those who are not offended in me.

Then when they left Jesus turned to his disciples and said, I have never seen a man greater than John. Jesus was protecting his disciples from getting bitter at John the Baptist because you know Peter if John had got out if his head was not chopped off in jail, it would have been chopped off when he got out.

That’s why you have to watch and listen to the language of people when they are offended because if you are so close to them and you are connected but you don’t understand covenant and principles you going to fall into the trap. You will open a door that will allow the devil to come and kill, steal, and destroy. He will end up getting a two for one deal when he only went after one person.

I’ve seen it all the time, some people love Pastor when he is giving directions, they love him when he is giving instructions and they go out and work, Pastor you the best. Let him correct them and now they get offended and then get the other little offended group along with them because you know everybody talks behind closed doors. Then they open Offended Christian Center down the street. And it’s amazing all the little offended people go on down the street with them. But, let me tell you something, what’s on the head is going to get on the rest. That’s why when a person is offended you need to identify that offense as quickly as possible because you are opening a door for the devil, and he doesn’t just crack the door. Once he gets in, he wants to break the door down to send all the other demons in there so he can kill, steal, and destroy.

Pastor Mike: Look at Jesus and that agape He didn’t want that thing to keep spreading cause now his disciples going to take a position against John. He said, wait a minute I haven’t seen one greater; in other words, shut up. Shut that down! Somebody has got to be secure and bold enough in their position and their walk with God to not allow offense. So, when your children start chiming in, somebody should have been Jesus and say, wait a minute, Pastor is the greatest Pastor I have come in contact with! So now here are some of the instructions, because we are on to something major, something so big.